Natalie's POV

I was just stepping out of Prada, when these two couples walked past. They had their arms around each other. It was soooooo romantic lookimg. One of the girls had honey colored-hair, stormy gray eyes, and an atheletic build. Her mate had black hair, sea green eyes, and a muscular build. The other girl was actually really pretty (though I would never admit it out loud). She had dark, choppy hair in little braids, her eyes were like a kaleoscope, and she had a slim frame. Her hot boyfriend had golden-hair, eyes the color of a sparkling summer lake, and he was also muscular. It was like a match made from heaven.

I thought about myself not having a boyfriend. I mean, hello? I'm like the hottest girl around. The idea was bizarre... and it made me angry.

"Hey!" said the girl with blonde hair in royal curls.

"What did I do?" I snapped.

"I just thought you looked upset and wanted to talk to you." she said defensively.

"Oh, sorry. It's just that I was thinking how I don't have a boyfriend." I apologized.

"You got boy problems. I could help you." laughed the choppy, dark-haired girl.

"If I can't get myself a boyfriend then how can you? I'm the prettiest girl around." I replied, looking her up and down.

"Ooh, a little full of ourself aren't we?" she sneered.

"You dare?" I shouted in rage.

I whipped out my dart gun and leveled it at her. Then she slid out a lethal looking dagger. That's when Ian came out.

"What on earth?!" he cried.

"Piper, what are you doing? And you, what are you doing to my girlfriend!" said the hot blonde guy.

"Natalie, step away from them." scolds Ian.

"Not until I shoot her." I say through my gritted teeth.

I took a step towards her. Piper yells a battle cry and we lunged towards each other. I would of shot her if it wasn't for Ian and the blonde guy. The guy grabbed Piper around the waist and Ian did the same to me.

"Let go of me Jason! I want to wipe that smile right off her face." cried Piper. I managed to free my self from my brother's grip and ran towards her. That's when a wall of water slammed into me.

"This dress is 100% silk and it's designer!" I shrieked.

"Nice going, Percy. She totally deserved it. Huh. Serves her right." mutters Piper.

"You," said Jason to Ian. "Keep your sister away from Piper and walk away like nothing happened and no harm shall come to you." he commanded.

"Like we're afraid of you." sneered Ian.

" You know what? I'm going to get you back for what you did to my sister." Ian grumbles. "It's not easy getting money when your sister spends a fortune on a shopping spree. You don't know how hard it is living with only one billion dollars!"

" My dad is a billionaire and I didn't say any thing about it." retorted Piper.

" You're a billionaire? Who's your parent? You don't look rich to me. You dress like a homeless person!"

A wave of water knocked me down and both me and Ian were swept off our feet and hit our heads on the wall of Prada.

" No one insults my friend." says Percy.

" And no one insults my girlfriend." finishes Jason.

An arc of electrocuting water shocked me.

The last thing I heard and saw before I blacked out completely was the golden-haired girl talking to the black-haired, green-eyed guy.

"Great job, Percy." she said batting her eyelashes.

"Don't mention it Annabeth. Now let's get to Camp Half-blood." he replied as they all ran off.

And the world went black.