Okay so I'm going to write a drabble for each of the tributes in the 74th games :) I'll probobly update daily but reviews might make me post more often :) I'd like to thank my awesome beta, i-am-foxface :D

She went to the games, not a worry in her mind. She was beautiful, amazingly so, so sponsers wouldn't be a problem. She was skilled with a crossbow, so she could easily kill. She was so sure of returning home, she didn't even say goodbye to her family.

It was during the bloodbath when she started to realise that winning wasn't certain. There were no crossbows in the cornucopia, so she chose the next best weapon, a bow and arrow. It wasn't the same though, and she was laughed at by her fellow careers.

The Capitol had taken her weapon but, she thought they could not take her beauty. Just moments before her death, she was dreaming of a crossbow falling from the sky, sent by a rich sponser captivated by her angelic features and golden hair.

Five minutes later her beauty was gone, she was just a heap of rotting flesh and broken dreams, no longer to be admired.