hey guys! riku'sgirl19 here and adding a new fanfic for anyone wanting something new! i've been working on this fanfic for two years and am now wanting to add it for others to enjoy. i don't anything from the Jak and Daxter series except the OC's and the places i make up in the chptrs. plz read and reveiw!

Dark clouds rolled in from every direction covering the land in a complete darkness that seemed to never stop. A heavy battle raged on in a valley below; horrible creatures `known as lurkers, metal heads and others had commenced a war with the People for world domination. Swords, arrows, claws and eco magic crashed and slammed on both sides, casualties rising from hundreds to thousands by the second. Hovering above, two single forces battled with unending rage. Two, a boy and girl, were clad in pure light, with transcendent wings that were beating with unearthly speed. The other two, boy and girl, were dark cloaked figures with deathly paled skin and eyes that were as black as the clouds above. They battled with light and dark eco, oblivious to the deaths that were occurring below them. The dark boy figure suddenly turned to his left and spoke three rasp words,

"join us sister!"

Princess Makaja bolted straight up in her bed, screaming, sending her black muse, Shinta, flying off her chest. She was gathering her breath when her doors burst open, causing her to scream again. First to enter was Kaienah, her personal body-guard and best friend. Her short, spiked black hair darkened her evergreen eyes, but her simple face was alert and looking for the danger. Last to enter was her father, King Jakson; his sun-gold hair flowed to his shoulders and his sea-blue eyes were anxious and worried as he ran to her bed-side.

"What's wrong, Makaja," he asked, "Are you hurt?! Was someone attacking you?!"

As he looked at her, he noticed her arms were crossed in annoyance, but her eyes were troubled.

"Was it the dream again," he sighed.

"Does this have to happen every time I have it?" she whispered.

"It's only precaution mi hija," he answered calmly kissing her forehead, "I made a vow to your mother that I'd keep you safe and alive." He emphasized the last sentence with a serious tone.

Kaj looked away when her father had finished his statement. Since she was a toddler, her mother, Queen Elena, had been ill and unable to walk. It was from over-shock when she heard that Kaj's brother's ship had been destroyed by an unknown enemy and it was said that he did not survive. Kai, now calm, met Kaj's eyes with an understanding; her older brother had also died with Kaj's brother. Neither of them really remembered their brothers or even their names. When Kaj would ask about it, both her parents would turn the question away with silence.

"I'm fine Daddy," she assured him with a gentle hug.

The king relaxed and returned his daughter's embrace with equal gentleness.

"Seeing as there is no danger," he said straitening up, "I think it's time you two got ready for your trip to the Brink; and yes, you still have to go to school today."

Kaj groaned as she sulked off to get dressed and packed; going to school was the last thing on her mind on a day like this.

The sun shined brightly as the students waited for their bus to come take them for their field trip. After a half hour of waiting, the dense-yellow hellcat arrived with a screeching halt.

"Do you think it'll be like the other trip you took Kaj," Kai asked as she took the seat in front of her.

Kaj's mind went blank for a second; this was her first trip in almost three hundred and seven years…


At the age of 10, Kaj was sent to a small settlement called Rock Village to learn how to harness her 'gifts' and to study eco under the legendary Blue Sage. He may have been a genius, but he blabbered about the weirdest things. Half the time after he finished, he would find her fast asleep with her head on a book; other times she would sing with the birds just outside the underwater city near the village. She was there for three weeks when a dark day came; a giant lurker began bombarding the village with flaming boulders! The Blue Sage worked his heart out to making a levitating machine to remove a boulder that blocked the path to the beast. However, Kaj woke up one morning to a crash from downstairs; creeping down quietly she witnessed a struggle between the sage and two intruders.

"You'll be coming with us to help open the syloes," the man laughed as they all disappeared in a cloud of dark eco.

Young Kaj hid in fear that they would come back; after four days she heard the villagers coming. It was the warrior who found her in the closet; he carried her out of the house and took her to the others. Kaj was taken in by the geologist, Prof. Ina and later explained what had happened. She became interested in her studies and tried to help her with the lighting-moles that were scared out of their underground dens. One day, Kaj was coming back from feeding the moles and noticed that Ms. Ina was talking to two strangers. What surprised her was that Ms. Ina was talking to an orange otsel with goggles about some sort of compromise.

However, it was the boy who caught her eye; he was probably about fifteen or sixteen. He was as tall as the geologist, well-built, lightly-tanned skin like hers, blonde hair like the wheat fields back home before the harvest and he had sea-blue eyes just like her father. It was the geologist that saw her and tried to wave her to come over.

"Oh, there you are Makaja. Come on don't be shy."

Kaj ran right to Ms. Ina and hid behind her, but peaked around to see the boy smiling at her.

"I'm afraid she's still a traumatized about what happened with the sage."

"Yeah, we heard what happened from mister scardy-armor back there," the otsel said as he pointed behind him.

Kaj giggle out of spite; "So, who are you," she finally asked timidly. "I'm Daxter," the otsel answered, "and this is Jak."

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