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The King looked up from his book and saw Eugene just entering through the library doors.

By the looks of it, the young ex-thief hadn't found the princess on his last search party. The King sighed sadly and put his book down. He slumped slightly at the thought of how he had to tell his wife – again after numerous times before – that their daughter was still missing.

He decided to think about that another time and called Eugene over to his spot in the library. The poor boy looked exhausted as he came closer. His hazel eyes were glazed, while his hair was a frazzled mess that held sticks and bits of leaves poking out of every which end. His normal, confident stride was replaced by a sluggish stumble that was caused by lack of sleep and hiking all day in the area.

He was in even worse shape than the Queen, and that was saying something.

Eugene dragged himself to the chair opposite the King, instantly falling into it with a small groan before addressing the King in a tired mumble, "Hello Sir." The hazel eyes opened a tiny bit more from their half-closed state so he could see the older man, but it was a big effort for him to keep them open.

The King gave him a worried look, "Eugene, you have to stop overworking yourself, being in that state will not do anyone any good. Why don't you go to your chambers and take a rest?"

"I have to find Rapunzel…" Was the only response that was half mumbled out. Eugene's postured straightened a little, but slumped a second later with exhaustion.

"But Eugene," the King continued, looking alarmingly at the half dozing man in the chair, "You have to rest, you won't find her with your eyes half closed."

"Was that a command, your Highness?" Eugene breathed out, his tone amused as he glanced out of the corner of his eye at the King. A little, weak smirk was tugging onto his lips.

The King thought for a moment then concluded with a deeper, more forceful voice that could only come from a powerful man, "It is. You are to go to your bed chambers at once and sleep. Do otherwise and I will know about it." He gave the young man a look and called out to the guard who was standing at the entrance door. The young guard jumped into action and swiftly made his way to the King's side, eying Eugene with wariness.

"Conli, I want you to escort Mr Fitzherbert to his room without any delays. You are to stand by his door so he will not sneak out." He glanced and Eugene and was met with a smirk. The King rolled his eyes and turned back to Conli, "Am I understood?"

"Yes, you're Majesty."

"Come on," Eugene groaned out, glancing back and forth between the guard and the King, "You can't be serious, I don't need a babysitter."

"Don't argue, you asked if I was giving you a command and now I am." He got up from his chair, towering over Eugene, almost like he as trying to intimidate him. But he didn't keep that stance long and helped the young man up from his slumped position. Eugene swayed a little but quickly regained his balance, but only just. The King sighed once again, "Eugene," He grasped his shoulders, "I know you want to find Rapunzel, we all do, but you have to do this. Do you really think Rapunzel would want you to do this; keep yourself up until you can barely stand? No. she wouldn't, she'd want you too rest, now go."

Eugene considered his words and slowly nodded, "Okay, but don't think ordering would stop me sir," He smirked once again, "I don't take orders, and I especially don't stick to rules, but for this one time, I wont sneak off."

The King eyed him, looking for any lies in his dark eyes. Next to him, he heard Conli snort and then quickly compose himself.

The King smiled, "Nice try," He turned to the guard, "Make sure there's guards below his window too, you never know, he may try and scale the castle." The King smirked as he saw Eugene slump even more and slowly shuffle away with Conli, muttering to himself as he passed the King.

The King watched as they left and he was now alone again. He glanced down at his book and decided that he had read enough today.

He put his book back on the shelf, then left the library, deciding that he would tell his wife the bad news. He grimaced as he imagined her face when he would tell her the same thing as before. He hung his head down as he walked the stone corridors. Something caught his eye on the wall and turned to see a portrait of his daughter, brand new and vibrant with colours that would soon age with time.

His feet lead him automatically towards the painting, his fingers grazing the surface. He chuckled a little at the smile she was wearing, not holding anything back. The corridor seemed to shine from how bright this girl looked.

'Oh Rapunzel,' He thought wistfully, 'If only you knew what your absence was doing to us. We miss you so very much.' In the corner of his eye, a single tear, landing gracefully on the stone floor. 'Please be safe… my little girl.'

Little did the King know that Prince Kenny was watching, his full, ridiculous puffy costume on display but still unnoticed by the elder man. The Prince hid around the corner of the corridor as he watched the King walk of dejectedly. He leaned against the wall and smirked to himself, almost like was extremely pleased with himself.

He sauntered down the corridor, the very one the King was just standing in and stopped at the portrait of the princess. His cold, grey eyes examined the painting and suddenly grinned. This small action seemed to darken the light coming through the windows, giving the prince an evil essence to him…

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