Code: R

After Christmas, Zender has a mission which needs his family and comrades to help so Zender said to everyone, "Can I get everybody's attention?" Then everyone went in one group and then Zender said, "Okay we got a mission in Hollywood and I need all of your help here." Then everyone went to Hollywood. Then Zender said to Spike, "Spike bring along with my sons." Spike nodded then Rinnie asks him, "How about me Zender?" Zender smiled and grab Rinnie's wing and Rinnie blushed.

"Penny's POV"

I was worried about Bolt so I faced to my mom and asked her, "Will someone find Bolt?" My mom smiled and answers, "Yes, I called the Nightwing guild. They will come here any minute now." Then a husky come in with some weird birds with no wings and legs and two birds that I never seen before then one of them said, "Excuse me, are you Penny?" I nodded than he bowed and said, "I'm Zender and this is my team." Then I ask him, "Do you think you can find Bolt." Then the husky is now sniffing and said, "This is bad, Bolt is at New York." I was shocked that he was but I feel something like clouds touching my shoulder then another bird was right behind me then she said, "Hey Penny, Don't worry we'll be back with your dog." I smiled but then Zender said, "Yeah, we can teleport to New York with Spike's teleportation but we can use once. So that's mean we'll be back here, the hard way around."

I nodded then I face to the bird that she uses clouds as her wings and asks her, "What's your name?" She answers, "My name is Rinnie and the weird birds that you said before is Zender's sons and they called themselves Angry birds." I barley laugh at that part but they look cute. Then Zender said, "We gonna go now." I nodded then Zender and the rest of his team went out but I heard a loud noise from Zender then I was giggling because I knew that Zender was caught one of the traps.

"No POV"

As Zender, Rinnie, Spike and Angry birds teleport to New York; Jewel, Blu, Isabella, Phineas, Perry and Kiki stayed with Penny to keep an eye on her while Speed and Hunter is talking to Penny's agent which his name Bob. In New York, Bolt found a cat named Mittens and tried to make her tell him where Penny is. After she showed him Zender arrived. "Finally, some comrades," Bolt said. Zender looks confuses and he asks, "*sweat drop* Wow, how did he know that?"Rinnie face palm and answers, "By your dog Spike. Isn't it simple?" Zender shooked his head and Rinnie giggled then she kissed Zender's cheek and said, "You silly." Zender blushed and then Bolt said, "Ahh guys, I hate to interrupt guys but we need to go and find Penny." Zender nodded so they head to a big vehicle which they can sneak inside but there's a padlock so Zender faces to Spike and asks, "Anyway suggestions, Spike?" Spike is about to answer but then they heard a noise so they hide while Bolt is running; Mittens got hit by a mailbox then Zender said, "Ouch. That's remind me about Shadow gets hit to the door." Spike nodded so as the back door of the vehicle opens they all went inside.