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Tsuna was shaking. It was Enma. Tsuna's eyes began tear up in both relief and anger. He thought that boy had died. Enma had suddenly disappeared without news. He almost didn't believe what he was seeing. They were in Mukuro's base, Kokuyo Land. It was a not even a battle. There were Mukuro's friends. Even Reborn claimed Mukuro in Vendicare. but somehow with someone body as medium. Mukuro was in here.

Gokudera and Yamamato stood beside him. Tsuna actually thought he was baggage. For what he reason did he come here? Tsuna began question himself. Gokudera and Yamamoto shielded him. Tsuna couldn't even fight and protect himself. Tsuna would be a weakness. He knew he was being gloomy and depressed again, but he couldn't help it.

Apparently Yamamoto could see his condition. Tsuna was trembling, becoming a sobbing mess. "Tsuna? Do you know the Shimon boss?"

Tsuna was only frozen in spot. He didn't know what to do. "Oh, Tsuna. Long-time no see." The Shimon boss greeted him cheerfully like nothing was wrong. Tsuna looked away. Tsuna disliked that boy. He thought Enma died. Died with Nana or something terrible had happened to him because he couldn't find him. But Enma was here and standing in front of him. However, despite his anger, Tsuna was glad to see him again. Relief overcame him, making his knees go weak all of a sudden.

"Kufufufu…This battle…I lost to Shimon. How despicable." Mukuro said with hate. "Even so, I'm glad I could meet you, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"Silence! You can't talk to Tsuna-kun!" Enma spoke with powerful authority. Mukuro was pinned further into the wall, making a crater. The weapons, which were a trident and a ring, suddenly shattered.

Tsuna was surprised with the move, but even more. he was wondering if this was really Enma. Tsuna didn't remember Enma being like this. He was a timid boy like him. This Enma spoke with such authority, like a true boss? Tsuna couldn't believe it was same the Enma he knew. Enma really did change.

Mukuro sent a hateful glare for a second and passed out after muttering "He would come back again for him again". After that, mist came out of Mukuro's body and he disappeared. The one that remained in his place was not Mukuro anymore. It was a completely different person. It was a boy like him, around 17. He was seemed like the kind of person who wouldn't hurt a fly. Judging from the look of his face, he was an Italian.

"Guideo Graco…I couldn't find that one. He's not one of Mukuro's main subordinates. Damn it." Enma sighed while checking the unconscious boy. The young boss had known it. Enma was disappointed but just the little. The Guideo Graco had been known for being a serial killer who had killed at least fifteen people. Enma didn't catch Mukuro's closest subordinates. This man was just a tool for Mukuro.

Because they were too surprised to see Mukuro taken out so quickly and easily without them doing anything, they didn't realize that Reborn's pacifier was shining brightly. "An Arcobaleno sis in this area." Reborn commented with a dark look.

Reborn's eyes roamed from the room, searching from something before finally stopping after saw a baby with green spiky hair come out of hiding. He was wearing a lab coat and a green pacifier like Reborn's. His face told them that he didn't care for the world. "What wonderful power. I want to analyze it further for the sake of science."

"Ciaossu, Verde." Reborn acknowledge him.

"Is that your friend, Reborn?" Tsuna asked.

"Don't pair me up with the likes of him. He's just an acquaintance. We grew up together and I just can't get rid of him." Reborn answered in a cheeky way, like usual. Sometimes Tsuna was wondering just how high Reborn's standards actually were. No wonder the baby called by Verde was strange as well. Reborn's acquaintances were always weird and violent by nature.

"Don't forget Me. Skull-sama!" A baby with a helmet and purple pacifier came out of hiding as well.

"So what are you doing here, Verde? Working with Mukuro?" Reborn asked Verde casually, completely ignoring skull.

"Hey! Don't ignore me!" shouted the helmet baby.

"I don't work with anyone. It's just his charisma and I need to test my machine. Too bad he lost. I can't test it any further."

"Your machine? Is that the machine that can make illusions real?" Enma asked with curiosity.

