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Oh that is just great I thought when I walked to the only place left.

I dropped on my chair and took my books out of my bag. I looked up and saw that we had a new teacher. It was a she. She had long curly blond hair, and when she turned around I met some green eyes who seemed familiar. She was also taller than normal woman's. Not as tall as me but still she was tall. I looked at her hair again. The way her hair was curled also seemed familiar.

Really? I looked at the side when I met the same green eyes as from our teacher. 'Is that your mother?' I asked. Derek raised an eyebrow and then answered 'Yes she is. How do you know?' 'Well you have her eyes, and your two brothers have the same curly hair' I replied. 'Hmm' was only coming out his mouth while he looked at the front of the class.

I rolled my eyes and tried to focus on the lesson. The lesson was about the behavior of animals how they react in the wild and in captivity, what expressions and body language tells us. On the PowerPoint were several pictures of one ape but on every picture was another body language and expression. The assignment, to write down what we saw as detailed as possible.

I started to write what I saw but sometimes I caught the sun shining in my eyes through a three standing next to the window of the class.

Suddenly Derek whispered to me 'Why are you not sitting at the front of the class if you have trouble seeing?' I was looking at him while I raised my eyebrow, that came to notice so he said 'I mean you narrowed your eyes so..' 'It's only the sun. Or do you want me to leave?' I replied quick. 'No but you're wearing contact lenses so I thought maybe you had trouble seeing what is on the PowerPoint' he said to me rolling his eyes if I just said something stupid. I raised an eyebrow again 'That's the use of contact lenses right, so that I can even see from a distance so I don't have to sit in the front of the class all the time' I knew I was lying, I wore color contact lenses to hide my eye color but he didn't have to know.

'I was just trying to help you' he said. 'Like you wanted to help me this morning right?' I said back. 'Oh you're still angry about that are you?' he said in a way that made me even angrier. That way he said that to me, was like he knew the tables were turned and he was on the upper hand to tease me. 'No I'm not' I hissed. 'Yeah sure…do you also want to make a big deal out of this?' he said.

Again my blood started to boil. When I was just planning to shout at him I suddenly became a little calmer and said 'Maybe, if it irritates you than yes'. 'Really? You want to irritate me? Ha-ha, listen it's better to not get me angry understood' he was making himself a little bigger when he spoke out his last sentence also his voice lowered. Just had an explanation about animal body language I knew he was trying to intimidate me. I put my elbow on the desk and let my head rest in my hand looking at him. 'Really and why is that? Because you're a big boy? What are you going to do, throw some fists at me or strangle me? If you want to threaten me you should be more clear what you're planning to do. Right now I'm not scared so you should try a little harder' I said with a teasing voice.

'Listen this is the last time I tell you, don't make me angry' he said again with his lower voice. I just looked at him raising up my both eyebrows like I was saying sure. He opened his mouth again to say something when he was interrupted. 'Well are you two done talking' a female voice said 'Because than you two can give me the answers to what you wrote down' I looked up when I met the eyes of the teacher. 'Sure' I said when I smiled at her. She raised her eyebrow when she looked down on my paper only seeing a few sentence. 'Well Miss Tsume, why don't you start. I hope you have more to tell than what is written down on your paper. The first three pictures are for you, Mr. Souza you can finish the other three pictures'.

I started to tell what I saw and it was more than I written down. When I was finished Derek followed me up. When he was finished the teacher was somehow surprised by the things and details we found on the pictures.

The school bell rung so everyone was packing their bags when our teacher said 'wait we're not done'. 'You all going to work in duos, your assignment: You both going to a zoo and a petting to observe five petting animals and five zoo animals by taking pictures, filming and writhing down in what you see of body language and expression. I want the results at the end of the month. The list of who is working with who is hanging outside the class'.

The whole class was running outside to look who their partner was. When the most people where gone I walked towards the paper searching for my name when an arm came out of nowhere pointing to my name. I looked at my name and the name that was next to mine, seeing that name I knew from who the arm was.

I turned around and again bumped into Derek. 'What are you doing? You knew I was standing behind you' he said. 'Yeah but I didn't know you where that close' I said while I rubbed my forehead.

When I looked up the distance between us was already greater. 'So we are partners' I said. 'Yeah, so we need a planning' he replied. 'Are you busy tonight?' I asked. 'No' Derek said. 'Good, so I pop by tonight at your room to make a planning, what time is convenient? Or do you also have an annoying roommate?' I said. 'No I'm alone, uhm around eight I think' he said. 'Okay see you than' I said and walked away.

I was walking to my room when I suddenly heard my name. I turned around and found Chloe walking towards me. 'Hey how was class?' She asked.' It's fun' I said 'The only thing is that I have a project, and we have to work in duo's. Guess who is my partner'. I saw her looking at me with a big question mark above her head and the words following were confirming that. 'How should I know?'. 'It's Derek' I said. 'Really?' she said 'Well that's going to be fun, anyhow I was hoping you could help me with writing it's a fantasy and I need a critic eye'. 'Sure I said anything better than being alone with my stupid roommate' I said while we walked to her room.

