My World

Chapter 1: Prologue

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Tsuna had locked himself in for half a year. If he had been living by normal standards, he would have been a high school boy by now.

But he had locked himself in and rarely ever went to school ever since his idol, Kyouko Sasagawa had been accepted into Midori High School (an all girls' school) instead of a normal, public high school like Namimori. It had ruined his spirit, having lost anything to look forward to in school anymore.

And another factor, to his dismay, was that the bullying had taken a turn for the worse. He had become ridiculously knowledgeable about first aid, seeing as he had to wrap bandages around new injuries everyday, even when he gave in and had his money stolen – but those weren't the only reasons why he had given up on life.

Nana had died. His kind and loving, beautiful mother Nana – and no one could figure out why, or who. Nana had been found in the middle of a pool of her own blood. Someone hadcmurderecdher.

His father, Iemitsu, who had already been absent for most of his life turned into even more of a workaholic. Iemitsu had cracked jokes and tried to talk to Tsuna for a while, but he had his share of grief, and upon failing to coax smiles out of Tsuna, had given up. He had chosen to work more and even when he was home, he was always drunk.

Tsuna lived alone now. He dealt with it in his own way – he worked part time jobs at night and slept through the day.

Sometimes, he even went to school. Iemitsu tried to lecture him, but Tsuna was too wrapped up in himself to ever listen to him. Sometimes Iemitsu used force. It had surprised Tsuna at first, a bucket of cold water, because Iemitsu was his father. He wasn't supposed to be the one to use force and actually harm him. Tsuna got enough of that from the bullies.

That had been when Tsuna's hatred for the man began to fester. Tsuna hated him for leaving him and his mother. Tsuna hated him for his broken promises – he used to demand Iemitsu to play with him or teach him like other parents taught their kids, but he always broke the promises he made. Tsuna hated his job – because every broken promise and every moment Iemitsu was away from Tsuna and his mother was because of the job.

If only Iemitsu had cared about him more, if only he had showed it earlier, maybe it would have been fine. If only Nana had never been murdered. Maybe Tsuna would have been normal.

But it had been all too late.


Iemitsu had called Tsuna last night. From the way Tsuna saw it, he was trying to ruin his life all over again. Iemitsu had apparently decided that Tsuna needed a home tutor. But he obviously didn't. After all, he didn't go to school anymore - what was the point of having home tutor when you didn't even study anymore?

Tsuna wouldn't accept it.


Stepping off the plane in the Namimori airport, Reborn ignored the curious stares he received and headed for the

address Iemitsu had given him. It didn't take long for Reborn to reach the Sawada Household, and he had specifically timed his arrival so that he would be able to observe a full day in Tsuna's life. Iemitsu had given him a file on Tsuna, but it wasn't to his satisfaction. So he had to gather information by himself.



Vongola Nono, also known as Timoteo Vongola, had lost his two biological sons due to the conflict over the inheritance of the boss position of Vongola. It had been decided that his other son, Federico, would take the position as Vongola Decimo.

"I only teach the best," Reborn refused.

"Just help me old friend. It would mean so much to me," Iemitsu pleaded.

Reborn sighed. There would be no benefits in teaching Tsuna. He wouldn't take over the position of Vongola Decimo or

be the leader of CEDEF like Iemitsu - there was Basil who had been trained for most of his life and would eventually take over for Iemitsu someday. That only added his pain to know that Iemitsu had kept all this from him.

"He's cut himself off from the outside world and won't let me help him. He won't listen to me anymore."

"Fine," Reborn finally relented after a few moments of consideration. "But you know my methods are not soft," he warned.

Iemitsu grinned broad and wide. He knew he had placed Tsuna in the right hands.

End Flashback

Reborn sighed. Such a troublesome child. If only Tsuna knew how much Iemitsu loved him and hadn't decided to immerse himself in his work, and subsequently the lies that followed and distanced him from his son.

Reborn knew - he knew how broken Iemitsu had been after Nana had died. He knew how the man had wanted to go

home so very badly, agonizing over the school-play that he had promised to attend with Tsuna. But it hadn't been safe.

He knocked on the door and waited patiently to see his new prey—eh, student.

When the door finally opened, Reborn studied the boy and supposed Iemitsu's rants about his son did have some truth to them. Tsuna had some bandages that looked freshly applied, his brown eyes were lifeless—the eyes of a human who had accepted that they had no purpose in life and was struggling to simply exist.

"Ciaossu, I'm Reborn," Reborn introduced himself, "The home tutor."

Tsuna looked him for a few moments, disinterest eyes studying him, before closing the door on his face without saying anything.

Thick, throbbing veins became prominent on Reborn's head. People who ignored him were sent to hell, personally.


Tsuna had been wondering what kind of person that Iemitsu had sent. But there was nothing he could learn from a

baby. Tsuna had sighed and decided that he was better off to ignore 'Reborn'.

That was until the second his door was destroyed by the baby with a strange, green pistol.

"I have no openings. My true line of work is assassination," said Reborn. "And my job is to teach you, Dame-Tsuna."

Tsuna flinched as he remembered his nickname from middle of school. Every bit of his nickname "Dame-Tsuna" made horrible sense to him. He failed in academia, always having scored lower than average students at school. He couldn't play any sort of sport without tripping up and either injuring himself or some poor, unsuspecting classmate, and he didn't have any friends.

"Just leave me alone!" Tsuna snapped, the baby's black eyes staring up at him unflinchingly. He didn't like the sympathy of others. He was fine the way he was. What right did Reborn have to come and destroy his world?

"That won't do," Reborn decided firmly, and smacked Tsuna over the top of his head, causing him to fall unconscious.