Chapter 1 Reveille: Battle's Aftermath

Author's Note: Welcome to the sequel of A Certain Mystical Esper! I hope you enjoyed the prequel and if you haven't, I highly recommend starting from there because if you don't there'll be a lot of blanks that you can't fill by just reading this story. Ciao!

Waking up in a hospital room, I slowly opened my eyes and made a sweep of the room without raising my head making sure there weren't any potential threats.

"Ah good you're awake." the frog faced doctor said as he walked in, the door clicking open and close giving him away.

"I suppose you're the one that fixed me up." I said as I sat up, "Thanks."

"I should be the one thanking you. The paramedics were convinced that you were dead by the extent of the injuries you had sustained. You wouldn't believe the surprise they had when they found a pulse." the doctor said smiling as he put his hands in his pockets.

"I didn't break anything did I?" I asked.

"No you didn't, but from the amounts of cracks, contusions and internal haemorrhaging I had to fix up you might as well have."

"Yeah... Thanks again for that..."

"It's what I do. If you really want to thank someone, thank your friend. She actually stabilised your condition before the ambulance arrived. If she hadn't you'd probably be in a coma if not dead."

There's only one person I know that can do something like this without being part of the medical corps... Akiha...?

That can't be... She's still mad at me.

"Well." the doctor said, snapping me out of my silent contemplation, "That's that so why don't I get down to my reason for being here?"

"What's wrong doc?"

"Oh you're fine don't worry. Maybe if she came in you'd understand better..." the doctor said looking around the corner as a girl walked in wearing Tokiwadai's uniform.

"Misaka...?" I said, not quite believing my eyes.

"MISAKA is MISAKA 19090. MISAKA says, adding her serial number for reference."

"Alright, so what does this Sister have to do with me?" I asked.

"Well, the hospital only has limited rooms in the private wards and we don't have enough space for her. We've consulted her on this and she expressed that she would like to stay with you, as we understand, the room next door has been recently vacated. The hospital is willing to pay the rental costs if you accept."

"Why ask me? It's not my dorm room. And isn't the dorm only for boys?"

"MISAKA has observed a girl approximately your age entering and leaving your room at random times and even staying in your room for most nights. MISAKA says, leaking the appropriate information at the right time."

Shit they know about Akiha?!

"I don't mind her staying with me!" I say quickly, before the Sister leaks any more information "at the appropriate time".

"Thanks. I'll go make the arrangements. I'll leave you two to get acquainted with each other."

As the doctor left, leaving me and MISAKA alone, an uncomfortable silence settled between us until I finally spoke, "Did you really stalk me to my dormitory?"

"No, that was MISAKA 16324. MISAKA 16324 merely shared the information with the network. MISAKA says, providing the information and the culprit."

"Alright... But why do you want to live with me?"

"MISAKA wishes to be close to her saviour. MISAKA says, stating the reason she wishes to reside near him."

"I didn't save you. I didn't save any of you. Your so called 'saviour' is further down the corridor." I said, slumping back in my bed.

"No, you are MISAKA's saviour. MISAKA says, affirming her beliefs."

"But I didn't defeat Accelerator. I didn't even land a scratch, let alone stop him." I replied, feeling stupider and stupider as I argued with the clone.

"But you bought MISAKA some time. From MISAKA 10032's report on the battle, the experiment would have already ended had you not stepped in. If Accelerator had already completed experiment #10032 and moved on, MISAKA's other saviour would not have arrived in time to stop him and he would not have been involved. MISAKA says, illustrating the turns of events."

Never underestimate the power of buying time huh...? Is she just trying to make me feel better or did I really make a difference?

"MISAKA has to go for reconfiguration treatment now. We will meet again soon. MISAKA says before she leaves."

Really... To be a saviour to those girls... Am I really deserving of such a title?

Letting out a loud yawn, I realised that I actually needed more rest and lay back in the bed ready to sleep until the door opened. Judging by the silence that followed, only one girl I knew could silence her footsteps that well, and she is the last girl I'd ever expect to see: Akiha Makushou.

"My oh my, you really did a number on yourself this time didn't you?" Akiha said, crossing her arms as she leaned against the wall, looking me over with her blood red vampire eyes.

After looking over me for a full minute, Akiha's eyes reverted back to normal as she put her hand to my forehead and held it there, "It seems the doctor is as good as they say, you're as good as new."

"A-akiha? What are you doing here? I thought you were... Gaahh?!"

Silenced by a swift slap from Akiha, I held a face to the area that she slapped as tears started to form in her eyes, "Don't... Do something that stupid... Ever again."

Her voice shaking as she said every word, her visage left me no room but to agree but apparently she wasn't done "What possessed you to do something so stupid in the first place?"

"Well... I thought I'd just beat him up and save several thousand clones?" I said, earning me another slap.

"Don't be funny with me! If you knew you could beat him you would have done so long ago to minimise the casualties so why did you REALLY go out there?!"

"... A sacrifice..." I managed to mumble, barely audible even to Akiha's enhanced hearing.

"What? Repeat that!"

"A sacrifice." I say softly, ashamed at myself now that Akiha was involved.

"Let me get this straight, you thought by throwing your life away you could save all of them?"

"Not really... The killings would just continue..."

