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Grief is a strange and powerful emotion. It can make the strongest person collapse, unable to function; or it can spur one to do things they never would have thought of before.

As Harry potter rode the Hogwarts express back to Kings Cross station in London, all he could think about was the grief he felt at losing Sirius. The pain had numbed into a dull ache since that fateful meeting in Dumbledore's office. Harry couldn't help but bitterly think that if Dumbledore had bothered to inform him of the prophecy, of a prophecy that contained him, then maybe the Department of Mysteries fiasco wouldn't have happened. That if Dumbledore had bothered to tell Harry the information that he desperately needed, then maybe Sirius would still be alive.

But as much as Harry desperately wanted to blame Dumbledore, to blame Snape. He knew that he couldn't, at least not them alone. He could blame them for the events that led to the Department of Mysteries fiasco, but that was all he could blame them for.

Dumbledore could be blamed for withholding important, necessary information; for allowing that horrid toad to teach, let alone have so much power at Hogwarts. The Ministry and Hogwarts were separate, they couldn't interfere with each other. Snape could only be blamed for being a bad teacher, and for being too damn good of a spy.

However, equal blame could be shared between Voldemort, Bellatrix, Sirius, and Harry himself. Bellatrix may have shot the killing blow into the veil of death, but Sirius wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for Harry. It was Harry who Sirius was trying to rescue, the one whom he had died to protect. Voldemort had tricked him, had lured him there like a mouse with cheese; but Harry had fallen for the trap, a trap Sirius paid for with his life. And Sirius, Sirius should have taken the dual more serious than he did.

And Harry knew that. Harry knew that there was enough blame to go around, however it was Harry who had let his Gryffindor persona to rule him. He let a mask get in the way of his Slytherin cunning and Ravenclaw intelligence.

It would not happen again.