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"Is that so?" Adaya asked moving so her front was facing Riddick, she made sure not to break eye contact with him, almost challengingly. She could make out his every detail, even within the shadows. His fine figure seemed even large now, than he had when she saw him cuffed to the beam.

"Beautiful, and dangerous," Riddick muttered leaning towards her face stopping inches away, he could feel her breath on his face, and smell her. She was captivating, an animal within a human being, much like himself. He had sensed something dark in her, something dangerous, and when he had shifted through her belongs his suspicions were confirmed. He recognized the type of equipment she used, and her mannerism all meant one thing. She was a tracker, and a very good one. He broke eye contact looking over her shoulder briefly as he reached above her grabbing ahold of a bone, almost in an attempt to surround her in his presence.

"It's not every day you meet a tracker," Adaya tensed, she hadn't expected him to know what she was just by looking through her things, that meant he had run into one of her "siblings" before, probably one that was now dead. "Let alone a woman."

Riddick was back to watching her closely waiting to see how she would react to him and his knowledge. It had been many years ago when he had first encountered a tracker, he was young and probably just out of his training, but he had seen the way he moved and blended, of course his target had been the same as the young tracker, he had hoped to beat him to it, but when he had arrived he saw the flawless way the tracker sliced through the man, elegantly killing him with deadly precision, and he had gained an ounce of respect towards the young being. He, of course, didn't know at the time he had witnessed the unique work of the well-known trackers, that would have anyone on edge just by mentioning them, he later found out when someone spoke of the murder, expressing how it was clearly the work of a tracker, it was then he began to pay more attention to the so called trackers.

"Well don't you feel special," Adaya remarked snidely, stepping away from him, not sure of what to make of him, or sure what had planned. However, she knew she didn't want to be close time him in case he chose to attack her, but something inside her told her he wouldn't.

Riddick chuckled softly reaching behind his back to his belt loop where he had placed the well-made shiv he had taken from her bag. He brought it out, and held it out toward her in his open palm, a smirk on his face as she glanced up at him quickly before looking back at the weapon in his hand. He noticed the slight narrowing of her eyes, that he was sure he would've missed if he had blinked.

"More appreciative than special," Adaya reached out slowly grasping the shiv in her hand, as she pulled back Riddick grabbed her hand twisting it behind her back pressing the shiv into her spine, as she arched away from it her head resting on his shoulder as she glared at him. He pressed his face into her hair his lips brushing against her ear as felt her body tense. "Though I thought trackers were too good to be caught."

Suddenly Adaya's body completely relaxed leaning into the shiv pressing against her back, she turned her head towards Riddick's own as a small barely noticeable smirk crossed her features. "That's because we are," Her free arm snapped back elbowing him perfectly between his ribs, causing him to hunch forward slightly and loosen his grip just enough for her to twist around slamming her palm into his wind pipe.

Riddick rubbed his neck slightly as a gruff chuckle escaped his lips; he reached up with his other hand placing his goggles back on, as he smirked at the woman who stood before him. "You're a feisty one," He moved toward her again only to stop, as they both snapped their heads toward the place Adaya had come from, they could hear the soft steps of someone making their way towards them. It was through the gaps in the bones they could make out the obvious figure of Johns walking toward them, Adaya glanced back towards the convict only to find him lifting himself off the ground into a small opening. Quickly she hid the shiv tucking it into the back of her pants, before she turned to face the opening just as Johns walked through.

Johns quickly snapped his gun up towards the figure before him, before lowering it slightly when he realized it was Adaya, her glasses removed and lying on the ground at her feet. He narrowed his eyes slightly on them before face looking towards the woman again. "You shouldn't be wondering around alone, Riddick could be anywhere." He said walking toward her, as she bent down to grab her glasses off the sandy ground.

"I'll be okay," She simply replied, causing Johns to grind his teeth together in frustration, he was beginning to grow tired of her careless attitude. He reached attempting to grab ahold of her elbow so he could pull her to face her, only to find himself face first in the ground as she had twisted his arm behind him forcing him to the ground in one fluid movement.

