Wow really busy week, just graduated, had my birthday and the birthday of my brother so not much time to write. But here it is the new chapter hope you like it :D

I looked to my alarm it was 5:00 am. I couldn't sleep anymore so I decided to go swimming. I did this last year for three or four times a week.

I loved to swim but only when I was alone. When I'm alone I can wear my bikini with other people around I have to wear a swimsuit.

On my back are four large scars, these reminded me of my past. Something I don't want to think about. I hated them they were ugly so I decided to hide them so no one will see them and no one will ask about it. But having a roommate makes it a bit difficult as Rae was trying to tell yesterday in the lounge.

I grabbed my bikini, a towel, my uniform, brush, color lenses and shampoo. Being the only one up this early I can take a shower in the changing rooms without anyone interrupting me, plus I don't have to get in another fight with my roommate about the shower and who gets the cold water. I put everything in my bag and left.

As I was walking towards the swimming pool I passed the main entrance of the school. I stopped for a moment. I was staring at the door and thinking about the person I saw walking in and out the school. My hand slowly reaches the doorknob. It was just like in the movie when a girl wants to find out what just happened and this was the answer to everything. Only for me it wasn't. I just needed to know if it was open. I grabbed the doorknob and tried too twist it.

Locked… So the person I saw must have the keys. So I decide to continue my way to the swimming pool.

Once there I walked into the changing rooms. The swimming pool was next to the fitness where the guys can show of their muscles and the girls are trying to lose some weight but when they're done they're going to eat at the snack bar. Next to the fitness was the sports hall. Once a week we had sports on our schedule and in the winter we were sporting inside. In the summer on the field outside.

I took on my bikini and walked to the swimming pool. I put one foot into the water to feel the temperature. It was lukewarm so I decided to dive in.

I took off and dived into the water. I swam for like a hour in every way breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl, butterfly stroke with sometimes a little break to catch my breath, but because I had a great stamina it was not really necessary.

When I was done I walked back to the showers to wash my hair and the rest of my body. Once done, I did my daily routine, brush my hair, put on my color contacts, add some mascara and dress up.

On my way back to my room I passed the fitness when I heard some weights fall on the floor. Curious as I was I peeked around the corner to see who also had an early morning routine like me. Maybe the person who I saw this night? Even if it was the same person, how could I tell it was him or her? I only saw a shadow and someone from above but so high I couldn't even tell it was a boy or a girl. But still I was curious.

When my head was around the corner, I saw something black but before I could have a good view, the person in black turned his head. I quickly moved my head back standing flat against the wall. I was sure it was a him because of the posture, but that was all I saw.

I waited for a few minutes before I passed the fitness door. I saw the black guy in the corner of my eyes but that was all.

I walked into my room to grab my books and leave again for breakfast. But when I grabbed my bag to put my books in, it was soaking wet. 'Ahh that's a shame' I hear coming from the bathroom door. I saw my roommate standing in her underwear. The three bottles of hairspray in the bathroom died when I saw her hair, a layer of foundation was already covering her face making her look fake. And looking good at her I saw she tried to hide a pimple but instead of hiding it she made it more clear. The smell of perfume, make-up and hairspray was so awful that I almost choked in it.

I looked at her, first angry but than a smile came on my face. 'Well yeah it is, but luckily I have another bag' I said. So I grabbed my reserve bag and put my books in it and left her in the room. I saw her eyes looking at me like she wanted to kill me.

I walked to the cafeteria seeing my friends again standing outside waiting for all the tables to be full. 'Good morning' Chloe said to me. 'Good morning' I replied.

'What happened to your other bag?' Liz asked looking at my reserve bag 'It's a long story' I said. While I walked into the cafeteria to grab some food. I wasn't planning to wait this time, I was tired and irritated. And a half full stomach was not something that would make my attitude any better.

'Wait!' I heard Rae yell at me, but I ignored it. And when I looked back I saw my friends already coming after me. When my breakfast was lying on my plate I turned around to find a place to sit. I saw an empty table but I knew the planning was to sit on the same table with the same persons as we did yesterday. So I walked straight to table and let myself drop on the chair starting to gorge my breakfast.

