Dean moaned quietly and rolled over in his bed. He stretched out his legs, aiming to take up as much room as possible. His foot came in contact with something that groaned and kicked back. Dean rubbed at his eyes and let them open, squinting at the sudden brightness.

Cas was curled up, so far to the edge of the bed that he was in danger of falling out.

"Cas?" Dean's voice was croaky with sleepiness as poked at Castiel gently. For the past week, Dean had expected to wake up alone and find out that everything had just been a dream. He'd been prepared for Cas changing his mind or just simply not being there. Every morning however, Dean had woken up and been slightly surprised that Cas was curled up beside him.

Cas whimpered softly, but didn't move.

Dean smiled and shimmied over. "Hey, Cas?" he whispered softly, kissing Cas' neck and trailing more kisses down his arm.

Cas rolled over then, shifting onto his side to face Dean. His eyes were half closed and sparkly in that way his eyes always were when he'd just woken up. "What?" he grumbled, trying to sound grumpy though he was all warm and fuzzy and calm and happy and his hair was a crazy mass of fluff.

Dean smoothed back the hair from Cas' forehead and smiled softly. "Good morning…"

They laid there in silence, legs intertwined and each in their own bubble of bliss.

Then, of course, they had to get up. Dean stumbled out into the kitchen first and made pancakes.

Cas padded softly up to Dean as he stood by the stove, staring at the pancake mixture as it bubbled away. He put his hands on Dean's hips and planted a kiss on his shoulder. He reached around so that he could grab his own wrists and rested his cheek against the soft skin of Dean's back.

"Are you going to tell your psychologist lady about this?" Dean asked quietly, a smile in his voice.

"Her name's Meg," Cas mumbled in reply and took a deep, peaceful breath. "I don't know… It seems like the sort of thing she should know… because, well, it could help me. All this happiness…"

"So I'm helping you?" Dean lifted the pan and let the last pancake slip off onto the pile. He twisted around to face Cas who immediately leaned in for a kiss.

"Of course you're helping me," he smiled and grabbed the pancakes from the bench.

"You weren't thinking that way when you left…" Dean sat down on the pile of cushions on the floor just as Cas reached for the TV remote.

Cas looked down at the pancakes that took up the small space between them. "I was scared."

"I know… But you didn't have to be. I couldhave helped back then, too…" He emptied a jar of sugar over the pancakes that Cas had just buttered and pulled one from the stack. He lifted it into the air and took bites out of the bottom of it.

"I'm not scared anymore," Cas whispered and turned on the TV, keeping the volume down so they could still talk.

Dean finished his pancake and wiped his hands on one of the cushions underneath him. Should I say it? No… now's not the time…

Cas nibbled at one of the pancakes and seemed to study them as though they were the most curious thing in the world. "Should we get a cat?" he asked suddenly and Dean burst into laughter.

"What?" He chuckled.

Cas tilted his head to the side. "Should we get a cat?" He repeated. "I feel like there's a species missing here..."

"I thought you didn't like animals…" Dean said, remembering their very first conversation.

Castiel grunted. "Of course I do," he shrugged. "That stupid dog was just, scary. Cats are nice. I like cats."

Dean shook his head, smiling, eyes all crinkled up at the corners. "I love you," he said as another laugh echoed around the room. Then he froze and focussed his eyes on Cas and Cas only. He realised what he'd just said and was waiting to see the reaction.

Cas' eyes couldn't have been any wider. He turned a dark red colour and pulled up one of the pillows, hugging it to his chest and trying to hide behind it. He chewed at his bottom lip and his eyes flickered to the newly framed drawing that hung on the wall. "I love you too," he whispered. His mouth quirked up at the corner and he let the pillow fall into his lap. He pulled the silver pendant out from under his light grey, V necked pyjama shirt and wrapped his hand around it.

Dean sighed in relief and grinned as he grabbed another pancake. "Hey, Cas?"

"Yeah, Dean?"

Dean stifled an unmanly giggle. "Happy Thursday."

Cas rolled his eyes and tossed the pillow in his lap at Dean's face. It bounced off onto the pancakes and proceeded to get covered in buttery, sugary goodness. "Happy Thursday, Dean."

After a month of things going well, Dean finally called up his parents and told them that things were okay. His mother had immediately asked to speak to Cas. Dean was hesitant, but did as she asked.

Mary Winchester did not hold back. Her shouting could be heard from the other room.

Castiel wished that he could hide from the phone, but settled for merely holding it away from his ear. "I know I said I'd take care of him…" a pause to let Mary rant. "Yes, I know, I was stupid."

