Movie Night

Word Count: 383

Rating: K

Mabel had fallen asleep first.

Dipper hadn't been surprised, knowing his sister couldn't stay awake past 11, even with all the sugar running through her blood. She was out cold. Which meant he needed to find those old magic markers and get to work.

Norman simply stared at the TV screen as Dipper quietly ran in and out of the room, obviously looking for something. He must have found it eventually, because he crept back into the dark living room, illuminated only by the movie playing on the TV, the moonlight streaming in the window, and the dim light creeping under the door from the kitchen. He heard Dipper snicker to himself before he finally became interested enough to look. Dipper had drawn all over Mabel's unconscious face with a green marker.

"What are you doing?" Norman asked in a hushed tone.

He leaned over to see better as Dipper leaned back to present his masterpiece with a smirk. Unfortunately, that resulted in the boys being much closer to each other than anticipated, which resulted in the flushed reaction both of them portrayed the second they were facing each other, their faces merely inches apart.

Norman froze while Dipper backed away, nearly marking himself with the green marker in his shaky hand.

"S-sorry," Norman quickly squeaked out as his gaze traveled to the floor. Dipper's face just proceeded to turn a deeper shade of red as he watched Norman nervously fumble with words and keep his eyes down.

"Th-that wasn't— I mean, I didn't—" He eventually gave up on the words and crawled back to his spot in front of the couch, still keeping his eyes down.

Dipper just sighed, likely for more reasons than he was willing to admit. He placed the cap back on the marker, and glanced again at Norman.

Suddenly, a loud scream from the movie made them both look up, startled. They both glanced at each other for a moment before it grew silent again. But then, Mabel mumbled something in her sleep about making Waddles wear a top hat, and both the boys broke in giggles. Dipper smiled, knowing his sister had saved him from yet another awkward moment. Someday, he should probably thank her for that.

But today, he was gonna color on her face.