"Yes. As you know, in that battle, Mukuro used it against you. But because of your unknown power and Vendicare, Mukuro was already his limits. So we were at a complete disadvantage." Vedre sighed.

"You's always ignore me. This-!" Before he finished his speech, Reborn's kick was already in his face, sending Skull with great force into a wall. Reborn was so violent. Usually Tsuna would worry, but this was Reborn friend. Surely he would be fine. Tsuna felt a little pity, even if Skull was a little bit annoying. He wasn't sure if the violence was necessary. He knew it too well. The brunet experienced it every day.

"Lackey, be silent..." Reborn said in an annoyed tone. It was sending a shiver down Tsuna's body.


Somehow. They decided to have a curry party. Reborn appointed Tsuna to cook despite the brunet's weak protests. Tsuna's place would become full because of all the company. It would seem, however, that Enma would be living there, without Tsuna's permissions. Enma didn't have a place yet. Their house was so full now. There were seven people living here now, including him.

"I don't want to live in a small and cramped place." protested Skull.

"Well, good. I don't want to live with you too." replied Reborn sadistically.

"We don't have money, Skull." said Enma weakly. Even though they were a mafia family, they were weak and small. Apparently, they had found inheritance from the first generation of the family and they decided to spend it wisely. However, during the trip to Japan, things went wrong.

"It because you ran away! Adelhied will kill us." Skull complained.

"I don't want to be mafia boss and you can go back on your own, Skull." said Enma meekly. He was still timid, Tsuna realized. Where did that Enma who spoke like a mafia boss go? Tsuna was tense about the change of behaviors. It was like Enma had two personalities.

"Oh I will go to Namimori high school too. Please help me from now on." Enma smiled.

They went to grocery store to get the ingredients for the curry party. I-pin and Lambo would join too, filling Tsuna's cart full of snacks. It was defended with the purpose of coming here, but none of it was proper food.

"Put it back. All of them. Each of you can only spend 300 of yen." Tsuna said.

I-pin apologized. She put them back, and picked just one, which cost 300 yen. She was a good child. Always listening and helped him with house work. Lambo was being Lambo. He kept adding snacks even though Tsuna told him not to. Lambo was a selfish child, acting like he owned a world. Nonetheless, he was important to the family as well.

"All of it belongs to Lambo-san!" that selfish cow child declared, earning a smack from Gokudera.

"Ma, ma, don't be angry, Gokudera. You need more calcium." Yamamoto gave Gokudera a carton of milk, earning a punch from the bomber, but Yamamoto dodged it. Really, Gokudera's temper was really short. He was like a time bomb.

"Teme…" Gokudera looked really angry, pulling out a bomb from nowhere as usual.

"Oh fireworks. Gokudera, it's already winter, you know?" Yamamoto smiled while looking at the dynamites. Tsuna didn't know if Yamamoto was being funny or not. It was dynamite, for God's sake! Tsuna pushed the cart and dashed to the cashier. Tsuna would pretend to not recognize those two. They always made scene wherever they went. Tsuna needed to avoid trouble. When he was paying at the cashier, he could hear a lot of shouting, crashing and bombs exploding in that area. Yup, he didn't know who those insane guys with the sword and bombs were. Tsuna assured himself.


"Tsuna, Lambo-san's hungry." the cow child said while rolling in the floor.

"Lambo, don't roll around in the floor. It's dirty. Wait a moment." Tsuna said. It was his third attempt at cooking. His English teacher, Reborn's student, came. When Dino had offered to help, Tsuna agreed. He had ignored Reborn's warning about 'Dino's incompetent when his men aren't around.' Dino had spilled curry all over the kitchen and cut himself, if Tsuna remembered correctly. So that was why the English teacher was sometimes being clumsy and not reliable. There was that type of person in this world too, huh? Tsuna would take notes.

