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It was pretty dead in Port Angeles, so Damon and Bella agreed to head up to Seattle instead. It was bigger and they would be able to get what they needed to much easier.

Bella left Damon to handle some 'business' that needed to be done while she went to a local dealership to look for something more suitable than her old truck. Unfortunately, none of the cars caught her interest. What did she want? Did she maybe want a classic car like Damon's Camaro?

With a groan, she headed to other dealerships, never finding what she was looking for.

Finally, she found it. Only, it wasn't a car.

'Don't do anything reckless or stupid,' Edward had ordered her.

Those where two of the best words to describe the sleek black motorcycle that caught her eye. Slowly—as if in a trance—she made her way towards it. After quickly calling a dealer over, she finally got a name for the motorcycle that became her new obsession—a Suzuki Hayabusa Gen II.* After much negotiating and nearly $20k spent, Bella finally straddled her new bike and put on her helmet. She knew that it was going to be hard for her to learn to drive, but she was determined. She had never wanted anything more and she was glad that she was able to get it.

After ridding for a few minutes, she finally managed to get the hang of it and she laughed before accelerating out of the city and into the streets surrounded by dark trees. She sped through the dark, nearly hitting 200mph before double-backing back to the city. She decided to do something that she would normally never be caught dead doing. She was going to go shopping.

Her appearance didn't matter much to her—it never had—but whenever she saw people riding motorcycles in movies, the always looked mysterious when they were in all black. So that's what she wanted, to be mysterious—or at least look it.

She stopped in front of a pretty deserted bar and walked up to a man walking in her direction. He wasn't leering at her, if anything he didn't seem to notice her. That was perfect. When she reached him, she pulled him down to eye level.

"I need you to do a favor for me. If anyone comes close to my bike, I need you to keep them away. It's brand new and I don't want it damaged. Can you do that for me?" When he nodded, she smiled in thanks before heading off to the closest stores.

After about an hour, her old clothes were in the trash and she was wearing black jeans, a black shirt, and her own black leather jacket. She had wanted to take Damon's the first time she had seen it but she figured that he would probably rip her heard out if she touched it, so she was glad that she now had her own. She also bought some black boots and put on some eyeliner—the extent of her makeup.

She was also carrying some bags that contained a few shirts and jeans and a khaki jacket that she could wear during the week. She had wanted to get more but she couldn't carry that many bags without looking suspicious. She would have to come back with her truck later in the week to get more.

Bella ran her fingers through her hair before shrugging and left it alone. She walked back to where her bike was parked and smirked at the sight. The man she compelled was in the middle of a brawl with two other bikers and he was literally doing anything to keep her bike protected. The two bikers were a lot bigger than him but he was still up. Well, she supposed that she should thank him. She went up to the bikers and easily pulled them off of her little helper.

"You will leave him alone, is that understood? If you ever see him again you will head in the opposite direction. If you see anyone coming near him you will take care of them. He is now under my protection and you don't want to mess with me. Got that?" When they nodded, she let them go. "Good. Now you can go."

She turned back to the man she had originally compelled and for the first time actually took him in. He had blond hair and brown eyes. He was tall, just a bit taller than Edward and he was very handsome. He had some scratches and some bruises were starting to form, but it didn't do much to take away from his appearance.

"Thank you for taking care of my bike," Bella stated, making her smile as polite as possible.

"You asked me to do it," he answered with a shrug. "I'm Riley Biers."**

"Bella Swan," she responded. She bit her lip and thought some things through. Making a decision, she glanced up at him through her lashes. "Maybe I can see you again?"

He would be a better suitor than Mike Newton or Tyler Crowley. Or at least if she decided to come back up to Seattle. She still needed someone during the week and getting a meal from a bag was pretty unappealing. At least she wasn't hunting animals. How the Cullens denied who they were sent a shiver down her spine. Animal blood sounded disgusting.

She was brought out of her musings when he nodded.

"Definitely. What's your number?"

Mentally cursing herself, she sighed. "I don't have a cell phone. But give me your number and I'll text you when I get one." At his skeptical look, she grinned. "I have a good memory and I'm actually headed to get one right now."

With a nod, he gave her his number and they parted ways. Bella wasn't lying when she said that she was getting a phone. Heading towards the closest Verizon store, she was easily able to compel the worker to get her a phone. Grinning, she typed in Riley's number and saved it before sending him a text.

To: Riley Biers,
I told you I was getting a phone. Call me sometime. -Bella

A few seconds later, she got a response.

From Riley Biers,
So, you do have a good memory. That's good to know. And I'll definitely be calling you. -Riley

Placing her phone in her pocket, she got back on her bike and went to met back up with Damon. When she reached the rendezvous point, she smirked at Damon while she parked her bike in the empty space beside his Camaro.

"I see that you got something faster," Damon stated in his cocky tone. When Bella opened her mouth to respond, he added, "Of course, almost everything is faster than that truck of yours."

Closing her mouth and narrowing her eyes, Bella decided to let that go. No one would ever stop making fun of her truck so there was no point on arguing about it. Not that she had much to say besides 'Don't make fun of my truck', of course.

"I'm hungry, so let's go." And together they headed back into the crowded streets looking for easy prey.


Damon and Bella continued to lure people into the shadows for the remainder of the night. Bella honestly was already done for the night, but it was being stronger and more powerful than those men that would've wasted no time in terrorizing other women that made her stay. Her bloodlust wasn't easily quenched but she was satisfied with the amount she had feed. Finally, they both agreed to go back to Bella's home and together they headed back to where they parked their rides.

