The reviews on TCOT Envious Enemy and the reviews on Captain Weirdo's brilliant TCOT Midlife Crisis gave me this idea. No drama this time, just fun and hormones. Short and shipperproof. If you don't like that, don't read it.

In the TCOT Fatal Fashion D convinces P to take Lauren Jeffreys' defense, after she's been arrested for murder. D's feminine tactics leave actually no room for P to decline. But leave a lot of room for P to banter away.


It was in the elevator of the large NYPD premises, when he finally spoke again.

" You're in trouble, you know that? " His low voice sounded hollow. He stood straight up, looking at the screen that displayed the numbers of the floors, counting down.

She glanced sidewards, tried to hide a smile, but failed.

" In trouble, hmmm ? " She fluttered her lashes.

" … a very disappointed secretary … " he wiggled his head, while repeating her earlier words. She pursed her lips and turned away to hide her laughter.

" … I already have phoned Ken … " He imitated her earlier move, the tilting of her head, and the little bow she had made.

She laughed out loud now.

" You're so contented with yourself now, aren't you? " The way the blue eyes stared down at her, the gleam of mischief in his eyes so evident, she chuckled and had to look away from them.

But she didn't. " I couldn't leave her to her own devices, Perry … and you are the best for her. She doesn't deserve to be punished for something she didn't do. "

" Do I have to believe she's innocent, because she wrote that article about you, about the 'woman behind the man' ? And … " He paused when the elevatordoors opened at groundlevel, and they squeezed themselves through the crowd that wanted to get into the elevator " … where was that woman now? "

" I am the best woman. Behind you, in front of you, ahead of you. And you yourself approved of the content of the article. " Her voice was soft when she added. " She needs you, Perry. "

" Yes, I know. She'll have my defense, which is the best indeed. But, you. " He stood still before the outer door. " You'll be sorry. "

" Why ? "

" Because …. Miss Street … " He held the outer door open for her. " I had plans for the next couple of days, before going home Friday. "

" Plans? "

They crossed the sidewalk towards the busy street.

" I had planned to have lingering, leisuring days with you … "

" U-uh. "

" … in bed … " They stood next to eachother on the sidewalk, waiting for the car to take them back to the hotel.

" In bed? Oh really … " his remark resulted in her low sultry laugh. " You're too old for that, Perry. "

He just watched her from aside. " How do you know? "

" Welll … "

" Well? When was the last time we spent our day in bed? Hmmm? "

She sighed, looked up to the sky, narrowed her eyes to search for the right words apparently, hidden somewhere in the back of her mind. " That, dear boss, is a memory so far back in time, I can't even drag it back to look at and enjoy in retrospect … "

A smile appeared in his eyes. " My God … that sentence … that's a long time ago … "

She nodded. " About thirty years, I think. "

" You looked like a million dollars that night … with that dress. And with that wrap. And without the wrap. " He glanced sidewards. " And without the dress. " He loved to see the gleam in her eyes that accompanied the flush on her cheeks. As long as he could still make her flush, life would indeed be 'fine, just fine'.

" Yes well, you were dropdead gorgeous yourself. I couldn't take my eyes off of you. " She mused.

" We went clubbing that night, didn't we? "

" Oh, yes, we did. I wore you out. " She emphasized the last word.

" Oh, yes, you did. "

" I meant with dancing. "

" Yes, that too. Did we create memories that night, and the day after … " He mused with her. " But that wasn't the last time we spent our day between sheets ? "

" Noooo, that must have been … " she narrowed her eyes " … Paris … "

" Yes, Paris. When you finally decided to join me there, when I missed my flight after the Berman case. But that was last year. " He bent forward. " Miss Street. "

" So? "

" … you're too old for that … " he playfully echoed her earlier words again.

She pursed her lips again, just shook her head, and pointed at the car in front of them. " Are you going to open that door for me? Mr. Mason? "

As she walked passed him to climb into the car, their smiling eyes met for a short moment, tightening a deep bond, created by their same sense of humour and responsibility, spending days and nights together in good and bad times, understanding, loving, holding, laughing.

His lips formed the words without sound. 'I love you' . She answered it by putting one gloved hand on his chest, on his heart.

Might be continued