Her room almost the same as mine. The only thing what was different was that Liz painted the walls in this room, so no brown and broken white walls but yellow and one orange. It reminded me of the closet of my roommate with her exploding bright color clothes. I sat down on Chloe's chair and started to read her work. Chloe was an excellent writer especially when it was supposed to be for a movie, she was someone who could perfectly write a thriller.

I was someone who was good at fantasy maybe also because I knew fantasy wasn't… well I could say I had a high amount of fantasy. Besides that I love to write some things very detailed and some not so that at some parts the reader could use his imagination and sometimes all readers see the same.

I was reading her story when half way my stomach made a grunting sound. 'Diner time I think?' Chloe said with a smile. 'Yeah lets go' I said.

Chloe and I were late but luckily Liz, Rae and Tori already grabbed some food for us. We both sat down and started to eat. As yesterday and this morning we were joined by five guys Simon, Ian, Jack, Dan and Derek. 'Where were you guys during lunch' Tori asked. 'Well our art teacher kept talking and talking and talking and talking and talking…' 'Alright we understand Riley' Rae interrupted me. 'Do you guys have any plans on Friday night?' Jack asked suddenly. When me and my friend were looking at him like saying huh? He continued. We are having a film night so I thought you guys would like to come.

'Well well well look who is trying to get his girlfriend back' I heard some say from behind. I knew this voice and it made me sit up straight and the hair in my neck stand upright. 'You guys are not making new friends are you? We are your friends right?' the same voice said, the voice was teasing and trying to somehow scare us. In the corner of my eyes I saw a hand on Chloe's shoulder. Chloe was frozen by the touch of the hand. Her fork dropped on the table that she just let fell out of her hand.

I turned to the guy where the voice was coming from. I narrowed my eyes 'Get lost Liam' I said. 'Is that how you treat your friends Riley?' the guy said known as Liam behind him where standing two other guys one called Ramon the other unknown. 'We are not your friends, now get your hand of Chloe's shoulder turn around and walk away' I said by my own surprise really calm. 'And what if I don't?' Liam said in a teasing way. I clenched my fist around my knife. Chloe, Rae, Tori and Liz were really important to me, seeing someone scare or hurt them made me really angry. It made me almost capable of doing anything. I was planning to stand up when I saw Dan was faster than me.

He walked towards Liam grabbed his arm and forced him to let go of Chloe's shoulder. 'Ahh that's sweet you like the girl do you? And what is your plan now start a fight and who wins get the girls? That wouldn't be fair you're with five and we are with three.' Liam said. I saw that Dan was trying really hard not to react at what Liam was saying a vein in his neck was showing his anger. I looked in front of me seeing that the other four guys were already standing. Ready to jump in when needed.

'Just as she said, turn around and walk away their not interested in you' Dan said. 'Fine' Liam said rolling his eyes and walked away. 'You know this guy?' Liz asked when Liam was gone. 'Yes we are sharing some classes with this guy and he is really working on my nerves, but what does he mean by "friends"? Dan asked. 'He is a total douche so he thinks we are his friends or you could say he sees us as potential dating material.' Tori said. Chloe was her normal self again and we all continued eating. 'By the way answering your question, Friday is our normal film night so I think joining you won't be a problem' Tori said while she looked at Jack and her cheeks were turning a little red.

After we were done eating I walked to my room. It was half past seven so in half an hour I was going to Derek's room to make a planning for our biology project. I changed my clothes, so I grabbed a jeans, a green top and a black vest and my black sneakers. I checked my email and played a game minesweeper. In the corner of my laptop I saw the numbers 20:00 pm so I closed my laptop grabbed my notebook and walked to the door when my roommate suddenly asked. 'Where are you going?'. I turned around and answered. 'None of your business'. I turned back and closed the door before my roommate could say something.

Well I didn't have to walk far because Derek's room was next to mine. The door was open so I carefully opened the door further so Derek knew I was coming to avoid an awkward situation, but the room was empty.

I walked in. His room was almost the same as mine, same wooden floor, brown and broken white walls also the view out of his room was almost the same only a little bit more to the left. I looked on his desk where I saw a large pile of books quickly reading the sides of the books I saw math, science, biology and physics. His laptop was still on and my curiosity was winning from my good behavior to give the guy some privacy. When I looked at it my eyes blinked a couple times and I rubbed them to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Did he Googled my name? What the..?

I moved away from the laptop to the window. His bed was standing against the wall in front of the window just like my bed was. I looked outside thinking of what I saw last night when I heard a voice saying 'Is the snow really that interesting?' I turned around seeing Derek, there was only something different. There was something missing, it was his shirt.