I do not own anything from the Riddick Chronicles, though I know we all wished we did. This is my first published Fanfiction, though I've written many I've never actually had the chance to publish any, I hope I get some feed back it be nice to know what people think of the start. Hopefully I'll update soon depends on how much work I have to do at school. But I'm sure though if i get enough reviews and comments that I'll be motivated to post again! Enjoy!

She had grown accustom to the fleeting glances and nervous looks thrown her way. It was always a part of her aura she had been told once, it drove people away, their instincts telling them that something dark and primitive laid beneath the surface of the beautiful woman. Of course she had been but a young woman barely out of her teens when she was told this, however it had open her eyes to on a whole new level. She began to read people, and anticipate their every move, the old man that had told her what people saw in her, probably never realized what he had awakened into the world.

Adaya was always different from her other "siblings" as they liked to call themselves though she couldn't stand the thought of being related to some of the most ignorant beings in the galaxy. She was smarter, than them, faster than them, and deadlier. It had made her arrogant and cocky, though she never showed it out right. She was silent, and unemotional to a point. Rarely would someone manage to get a emotional response from the well-guarded woman.

She slouched forward as she adjusted the heavy duffle bag resting on her shoulder as she moved up the line of passengers. It was like any normal loading, but like always her pupiless steel grey eyes looked around taking in the people who loaded before her. She could make out a couple, and judging by the way the man stood protectively around the woman they had been married for several years, and the only confirmation she needed was the intense smell of their combined scents. The cowardly man who seemed more concerned about his luggage than his own welfare, would have had her snorting in disgust if at that moment a young boy bumped into her knocking her out of her assessment.

Jack couldn't help but blink at the tall woman she had just run into, her grey eyes staring into her own blue ones. The woman's presence sent her on edge as if she were looking into the very eyes of a predator sent to track her down to the depths of hell. Though her instincts screamed at her to move away she couldn't help but stare at the beautiful woman that stood there simply looking at her with a blank expression. Her light skin tone seemed to contrast perfectly with her dark hair that rested over her shoulder in a thick braid. She was dressed in what reminded Jack of a soldier or even something a police officer wore, but the colors were off. Unlike the average dark colors, the woman's cargo pants that were tucked into standard combat boots were a light tan color much like that of dirt or sand. Her tank top however was a light almost grass like green that matched the duffle bag that rested on her shoulder.

As Jack opened her mouth to speak to her, she glanced away moving forward as the line moved. Jack couldn't help but watch the woman as she moved noticing that she seemed to move with a cat like grace. The woman obviously wasn't from around here or anywhere Jack had been to, but for some reason Jack couldn't help but feel a slight connection to the woman. Though no matter how hard she tried to think about it she could never figure out why.

"Ticket please." The young docking pilot asked the much taller woman that stepped up to her waiting to dock. She ignored the unease that crept up her spine as her fingers brushed against the bare skin of the woman's hand as she handed over her boarding pass. Fry's bright blue eyes met the steel grey ones of the woman's for but a second before she turned with a simple mumble over her should for the woman to follow.

Adaya would've laughed at the small woman, if it weren't for her training. She couldn't help but quirk a brow at the woman's back as they maneuvered through the large crowd of people who were slowly packing their cyro chambers, which was probably her least favorite thing about traveling. She hated the effects of the cyro chamber; she could only assume it affected her differently than the average person because of her active primitive nature. She would rarely find herself sleeping unless she forcefully made herself sleep. Something she could live without doing for weeks straight having only the sleeping passengers to stare at.

"This is your chamber, you can put your duffle at the bottom or," Fry pointed to the open luggage chamber several feet away. "You can put it in there it if won't fit, your choice, just know that we aren't responsible if anything from your bag is stolen." She paused briefly looking around her and nodding to herself seeming satisfied with her directions. "Anything else just as for Fry or Owens either one of us will help you." With that she walked away feeling slightly like a dog caught with its tail between its legs.

Adaya crouched down stuffing her duffle bag into the small compartment just below where her feet would be. She casually threw her hair over her shoulder when she froze; a sharp chill ran down her spine as if someone had run a blade down it. Slowly she moved to look over her shoulder wondering what could put her body on edge like that; never before had she encountered such a sensation. Her grey eyes looked throughout the people of the cabin but none of them seemed to be the source of the feeling, as she prepared herself to turn around again her eyes landed on a locked chamber directly across from her hidden by the shadows. She shifted so she was facing it fully almost her arm resting lazily on her leg as she stared into the chamber. She could fill the slight shift in her eyes as they began to adjust to the poor lighting.

It was then that she noticed a muscle figure staring back at her through blind folds. Her eyes narrowed slightly on the being wondering who he was, or even how he had become locked up in such a way. Little did she know she would soon find out even if she didn't want to.