When they had almost reached them, someone screamed from nearby. Bella managed to grab Damon before he headed that way and smirked when he shrugged and let her go instead. She arrived at the back of an abandoned building and took in the sight. There was a girl that had to be in her early twenties covered in blood on the ground with an older man hovering near her holding a knife smirking as he carved something onto the skin against her heart.

Oh, she knew who this man was. She had actually been following his work over the news and she was happy to have finally found him. She waited silently in the shadows for him to finish before clearing her throat. The man's eyes darted up and an evil leer made it's way onto his face as he took Bella in.

She waited until his eyes met hers before she was the one to smirk. She looked back down to the blood still gushing out of the dying girl and felt her fangs extend. The man took in one look at the fangs and the prominent veins surrounding Bella's eyes and stumbled back a step in surprise before catching himself, causing Bella to look back up at him.

"Don't scream," she whispered. "Stay right there and don't talk. Any noise that you make will make this worse for you."

The man opened his mouth with a scathing reply only to have nothing come out. His hands came up to his neck and he stared at Bella with wide narrowed eyes before attempting to take a step and make her his next victim. He didn't care that she was some sort of demon, no one had bested him yet and he wasn't going to let this girl be the one to do it. When his foot wouldn't come up, he glanced back up at her again only to see her kneeling beside his previous victim and sink those fangs into one of the gashes that he had made. The barely moving woman completely went slack after a few seconds and Bella looked up, blood still running down her chin.

"Thank you for that," she said softly, rising back to her feet and slowly making her was towards the still immobile man. "I made sure not to take too much so people wouldn't notice much difference between your last murder and this one. I've been following your work." She ran her fingertips lightly against his jugular with an innocent smile before leaning up and lightly scrapping her fangs against it. Her lips curled up to a smirk at his nearly inaudible whimper. "But I can't have you running around anymore. I'm taking enough people as it is, so we can't have you taking lives that belong to me, now can we?"

Bella sank her fangs into the man's neck before pulling back just as quickly with a bright smile on her face. "No, I have a better idea." She pulled the man down at eye level and compelled her new victim.

"I want you to run. Make for the woods and go in as far as you can. I'll give you to a hundred before I come after you, okay? You might make it if you're fast enough. But you have to remember, you can't scream?"

She ran her tongue across her lips and tasted the blood there before covering her eyes playfully. "One... Two... Three... Four..."

The man didn't need her to count any further before running towards the trees behind them.

Bella smirked and continued to count aloud. Finally reaching a hundred, she began to walk in the direction that she knew he was. She walked a few more seconds before being completely secluded and raised her voice. "Ready or not, here I come."

Then she began to run. It took only a few seconds for her to come up to the man hiding behind a tree. She let out a deep sigh and the man whirled around. "I should have told you not to stop, this isn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be." Letting out another sigh she began to make her way closer to the man backing into the tree. He was too quiet for her taste now so she decided to continue the chase instead. "You can scream now. In fact, I would prefer it. A blood curling scream coming from your lips as I feast on your blood is just what I need. So scream and I'll give you another head start. And don't stop running. Understood?"

The man nodded frantically before turning and running. And on went the chase. She gave him a head start before appearing in front of him only to have him stumble backwards and continue to run. This was exhilarating. If only he was faster. Finally tired of her chase, she blurred in front of her victim once more before flinging him into a tree. Blood was trickling down his throat and the aroma was so intoxicating that she licked her fangs and zeroed in on his jugular.

"I could make it not hurt, but what's the fun of that? Scream, flail, try to push me away, do anything that you think might keep you alive understood?" And she sank her fangs once more into him and bled him dry.

As she finished, Bella felt someone behind her. A grin spread across her face as she took in Damon leaning against a tree not far away. He made his way slowly towards her without a word and stood in front of her in a matter of seconds. His piercing blue eyes locked to her brown ones as he lowered his face and lightly ran his tongue across her bottom lip, never breaking eye contact.***

With her emotions heightened, the feel of his tongue on her drove her wild with want. She wanted him. Though she was usually a lot more reserved, she didn't stop. She blurred, dragging him with her and pressing him against a tree. Damon was never one to be dominated so he quickly pinned her against another tree before crashing his lips against her's, relishing in the taste of blood on her lips.

His lips trailed down to her neck, scattering teasing bites and kisses in various spots before tracing his tongue down her jugular. Oh how tempted he was to sink his fangs into her neck... to taste her blood but it was way to intimate and Damon didn't want to go there with anyone any time soon.

Bella pushed Damon back for a second and took a deep breath.

"I know you said that my emotions would be all over the place, but I didn't know it was going to be this bad."

Damon took her face between his hands and stared steadily into her eyes, as if to compel her. "Don't think about it, Little Swan, just go with what you want. Don't hold back anything."

Slowly, Bella agreed. She nodded her head and pressed her lips back against his. Her desire ran deep and she put it all into it. She had never felt anything as strong as this and she definitely didn't want to hold back. She tore off her new jacket and pressed closer to Damon, and for the first time in her life she gave into her desires.

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* - I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles, but I loved that Bella actually liked them. I didn't want her to get the used ones that were being thrown away so I looked for possible motorcycles that caught my eye. I typed in 'Seattle Motorcycles' into Google and one of the options was 'Ducati Seattle'. The final three choices after searching that caught my eye were the one I had chosen—the Suzuki Hayabusa Gen II—a Honda CBR600RR, and a Ducati 1098S.

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*** - No, there will be nothing romantic between Bella and Damon, it will strictly be sexual. With everything being heightened, Bella's desire is taking control of her and Damon is more than willing to help her quench it. They will have no romantic commitment towards each other and Bella will have others as well.