Adaya had reacted out of instinct, her body moving on its own accord, she blinked several times now taking in the position she was in. She quickly let go of the cop stepping away from him so he could get back up. Johns stood slowly brushing himself off before staring at her, as she returned the look. Her eyes looking almost like whitish silver in the shadows. "I don't like being touched." She stated before slipping her glasses back on, releasing Johns from her wicked gaze

"I'll be sure to remember that, but next time listen to me, I know Riddick better than you, I know just how dangerous he is." Johns didn't miss the slight twitch of her lips, he chose not to react to it but took a mental note to watch her more closely now, because not only had she brought him to his knees quickly, but she seemed to hid behind her emotionless fa├žade, the woman was an intricate box of puzzles, puzzles he didn't trust.

Adaya chose not to reply to his statement, and he didn't seem to care about anything she would have or could have said as he walked past her brushing his shoulder against her own, she watched him closely as he walked back out into the sun. She heard the distinct thud of someone landing on their feet behind her just as he disappeared from view, and instantly knew that Riddick stood behind her. Her only confirmation was the feeling of his breath on her neck as she felt his hand brushing against her back gripping the shiv she had hidden from Johns.

"You know he doesn't trust you, he's suspicious, thinks you're hiding a dark and deadly secret that could risk all their lives." He whispered in her ear, taking note of the way her body shivered slightly from the action. She didn't turn to face him like he had hoped but continued to look in the direction the fake cop had left.

"I'm aware, and I've done nothing but play with those suspicions," She finally turned around to face him, causing her hair to brush against his face.

"He's no cop," Adaya tilted her head slightly at the statement slightly confused by what he meant, and he quickly didn't hesitate to explain. "He's a merc, and I'm just another hefty pay day."

Adaya raised a slight brow now understanding why he had been on the ship, instead of the normal police transporter. She was about to reply when, she noticed Riddick wasn't looking at her anymore but something behind her. She followed his gaze noticing Fry stopping to lean against the rib like bones that hid them from view. Riddick shifted past her brushing his hand down the side of her arm as he did so. He stopped in his tracks as Johns came into view holding a bottle of alcohol.

"Drink?" Johns asked holding the bottle out to the sitting captain. Fry reached out unscrewing the cap before taking a quick sip of the bottles contents.

"Probably shouldn't do this, dehydrates you even more." Johns laughed while removing his hat to squat down beside her.

"Probably, you know you could've stayed back at the ship, probably should have, you know what happens if we don't find water." Fry screwed the cap back on as she looked at Johns, Riddick crouched down in the shadows his shiv in hand, as he listened in on the conversation.

"I wanted to get away." Johns looked confused, tilting his head as he looked at her. Adaya shifted back hiding deeper in the shadows, not wanting to risk any chance of being seen if Riddick chose to attack the other woman. Riddick glanced over his shoulder at her before looking back at the two beings on the other side of the bones.

"I've never seen a captain so ready to leave her ship." Fry looked away as she stood up, a nervous look crossing her face.

"I think we should keep moving." Johns didn't hesitate to reply choosing to ignore her statement and continue to interrogate the woman.

"What did Owens mean about not touching the handle," He noticed the anxious look coming to Caroline's features as he stood, choosing his next words carefully. "Just between you and me Caroline, I promise."

Caroline seemed to give into the cop as she fell back against the bones glancing away as she began her explanation. "I'm not your captain," Riddick stood holding his hand up preparing to stab the woman," during the landing when things were at their worst, Owens was at his best. He's the one that stopped the docking pilot," Slowly Riddick lowered his hand now intrigued by the small woman's story. Adaya had moved forward now standing directly behind him listening in her own curiosity getting the best of her. "From dumping the main cabin, and the passengers."

"And the docking pilot being?" Fry chose not to answer and instead remained silent, answering his question with a simple look. Johns walked forward placing his hat on her head, about the same time Riddick cut a piece of Fry's hair. "I guess I'm a little more glad to be here than I thought," the two of them walking off to find the others, unknowingly leaving the two hunters in the shadows.

Adaya scowled at Riddick as she watched him sniff the blonde's hair, before blowing on it. He faced her with a smirk, stepping in her space again. She was looking into the black lenses of his goggles, knowing her was looking at her in return. Neither said anything, as Riddick reached around her with the hand that held the shiv, placing it back where he had taken it from.