I knew the guys were looking at me but I didn't care. In the corner of my eyes I saw my friends joining me. 'Good morning' a low voice said coming from Dan. When I looked up I saw he was staring at Chloe, who was turning as red as a lobster. 'G-g-good m-morning' she said while she also dropped on the chair.

'So Riley what is the whole long story about?' Liz asked me. I sighed 'Well my lovely roommate decided to take my bag with her while she was taking a shower'. I said while I rolled my eyes. I saw Tori looking at me if I just said I was pregnant from an alien or something like that. 'That is really weird' she said 'Seems like you're having a nice roommate' Jack said joked. 'Yeah amazing you can trade with me if you like she is a really sweet girl if you don't count the threatening and that she is a drama queen'. I said with sarcasm.

'Well than you two have something in common' I heard someone say in front of me. It was Derek. 'And what do you mean with that'. I threw back at him. 'Well threatening is also one of your stronger points right? And putting a whole act together is also something you're good at' he said to me. 'Ahh you where afraid of me because you thought I threatened you. For your information I didn't threatened you yet, Liz jumped between us too quick before I could do that. But don't worry I only bite sometimes that's all' I said to him with a teasing voice. 'Alright that's enough guys' I heard Simon said. 'By the way class starts in five minutes so I think we will see you guys by lunch? He said. 'Uhm sure' Liz replied.

We all walked to our classes when I heard Dan talking to his brother a few meters away. 'What was that all about?' he said. 'What do you mean' Derek said. 'Why did you have to say that to her, I don't care she cranked your ego by shouting at you yesterday but saying stuff like that you only give her more reason to continue with that' Dan said. 'Yeah I know but somehow when she is around…..' and that was the last I heard because they were too far away.

First class was writing. You just get a topic and you have to write a story about it. Sometimes we have to read a book and after that we write our own story but in the same way the book is written. And that was exactly what this lesson was all about. First theory about writing styles and after that we got the assignment to read two books of the same writer.

So next step was the library. It was a library just as you see in the high school movies. In the middle a few tables to sit and large book stands and in every hall there was a sign with on in the genre of the books you could find. And on the side there were computers to study on the internet.

I walked past the romantic books, science fiction, biography to the horror/thrillers. I loved the way how a thriller was written. It's hard to build up tension in a book and thrillers always do it perfect. Most of the times it is also a detective so you just keep guessing who the killer is.

After I found two books of the same writer I started to look for Chloe.

I found her by the sign saying fantasy. As I walked to her I saw a couple of names on the side of the books that makes me smile like yeah right. Fantasy of course I thought passing some books all written about creatures of the dark.

I found Chloe standing in front of the books about zombies. 'are you done' I asked. 'Yeah' she replied grabbing her last book.

'So tell me' I stared. 'About Dan….' 'oh shut up' she cut me off. 'Why? I'm just curious since you turn red by only saying good morning I thought maybe you like the guy. And I have to tell you have a good taste for guys' I said to her with a smile. 'Really? Uhm I mean I don't like him. He is good looking yeah I know, and his grey eyes are really beautiful and his black curly hair looks funny and he is really nice' my eyes were looking at her saying yeah sure you don't like him. 'Uhm I mean I don't know the guy so how can I like him?' she asked. 'Well listening to your description I would also say you don't like him you convinced me' I joked. 'You're a terrible friend' Chloe said to me 'I know, I know, but do you want to know the guy better?' I asked. 'Maybe' Chloe her face turned red again. 'I take that as a yes, don't worry I'm not telling Liz, Rae or Tori' I told her. 'Thanks' she said to me.

After writing we had, drawing, art and after that design. We skipped lunch because our teacher from art just kept talking about famous painters in every country. But she already knew that so she had sandwiches for all of us.

I had just one more class. The only one Chloe wasn't joining me. It was an extra lesson I was just fascinated about. Biology, but only the biology of the animals. I was late so I ran to the class once there, there was only one place left, next to Derek.