In the end, everything went well. Gokudera and Yamamoto ate their food while bickering. Enma ate quietly while Skull and Reborn were fighting. I-pin and Lambo asked for seconds. Dino's table was messy with food, messier than Lambo. The English teacher explained to Tsuna that his hand hurt. He couldn't hold the spoon properly. Tsuna just nodded, assuming Dino's motoric skill drop was incredibly low without his men. Everything was so peaceful, making yesterday like a dream. Tsuna hoped this day would continue forever.

After cleaning the dishes, Tsuna and the kids went to sleep, unware of the side glance the Shimon boss and other occupants had while eating their curry. The rest went to the riverside. The Shimon boss didn't want the conversation to be heard. And the aura is so serious and thick. Making anyone didn't want to approach the group. Thinking the fighting could explode anytime, which is probably true. None wanted to be near the group.

"Why is the Shimon boss here? You running away from your famiglia is just a cover. Don't try to lie. I can read minds. And you defeated Mukuro way too easily. Even with that unknown power and Mukuro's power reduced, it couldn't be that easy." Reborn opened the conversation.

"Yeah, it's just a lie. Mukuro is strong. I could lose. After all, I'm just one person and Mukuro has strong allies. I won because I had information."

"Information?" Verde asked.

"Yes, I will explain it all, but the reason I came here was to save Tsuna. Please, hear me out." Enma was pleading.

"Oiiiii! Enma, stop it!" The purple Arcobaleno tried to cover the Shimon boss' mouth, indicating that Enma's words meant dangerous business. The purple Arcobaleno was a trembling mess.

Finally free from Skull's useless attempts, which earned the helmet wearer a punch from the greatest hitman in world, Enma finally spoke up. "Please we need your help… We want you to make Sawada Tsunayoshi a Vongola Boss in order to avoid a miserable future."

"Explain before I shoot you." Reborn held his gun intimately at Enma. His fedora overshadowed his eyes. No one knew what he would do the next? One wrong word or one wrong move and Reborn would send everyone to hell. He wasn't one for messing around like Skull. He was Reborn after all, the strongest infant in the world.

"Forgive us, Reborn-senpai." Skull was already in a submissive position, afraid for his dear live. Even if he was immortal, Reborn's punishments were so scary. Skull remembered the time, he had attacked mafia land. Skull was a strategist in the Carcasa family before meet Enma. Unknown to him, Reborn was in mafia land on vacation with Dino. Reborn had drilled into Skull's thick head what would happen when he acted disobedient. He made an effort to forget what happened that day. That was a memory was buried very deep in Skull's mind.

Enma released a sigh that he had held for a long time. So he was nervous too. He couldn't believe he was asking for something so crazy. Make Tsuna a Vongola boss. It was like he said: "Let's overthrow Federico~!" out of blue. It was an act of rebellion against the strongest mafia group in the world, which was not a beautiful idea. "I'm glad. You are listening to me. I thought I would be shot by Reborn before I could speak." Enma admitted quietly.

"Will you just explain it to us already?" Reborn asked impatiently.

"The rest will be explained by him." Enma said. Before them, there was standing an orange haired boy who held his stomach in pain. He was a normal boy that you could find anywhere. But there was something that bought Reborn's attention to him. It was the object he brought with him. It was none other than the legendary ten years later bazooka, the infamous weapon of the Bovino Family.

"Where did you get that?"

"Ah, nice to meet you, Reborn-san." Irie bowed.

"Oi! You better explain, now." Gokudera growled, holding dynamites in both hands.

"Okay, but put the dominates down first… Let see."


"So where's Reborn?" Before Irie was a cow child in the front door to his house. He was five years old. His family thought the cow child was lost. It was quite an ordeal. The cow child was known as Lambo.

"You stole the bazoka from that dumb cow! You're a thief!" Gokudera accused, putting off Irie's flashback.

"I didn't steal it!" Irie denied Gokudera's accusation while holding his stomach painfully.

"Continue..." Reborn said.

"Ah, yes."

