So I've decided that I wanna try something that isn't a oneshot, cause really I can't think of any without thinking that I'm copy or use the same kinda plot as other oneshots that I've read. I really don't wanna copy cause it makes me feel bad.

So this is gonna be one of those stories that will hopefully be updated weekly, but its gonna be hard cause I'm in my last year of school and the teachers are really digging it in that this is our last chance to get our best grades, but hopefully I will upgrade regulary. I feel really confident that I will stick to this story, but who really knows, eh?

This is a story of how I messed up big time and tempted with other people's fate…

Well okay maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but don't worry, I'm not always like this. I guess Eugene has rubbed off on me.

Anyway as I was saying before, people's fate and all that, one of those people is Eugene, my husband, ex-thief and also future king. You see, me and Eugene had hit a rough patch in our relationship a few months after my return. I had taken him all for granted on that one fateful day, I wish I could take it back, but Eugene says it's not my fault.

I totally disagree.

But listen to me, I'm making this sound like a tragedy, but that's not it, I'm just in antsy mode, just try to ignore mymood swings for a bit. Because I can promise to you that this gonna be one hell of a story…

I know it's not much but please tell me what you think and if I should try it out. Also by the title, you can kinda guess what she's talking about in the Prologue.