I wish to thank James Birdsong, SF fan and Ireas fan for reviewing. Yes, Ireas fan, I thought it would be interesting too! I'm trying to make it a realistic set of dates if I can. I also thought the pairing was unique. Crack, but unique. SF fan, this is about Cammy and Rose, it is not a series. THERE WILL BE NO OTHER PAIRING! Sorry to disappoint! However, you have given me an idea…but that is for another time :p

Cammy was walking towards the location of the cooking class. Rose had indeed told Cammy the times for the class and the location. Cammy was interested in learning to cook, because she was always to lazy to learn. Looking at the massive building in front of her, Cammy saw that it was the correct one and proceeded to find out where she was destined to cook. She stopped at the doorway, and breathed heavily.

'Why am I so nervous?' Cammy asked herself. 'I'm really excited to see her again, but she makes me act like a little schoolgirl…' Then Cammy remembered Sakura and grinned at the thought of being like her. 'Ha…that would get her attention!' Cammy shook her head, still smiling, and opened the door.

"Ah! Cammy!" Rose greeted. "You're just in time! We're starting soon! I've put in what we wanted to make beforehand, so you can make your cheesecake! I'm making lasagne, obviously."

"Woah! How about saying 'hi' first?" Cammy laughed, taking her place next to Rose. Rose blinked.

"Hi first." Cammy laughed more at this play on words.

"Oh, so my name is First now? Well hello to you, Last."

"Shh, shh, the chef has arrived!" Rose pointed. Indeed, the chef and trainer for the day had shown up.

"Hello everyone! The chef addressed the group of people before him. "All of your ingredients along with an instruction booklet are under your counters along with a list of skills. If you are unsure of what do, please ask for help! That's why we are here!" He looked around the room, scanning everyone's face. "Ok, get cooking!"

Both Rose and Cammy took their ingredients out and began working on them.

"I'm glad you agreed to another date, Cammy," Rose spoke while grating her cheese. "I was getting lonely at these sessions."

"Well, I figured that it was time to learn more about cooking." The next few minutes were spent in silence. Rose had done most of her lasagne, and just needed to apply the layers of cheese sauce and pasta sheets. Cammy was still in the process of breaking up biscuits for the biscuit base. When Rose put the lasagne into the oven, the chef came over.

"Ah, that looked good, mademoiselle." He said, looking through the oven window. "Could you make some bread for me please? I am so busy."

"No problem!" Rose smiled and went to get the ingredients from the storage cupboard. As she was kneading the dough, Cammy couldn't help but feel aroused. The technique that Rose was using would feel great…but Cammy shook her head clear and focussed on her cheesecake. Leaving it to set, Cammy saw Rose putting the bread in the oven.

"Well that was successful!" Cammy wiped her brow.

"Yes, I think so," Rose replied. "It's time to-" Rose was interrupted by a massive BANG. Both women blinked and checked the oven. The fortune teller grabbed the oven gloves, opened the door and pulled out the pan the lasagne was in. It had somehow exploded. Cammy exploded into laughter.

"Hahaha! Oh my god! How the hell did you do that? Oh look, now you're blushing!"

"Sh-shut up!" Rose replied shakily. When Cammy wouldn't stop, she tickled her.

"Ah, no! no no no! Ahahahaha!" Cammy pushed her arms onto her waist, trying to stop Rose from squeezing her sides. Breathing deeply, Cammy stuck a finger in the lasagne and tasted it.

"Mmm…it still tastes good!"

When Cammy finished the cheesecake, Rose had a taste.

"It is divine!" She exclaimed, shovelling it in at an alarming rate. She was honest, the sensations were fantastic and the coulis was juicy and sweet; the biscuit base allowed a more savoury taste, to counter the sweetness of the rest of the cheesecake.

"Well," Cammy stated, "This was a success!"

"Yes," Rose replied, grinning. "It was. Want to go see a film?" The query came out of the blue and shocked Cammy.


"It's not like you're doing anything else, is it?" Rose asked slowly, staring at Cammy with wide eyes. Cammy had never been able to resist puppy-dog eyes ever since the first time Chun-Li attempted to do a mission and failed. She had used them then and Cammy went with her in spite of having much to do herself.

"No, I guess not!" Cammy laughed, glad that she had a reason to spend more time with Rose.

The film was a horror, Paranormal. Sitting at the front of the cinema, Rose gasped and grabbed Cammy's arm every time something scary happened. Cammy though it was rather ironic that someone such as Rose, who must have experienced a lot of stuff would be scared of a simple horror movie.

"Oh!" Rose gasped, with her hand on her chest. "Wasn't that horrifying?" She said while glancing at Cammy.

"Um, yes?"

"Shh, shh! I want to see what happens next!" Cammy rolled her eyes at Rose's interruption.

"But you spoke fir-"


As the two women strolled through Central Park, Rose grabbed Cammy's hand. It was late evening, and the street lamps were just coming on. Some nervous drivers already had their headlamps on too. Cammy adjusted the cheesecake to accommodate for Rose's hand.

"I had fun today! Thank you for a wonderful day!" Rose clasped Cammy's hand, eyes shining brightly. Cammy chuckled.

"No problem."

"Isn't it beautiful at night, Cammy?" Rose said suddenly, spinning once on the spot, arms stretched out as far as possible. Cammy looked up at the sky, peering at the stars that were just getting out of bed.

"Yeah…" Cammy had always been far too serious. She never stopped to appreciate the world, only caring about ridding it of its oppressors. Taking a deep breath of the air that she had never spared a second thought for, Cammy sighed.

"Yeah, it really is!"

"I'm glad you agree, Cammy!" Rose smiled.

Cammy walked Rose home at her request. At the door, Rose turned to face Cammy.

"Do you want to have a cup of coffee?" Cammy gulped at the seemingly innocent question. The devious grin, the fact that everyone knew what the question was code for, and the sheer silliness of having coffee after eight made Cammy suspect Rose of seduction.


"Just set the cheesecake over there," Rose waved nonchalantly. Cammy put the box containing the treat down on the counter, next to the kettle. Rose glided over and stood in front of the cheesecake.

"Well now, Cammy…" Rose grinned and licked her lips. "I'm between you and your cheesecake now…"