It was a mess, but it was fun. While lambo was annoying as hell, he and his family accepted Lambo over the time. There were times when Lambo would cry because of his clumsiness or he didn't get snack, so Lambo would pull out a strange purple bazooka from his hair. Then Irie realized something. When shot by the Ten Year Bazooka, the target would switch places with their ten year later form. This effect only lasted for 5 minutes before the current and future selves switched back. His family, who was ignorant, often brushed it off, saying it was a magic trick. But Irie knew it was not magic. It was real.

Irie was thrilled. Over all though, he was curious! 'What will he become in the future?' Irie was wondering. So one night, when Lambo was sleeping, he borrowed the bazooka and shot himself. His curiosity had gotten to him. Irie had hoped that he would become a musician, but his future betrayed him. He didn't become musician. The future Irie would become an engineer who worked with the mafia. Such a future defied his expectations. He couldn't accept it. After the five minutes was over, he was back in his home.

"I can't accept it." Irie burned all of his text books. His family looked at him like he was crazy and in a rebellious phase. But it was not that. Irie wanted to change the future. If he made the choice to become a musician seriously from now on, his future would change too… He bought a new guitar and played it every day. He also resolved himself to become musician or die. His family was amused, saying Irie didn't have enough talent and would become homeless in the future. Irie was also worried since he wasn't improving much. So Irie shot himself with ten years later bazooka again.

He became a musician, but just in a dirty bar, not on a glorious stage like he hoped. He also made trouble for his family. Scary people were after him. His future self had financial problems and he had borrowed from the scary looking guy. So Irie ran away from the bar, hoping he would back after five minutes. Irie promised himself. He would study hard and become an engineer. It would be much better than being homeless. Irie didn't have the talent to become a musician.

"Finally, I realized something I didn't realize in my first time travel."

Irie gasped like an idiot. He didn't realize it at first because scary guys wanted to punch him. But what was this? The world was in ruins. A scorched wasteland. A ruin of building. The bar was the only structure that stood still and wasn't destroyed. Probably with a miracle of some sort, Irie assumed.

"Search him!" the man shouted.

Irie hid himself in the ruins of a building. But strangely, after 5 minutes passed, the effect of the bazooka didn't wear off. He was panicking. He was almost in despair. Irie was afraid he couldn't go back at his original world after one day passed.

"So how did you make it back?" Gokudera asked.

"The TYL bazooka was malfunctioning. It made me stuck in future for a week." Irie replied.

Irie was hiding in a ruined building. The other people with him were an old man, a child, and a pregnant woman. Everyone was here. Based on what they said, whispered and shouted, the world in ten years had been plunged into chaos because of a war between the mafia. The Vongola wanted world domination and took down whoever stood in their path.

In every station of television and radio, the program was showing a man in his thirties with confidence, declaring he would destroy everything if anyone didn't want to obey him. He was Vongola Decimo, Federico. It was a tyrannical speech as he took over the world.

"Luckily, it was just a week. I almost wanted to kill myself. Such despair, so strong."

After a week, he came back from that hell. It was a nightmare. Irie began to study, never doing anything else. It was like his life depended on it. He hoped it was just a sick joke. Irie didn't want such a future. Maybe if he studied hard, he wouldn't end up in such a world. The future where he was an engineer was so peaceful. So after a month, he shot himself again. He got the world where he was engineer. Strangely, however, he found himself placed in an odd machine. He tried to resist, but to no avail. A flood of information came into his mind. And Irie knew. He was doomed.

"The future me took a pity on me. So he gave me knowledge to change the future. So during these last three years, I gathered a force to make sure such a future doesn't exist." Irie finished his explanation.

"Are you saying Vongola Decimo will destroy this world?" Yamamoto asked. He didn't like anyone badmouthing his ex-boss, even if it was true. Yes, Federico had such a big ambition and was cruel enough to do it, but…

Irie fixed his glasses. "The future Federico will destroy the balance off trinisette."

"So why do you need to Tsuna to be mafia-boss? There are many other choices, right?" Reborn asked.

"Tsuna is the one with highest rate of success." said Enma, covering for Irie, "So, Arcobaleno, will you help us?"


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