"Should probably go back to the others, beautiful." Adaya glanced behind her quickly before looking back at Riddick, she knew he was right, but she was intrigued by the man, who was beginning to remind her of herself in many ways.

"You should probably go back to the ship," Riddick chuckled, nodding his head at her, he raised his hand to her face running his fingers down the side of her face, stopping as to trace her full lips as he smirked.

"Watch out for Johns," He said before ducking walking away, Adaya watched him go with a raised brow, she shook her head slightly before leaving the remains, making her way towards the others.

The first thing Adaya noticed as she came upon the group was the object Fry held in her hands, it was a small robot, something that obviously once belonged to a child. She didn't miss the glance Fry threw towards Johns, before her eyes connected with Adaya's own covered ones.

"There you are, we were wondering what happened to you," Fry said, which quickly caught Jack's attention as the child walked towards Adaya with a smile.

"I was around," She explained vaguely, causing Johns to look at her sharply, she ignored him as she walked towards Jack placing a hand on his shoulder as the two of them walked through the others continuing on. The others quickly following all wanting to know if there was a possibility of a settlement on the planet.

Adaya took in the sight before her, an abandoned settlement, she could tell just by looking at it the place had been deserted for years, so she didn't waste her breath trying to call out to someone like Fry and Imam were doing. She walked around the outskirts of the settlement, while the others went with in looking through the remains seeing if anything would be useful for them later on.

Her eyes landed on something that quickly peeked her interest, she looked around her seeing Fry off in the distance just close enough to where if she called the woman would hear her.

"Fry!" She called catching the woman's attention quickly, before looking at what she had found, a smile came to Fry's face as she took in the skiff. It looked like they would be getting of this god forsaken planet after all. Adaya watch in fascination as the so called captain ran towards the skiff in excitement, catching the others attention. As the pilot ran by, Adaya followed though more calmly.

She walked around the hull of the ship going towards the back where the ramp was down, her attentive eyes taking in the worn features of the small ship. She could see the torn flaps of the wings, and varies scratches, she ran her hand down on so called scratch, noticing that it looked more like something had drug it's a knife down the side cutting through the first layer of metal.

Fry walked back down the ramp after looking through the ship seeing what it needed. "No juice, looks like it's been sitting out for years. We might be able to-"

"Shut up," Johns order his attention on something he had heard in the distance, the same thing that had Adaya looking back in the direction of the crash. She had heard the distinctive sounds of gun shots, wondering what had happened. "Sorry I thought I heard something."

"Like what?" Fry asked clearly offended by his rude behavior.

"Gun shots." Fry and Johns both turned to face the dark haired woman who leaned against the side of the skiff, her eyes focused out in the distance, much like Johns had just been.

"You heard it too?" He asked silently wondering how she could've possible heard it, when he had barely heard it himself; he thought he had imagined it.

"Yea," Adaya answered walking towards the other two, "We should probably head back," Johns glanced at Fry who seemed to nod in agreement, and with that they found themselves walking back towards the crash site. Adaya taking up the rear with Jack as Johns walked ahead of the others, hoping to catch Riddick if he was still alive.

The group came upon the small dome like structures, which Johns quickly used to get away from the others just as more gunshots were heard. Adaya chose to walk calmly away from the others, while they ran to find Johns or the source of the gun shots. The wind shifted slightly, letting her catch a distinct scent, that had her turning her head immediately, the intense smell of blood was in the atmosphere, and judging by the small hint of panic, it was one of the other survivors.

She took off weaving through the structures, following the scent knowing the others would be near it by now, but before she came to the source she came upon the group hovering around Riddick who laid on the ground shielding his eyes from the sun, and Shazza screaming at him, while Johns held her back.

"What did you do to? What did you do?" Shazza yelled struggling against the hold Johns had on her. "Somebody just kill him before he kills us!" She yelled slamming her foot into Riddick's face with an extreme amount of force knocking him unconscious. But there was one thing Adaya noticed about the attractive convict that the others didn't seem to, he didn't have an ounce of blood on him, and if he had removed it the scent would've lingered on him, no there was something else on the planet with them, something dangerous.