This is my first time i write a story i hope you enjoy it tip are welcome :D

It was still dark when I opened my eyes. I was looking to the side. 7:00 am in bright red letters where staring at me to tell me to go out of bed. And of course the annoying noise that was coming from my alarm.

I looked around the room. There was a bed standing just two meters away from me, empty. There were two desks, one full with books and a laptop. The other one, empty. One of the walls was painted brown, while the others were broken white.

I rolled out of bed and set my feet on the wooden floor. I shivered when my feet touched the cold floor. Of course it was winter, one reason for me to just go back to bed, but I was not planning to be late on my first day of college.

So I walked to the bedroom to take a warm shower. That was for only 5 minutes because the hot warm water turned into ice cold. As quick as I was, I jumped out of the cold shower. Dressing up in my underwear I walked to the sink to brush my teeth.

When I looked up I saw myself in the mirror. Bright yellow green eyes were staring back at me. I hated my eyes because everyone keeps staring at me when I was walking by, and I don't like being the center of attention. Luckily I had a solution called color lenses. Just simple brown a lot of people having brown eyes so no attention for me.

Next step brushing my hair. My hair was long it covered my whole back and since I was 1.85 meters you could say very long. I loved the color of my hair. Shiny golden blond. As I was done brushing my hair I made a high ponytail and I looked into the mirror. My oblique bangs was hanging in front of my face but I didn't care. Just added some mascara and I was done.

I walked back into the room towards the closet, there I saw a big pill with the same looking clothes, the college uniform. A black pants (luckily no skirt) a white blouse, a red tie and a red blazer everything was size L and the mirror inside the door of the closet was reminding me why. My legs were tall but not as tall as my upper body, however I had a body figure I was proud of, the only thing I didn't like about my body was that it's really muscular, more than the other girls but there was a reason for that.

While I was staring in the mirror I saw 8:00 am red letters staring at me telling me, 'stop dreaming and hurry up!' I quickly dressed up pack my back and was planning to run out of the door for breakfast. When I just forgot to open the curtains. I quickly ran back to open them. I saw a green forest covered in white snow. It was a beautiful view but when I was thinking of the cold I just wanted to go back to bed, who was just asking me to stay and don't leave him but the force of the alarm was stronger.

I left the room walking down the hallway to the cafeteria, yeah I was living at school pretty handy to stay longer in bed, gosh I'm just sounding so lazy, but who the hell thought that it would be normal to stand up when it was still dark and go to sleep in the late night. The birds are a lot smarter if you ask me.

As in the last year, I was the lucky one who slept alone in a two persons room.

When I had enough food on my plate I walked to my normal table where my friend were sitting. A cheerful 'Good morning' was coming from one of them, a girl with blond hair was smiling at me, it was Liz. 'good morning' I mumbled while I was sitting next to a tall girl with short black hair and brown eyes named Tori. 'You look tired' the girl said in front of me, she was small. I'm always feeling like a giant next to her. She has big blue eyes and strawberry blond hair, the kind of girl who always get the attention of the guys, only problem is, she is shy as hell and starts to stutter when a guy ask here out or something. She is my best friend. We are sharing the same classes and I know her since I was 8 years old. 'I know Chloe' I said 'just trouble sleeping' as I swallowed the last piece of bread. 'Do you guys know that the students of the other part of the college are coming here' Rae said. Her hair was long and she has copper curls, and copper colored skin.

Our school is separated in two buildings because of the many students. 'their school burnt down last summer' Rae continued. 'And some of the students are coming here to stay, while the others are going to an emergency building'. 'Really?' Tori said 'are there any cute guys coming? I mean the guys here are just stupid' She said. 'Because their all asking Chloe out instead of you'. I joked. Chloe went red, while Liz was giggled. 'not funny Miss Tsume'. 'O I'm sorry Victoria I was just joking' I said. 'Don't call me that' Tori yelled at me. 'guys!' Liz said. 'Tori you know Riley don't want to be called by her last name, and Riley you know that Tori don't want to be called by her full name so both of you shut up!' Tori and I look at Liz with our mouth wide open. 'What?!' Liz said 'last year you two also had those stupid fights so I decide that this year I'm going to put an end to it'. 'Well you got them speechless so that's a good start' Rae laughed.

When everyone was finished we headed to room 3A, this was the room where we normally having drama lessons, but because of the stage the head master always started there his every year speech to welcome all the new and old student.

We were walked to the room talking about what we did last summer. Well summer here is in August, September and October so we always starting school in the winter. While listening to Rae her story I just bumped into something because I was not paying attention where I was. It felt like I just walked against the wall or something but in the middle of the hall a wall is stupid. A little confused I look at what was in front of me. As I was looking in front of me I saw a white blouse and a green blazer, so I bumped into someone but the strange thing was that I was looking at someone's chest. Normally I'm looking at someone's face or I have to look down but clearly that was not the option now. I looked up when I met two emerald green eyes staring down at me.