Beep beep went the alarm stirring Rose Weasley from her deep sleep. Beep beep beep the alarm clock grew angrier as she turned away from the noise. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep screamed the enchanted clock as it jumped from the table onto the girls' head and started hopping. "Alright, alright," Rose mumbled hitting the alarm clock with slightly more force than was really necessary, causing it to fly across the room, narrowly missing her roommate, Beth's, head. "Oops" she whispered but the clatter had already woken up her friends.

"Happy Birthday Rose!" they all chorused ambling to her bed rubbing their eyes and carrying an assortment of parcels. Rose looked to the end of her bed noticing another small pile of presents and remembering that today was the day she turned 16.

"Thank you Beth! I've wanted these for ages" she cried with glee as she unwrapped a brand new pair of dragon hide gloves. After receiving her other presents Rose thanked her friends and turned her attention to the presents from her family. She had been given a large box of Bertie Bott's every flavour beans by Hugo, a book called 'concoctions for magical creatures' from her mother (Hermione Jean Granger) and a Chudley Canons hat and scarf from her dad who obviously hadn't given up trying to turn her away from Puddlemere United-her own team.

Slowly Rose got dressed and went down to breakfast in the Great Hall. Hearing the normal hubbub made her smile, she loved crowds as long as she wasn't the centre of attention.

"Many happy returns Rose" greeted Nearly Headless Nick as she swerved quickly to avoid walking straight through him.

"Rosie!" shouted a very familiar voice from the Gryffindor table. "Rosie!" called Scorpius Malfoy as he ran and hugged his best friend, "Happy Birthday" he said handing her a small weighty envelope "this is from me and Al but he's serving detention for breaking into greenhouse three last week."

"thanks Scor" beamed Rose planting a quick kiss on his cheek and sitting down next to him to open the envelope to reveal a piece of card that read…

Rose Weasley is cordially invited to her birthday lunch in Hagrid's hut at 1.30 on the 20th November

Yours Faithfully

Al & Scor xx

"That's today! Whatever shall I wear?" exclaimed Rose in mock worry, her best friend knew that clothes were normally the last thing on her mind. Scorpius thought to himself, in fact she always looked good in everything. "That's fantastic Scor I'll be there" she winked at him before heading out of the hall towards her first class; Herbology.

After many tiring hours of re-potting Venomous Tentacula in Herbology and creating a truth potion that wasn't quite as strong in Potions, Rose strolled through the grounds towards Hagrid's hut. As she knocked the door she heard a loud bang, a bark and a flurry of whispers, then suddenly the door opened to reveal Scorpius and Albus standing there in what looked like muggle waiters outfits. Feeling a little under dressed she grinned sheepishly at her friends as she was ushered inside. Hagrid was leaning over his stove and shouted a muffled greeting as Rose flopped down onto her favourite squishy chair next to Claw (Fang's descendant). Before she had time to collect herself Al came over and hugged his best friend before remembering his plan and saying "would Madame like a cup of tea?" desperately trying not to giggle at his fake accent, Rose accepted her tea and sandwiches with grace before her two friends sat down either side of her squishing her slightly, acting normally again.

"'appy birthday Rose" Hagrid said as he finally sat down opposite the three friends pulling out a very large, very pink birthday cake saying 'happy birthday' "I 'ope you like it".

"Wow Hagrid that's amazing!" she exclaimed as they all dived for the first slice.

Many slices of cake later the trio trudged back up to school for the last lessons of the day. That evening they had a wizard chess tournament and, of course, Rose won. After all her father was the first student to win house points for playing it.