Dean grabbed hold of Cas' hand and squeezed it tight. He'd asked his mum to go easy on him.

Poor Cas looked like he was almost in tears by the time Mary's words became kind. She was happy for them, she was glad they'd come to their senses.

Mary assured Cas that she'd be yelling at Dean too, and she did.

"No way!"

"Please, Dean? I'm supposed to get calm! Meg said so! It'll help!"

Dean stared blankly at Cas. "There are other ways to relax! There are things that would relax me too!" He was almost down on his knees begging.

Cas stuck out his bottom lip, widened his eyes and crossed his arms staring out the window with his head tilted up slightly.

Dean groaned. "Don't do this to me, man… You're just too freakin' adorable!" He waited a few seconds, chewing on his lip and staring around their room. Then he sighed and clambered onto the bed. "If you tell Sammy about this, I will end you."

"I don't see what's so embarrassing about massaging my shoulders…" Cas smiled and crossed his legs, closing his eyes as Dean started rubbing at the tense muscles.

"Well, you wouldn't," Dean snapped.

Cas twisted around and pushed Dean back. "Let's try some of those other things, huh?" He grinned and climbed on top of Dean, pulling him so that he could get to his lips.

"I wouldn't say no to that…" Dean put his hands on Cas' shoulders and dug his thumbs into the muscles.

Cas screeched and jerked back.

Dean cackled maniacally and sat up. He wiggled his fingers threateningly and started to chase after him. "No night terrors for you tonight, mister," he said as he smacked into him and sent them both crashing to the floor.

Cas had another dream that night… The first normal dream in ages. He remembered Dean staring at him a lot and he remembered not knowing who Dean was. It was like they were meeting for the first time, only Dean knew who he was. Cas hadn't even known he was Cas... Meg had been in this new dream. She forced Dean to tell him he was an Angel. Cas remembered Dean handing a blood stained trench coat over and smiling sadly at him.

That was all he could remember. He wasn't sure if it was a good dream or not. Cas woke up in the middle of the night and scribbled down what he remembered in his notebook. He looked down at Dean who was drooling in his sleep. Cas couldn't help smiling as he slid back down into the bed at tried to fall back to sleep. It took a while because Dean's soft snores were annoying him. When he did manage to drift off, his mind was quiet. He slept in, missing out on his classes, but he didn't really care.

Dean wasn't there. Dean was gone.

Panic sparked inside Castiel and he flipped out of bed in a hurry, staggering out into the living room. He pulled his phone off the kitchen bench and dialled Dean's number. Dean's ringtone sounded back in the bedroom and Cas groaned, beginning to pace around the room.

Dean left his phone behind. What if he left? What if he's lying dead in a ditch somewhere?!

Calm down Cas,he told himself and sat down on the couch, staring at the door. He bounced his knee nervously and chewed at his lip.

There was a thud from outside and a familiar voice started swearing.

Cas flopped backwards on the couch and laughed at himself for getting so freaked out.

The door opened and in came Dean, shaking his foot, hopping and swearing loudly. "Cas, get off your lazy ass and come pay attention to my pain!" Dean grumbled.

Cas sat up and chuckled. "Where'd you go?" he asked.

Dean scowled. "Dude, I may be dying here," he pointed towards his foot. Then he sighed and walked over to the couch. He shoved Cas over and sat down next to him. "I uh… I went to ask about cats…"

Cas sat upright. "You what?" he half whispered.

Dean smiled and looked down at a pamphlet in his hands. "I thought that maybe…. If you really want one… eventually… we could think about it…"

Cas started bouncing up and down like an excited five year old. "We're getting a cat!?"

If either of them could have chosen a moment in their lives to live over and over like they were in Groundhog Day, it probably would have been that moment. They were both perfectly happy right at that moment. There were no memories of Balthazar or night terrors or rivers, all there was in the world was Dean and Cas and their home. They would have stayed like that forever, of course deep down, both of them knew that things wouldn't stay this perfect. People fight, it's inevitable, but if they tried really, really hard, those fights would be nothing serious. So they clung onto their happiness and began flicking through the pamphlets.

The End.

Note: I didn't mention it, but Cas still had Night Terrors on days that were stressful, usually sparked when Dean rolled over and bumped into him. Cas would wake Dean up with his flailing, and Dean would hold him down until it passed and they could safely go back to sleep.

There you go. A nice, fluffy ending, complete with cats and pancakes.

I'm actually sad that this is over...