Chapter 1 – A Proud Day

May 22nd 2002 Graduation Day – Middleton High School

Bonnie Rockwallor was still sitting in her set waiting to get her High School diploma so she can get the hell out of there and go home. Texting away while Mr. Barkin call student after student to get their diploma. She wasn't exceled to get hers, because 3 months before graduation she had broken he leg and lost her scholarship to collage. "Kim Possible," Barkin calls out. Bonnie looks up and sees Kim stand up and walks towards Barkin. Bonnie always hated Kim and she would never stop hating her and her boyfriend Ron Stoppable. "Bonnie RockWallor," Barkin calls her up; she gets up from the seat and walks on to stage and with a fake smile on her face but the words in her head. "Thank God!" Bring her hand up grabbing her diploma and shaking Barkin's hands and walking off and walk back to her seat.

30 minutes later every student stands while Barkin gives a speech. "In these times we need to take a look back in the last four years. The student in front of you will go out into the world and become full grown adults. I only hope that one day that your children will through this hall and I'm here to teach them. People I give you Middleton High School Class of 2002." The crowd cheers as the formal students get up from their chairs and throw's their hats up in the air and also cheer. Bonnie as a real smile on her face, looking up in the air waiting to catch her hat, later Bonnie is walking down the side walk just a few hours after graduation she was walking home to her graduation party that her mom had planning for her for months now. Came driving the road her horn was Kim Possible with Ron waving his arms around out the window. "God I hate them." Has she walks around the corner with her house coming in to view. Bonnie still pissed of seeing Kim and Ron driving by here. Walking up to the porch of her house brings her hand up the door knob turning and walking in with people jumping out of nowhere and yelling. "SUPRISES!" Bonnie looked away seeing all of her friends and family, she look around the seeing the table set up with food and snakes and with the banner on the wall spelling. 'Happy Graduation!" Bonnie smiles looking around seeing all her friends and family. Her mother runs over to her and gives Bonnie a big hug. "I'm so happy for sweetie. You're the third generation Rockwaller to graduate from High School. I've got something for you." Bonnie sat down her graduation robes on a chair and walks with her mother down a hall and right into Bonnie's bedroom. "Your dad wanted me to give this to you with you were older." Ms. RockWaller reaching into her pocket and pulling out something ripped in paper and handing it over to Bonnie. "What is it?" "Just open it." Her mother said. Bonnie looks down and starts unripping the gift. And in her hand is a pocket watch. But Bonnie looks at the watch like it was a joke or something. "Dad, give me his pocket watch?" "You know your dad loved you and before you were born, he said to me on the day I told him that I was pregnant with you. He took out his pocket watch then said that he was going to give you that pocket watch on your 18th birthday, thinking that you were going to be a boy. But when he died, he wanted me to give it to you I just couldn't of a good time to give it to you." Bonnie father died when she was only a baby too hard to remember what he father looked like. He died of cancer of the lungs. "I think you should wear it around the house." Ms. Rockwaller says. "I don't think I should wear dad's watch mom this thing will make me look like a freaking nerd." Putting the watch on top of the paper. "You don't need you think like that anymore you not in high school anymore." Bonnie just stared at the pocket watch and started to think slowly about wearing her watch. She presses down on a button which opens that hatch to the door. The clock was still ticking. Her eyes were wide look at the big hand moving while small hand stayed still. "Honey I think we should get back out there, before anyone knows we're gone." "Yeah a moment let me think about something." Her mother opens the door and walks out closing the door right behind her. "I never knew you dad, but I know you love me." Bonnie picks up the golden chain and bring the hook around her belt loop and put the watch in her pocket. She look up and goes right back to the party.

2 days later

Bonnie wasn't in good mood that she's always in; sitting on the couch watching the news. "This just in, Teen hero Kim Possible has then the impossible again. After fighting Dr. Drakken and stopping his plans for world domination. Here we are in front of the home of Kim Possible let's see if we can get a word from the teen hero." The news reporter runs over to Kim coming out of the house. "Miss Possible can we get a quick word." Bonnie shuts off the T.V. before Kim can speak and throw the remote onto another couch. Bonnie was broad out of her skull. She got up from the couch and walked to her room. She walked into her room and there were boxes all over the places, she continued to pack away things in boxes, she had been planning since she was 14 years old and on the day before she told her mother that she was planning to move out of the house.

Flashback to Yesterday

"I've been planning to move out for some time now mom. I have money saved up from every job I had since I was fourteen." "I don't think you ready for a chance like this. You're still young." "Mom, please don't do this I'm still too young crap. I just graduated High School. And I thing I have enough money to help me with rent for a few months until I found a good job." "Can you just wait until we found you an apartment?" Mr. RockWallor said. "I've always got an apartment; it is on the up side of Middleton. Don't worry nothing won't happen everything will be fine." Just then the door opens which brings Bonnie back to the present and standing there in front of is her best friend Tara. "So I heard you were moving out?" Looking happy with a smile on her face. "Yeah I'm moving out of out, and I'm looking forward to getting my own space and own place." Tara walks over to the bed and sits down on the edge of the bed. "I came over to tell you something." Bonnie looks up after putting something into the box. "What do you want to ask?" Tara stands up and walks over to Bonnie and faces here face to face. "I just wanted to say goodbye and I love you." Tara moving and placing her lips on Bonnie. Bonnie's eyes went wide not know what was happening. She was kissing another women and it was her best friend, the girl she know since Per-K. Tara back away looked Bonnie in the eyes. "I see you around." As Tara walks out of Bonnie's room. Bonnie just stood thinking of the thing that just happening, her own best friend just kissed her and she liked it, after a couple minutes of standing there in the middle of her room, she then continue to pack here things away in boxes.

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