This time the response from Akiha wasn't a slap but a hard punch that nearly sent me flying out of my hospital bed, "NOTHING?! You're throwing your life away for NOTHING?! Just how stupid can you get?"

Left with nothing to say, I kept my mouth shut lest Akiha get another reason to hit me as an uncomfortable silence settled between us. How was I supposed to tell her I did it not just to save the Sisters but to have a valid reason to die? She definitely won't react well to it, I mean, I'm the one who saved her from the exact same situation isn't it? It's so bloody pathetic that I'd suffer the same issues as her only weeks after she gets over her issues...

"You really should stop thinking aloud when you're so close to me. I can hear everything you know. And this, is for wanting to die." Akiha snapped, hitting me across the face yet again and sending me sprawling across the floor.

"Dammit Akiha, I'm in a damn hospital and you're doing this to me. Can't you save it until I'm fully recovered?"

"Fuck no, we're doing this until you get your head screwed on straight!" Akiha yelled, grabbing me and slamming me into the wall, "If you find you have problems, or troubles, or something you can't deal with, it doesn't have to be me if you're really against it... But talk to someone dammit!"

Tears now rolling from her eyes in free flow, Akiha looked at me with her teary eyes as she gently lowered me onto the bed and covered me before sitting back down, tears still continuing to flow from her eyes, "You're so young... So carefree... Don't... Don't ever talk about dying... It's the easy way out, I agree, living is infinitely harder... But still... Don't give up..."

Nodding in silence to Akiha's speech, I slowly slid back into bed, Akiha's eyes glowing blood red yet again for some reason.

She already looked me over so what on Earth could she be... Oh...

"You're hungry aren't you?" I whisper softly, already aware of the answer without her having to say it.

Nodding in reply, Akiha closed the distance between us slowly, her fangs already out. As she sank them into me, I gritted my teeth from pain that not even painkillers can stop, the sound of her drinking never failing to raise the hairs on the back of my neck regardless of how many times I go through it.

Once she released me, I felt a sudden wave of sleepiness assault my senses as I laid my head back on the pillow and drifted into the land of dreams.

A few hours later I was discharged from the hospital, most of my bandages removed and only a minor follow up appointment made in a few weeks time to make sure there were no complications before I was free to leave, taking a slow walk back to my dorm room.

Opening the door, the smell of some kind of stew filled my senses, Akiha in an apron stirring what looked like a pot of chicken stew, adding a few pinches of seasoning before turning to me, "We have a visitor."

Walking in further I realised who she was talking about, a Sister sitting in a seiza style, behind the table clearly taking in the details of my room before turning toward me, "Hello, MISAKA 19090 offers her greetings."

"Eh? Ummm, hello Misaka 19090." I reply, wondering why would she be in my room when she should be next door.

"Readjustment treatment starts tomorrow so MISAKA wished to get to know her neighbours. MISAKA 19090 offers the explanation for her sudden appearance."

"She's really quite a nice girl, I really wonder what another 20000 of her must be like." Akiha's voice floated in from the kitchen as she walked in carrying the small pot of stew, "You don't mind having lunch while you're here do you Misaka?"

"It should not be a problem. MISAKA says while going over her schedule, restating the serial number 19090 for reference in order not to confuse her with the other MISAKA."

Taking no need to the banter going on between the two, I silently gave thanks that they both were getting along as I took a small amount of the stew and mixed it with rice before taking a bite. It seems Akiha was trying a little variation in the usual things she makes as I taste a hint of basil which is not usually added in.

"Do you like it? I made a few changes." Akiha said, ladling herself some carrots and potatoes.

Nodding in response, lunch passed by quickly as well with more idle chatter and Misaka taking another bowl when she was done, damn that girl can really eat.

While Akiha cleared the dishes, a sudden feeling of unease washed over me, as if there was something I needed to do and didn't.

Oh no! My math homework!

Pulling out my pencil case from my bag and the book from my shelf I started scribbling down answers and formulas not necessarily in that order as I tried to answer the 6 exercises assigned to me by my merciless math teacher.

My life is over... I knew there was something I forgot...

While lamenting my fate, I looked at MISAKA as she cruised in observation mode lazily, her eyes wandering around my room again.

"Hey MISAKA 19090... May I ask you a question?"

Snapping out of her daze, MISAKA turned back to me, "MISAKA will answer to the best of her ability. MISAKA says as she prepares a connection to the network."

"Well... What's (a+b)^6 using the binomial equation?"

Blinking several times at the question, MISAKA looked back and gave the answer almost immediately, even including the method that I gave her as I quickly scribbled it down.

Getting down to business, my math work quickly started to reach completion, until MISAKA caught on to what I was doing and tapped my shoulder to get my attention.

"Hmmm? What is it MISAKA?"

"Please stop using MISAKA to do your homework. You should be doing it yourself. MISAKA says disapprovingly"

-End of Chapter 1-

Tada! The sequel is finally out! I wanted to make a short "post battle" chapter in the story before this but I wanted to end it in a cliffhanger so I kinda pushed forward the post battle chapter to now! Sorry for the long wait, I'm trying to include a mini "filler arc" between now and the Angel Fall arc and am currently running low on ideas so... Please be patient! -bows-