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Light and the Dark

a Final Fantasy XIII fanfiction, AU, (slightly) OOC, FLight

I hear a familiar but distant sound. A beeping noise. With my eyes still closed I sigh. It's my alarm. I turn over and throw my arm towards the nightstand, hoping to hit the clock, but instead I just hit my hand on the corner. "Ouch … " I grumble and reluctantly open my eyes, finding the noisy little device and turn it off.

"And here we go again … " I mumble to myself. Monday morning in Bodhum, way too early to get up, especially when you were out the last night for a good fuck … at least it was worth it.

I stretch and finally drag myself out of the bed, to the bathroom, getting myself ready and dressed there, and then I go into the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Morning, Fang!" I'm greeted by my cheery, red-headed roommate. That girl seriously never is tired, or sad, or in any bad condition for that matter. I yawn loudly and reply with a tired voice: "Mornin', Vanille … "

"Got home late last night?" she asks, only half curiously, pretty much knowing the answer already. I take the coffee she already prepared for me and I grab a slice of bread, sitting down next to her and I finally just nod as a reply.

I change the subject quickly before she decides to give me a sermon on staying up late on school nights: "Thanks for the coffee. What have you been up to yesterday?"

It's probably better to let her rant about herself than about me. She replies: "Studying. Something you should be doing as well. Considering the fact that the midterms are coming up and you have nothing else in mind but sex."

I groan loudly and finish my breakfast – if you can even call it that – then stand up and walk out of the kitchen again to get my bag. On the way out I throw back over my shoulder: "None of your business, 'Nille."

She might be a nerdy pest sometimes, but we two have been through too much together to make me hate her. She's my best friend in the world, and it's not even bad that she's a straight-A student and more or less the complete opposite of me. She has the gift of bringing me back to reality sometimes.

As I get back into the living room I ask: "You ready?!" and a minute later Vanille skips into the room with her usual smile on her face, adding a cheerful: "Always!"

I simply roll my eyes at her attitude and then we head out for school.


"Ugh … can math be any more boring?" I complain and support my head on my hand. The teacher is rambling about something I should know, but I simply don't give a shit.

"Tell me something I don't know … " Lebreau says right beside me. She's one of the few cooler people in school. Well … one of the few who aren't brainless idiots … and one of the people I actually like hanging out with.

Mondays are literally a pain in the ass. It means I have four more days of the week which I have to spend in this fun-sucking facility with a bunch of hormone-driven airheads … not that I'm much better … the only good thing about Monday is football training, which I'm really looking forward to.


I walk out of the locker room and onto the field to the rest of the team. It's only guys and me as the only female. I was too good and tough so the coach let me on the team as the only girl. But he would never let me be the captain of the team … that's Snow Villiers.

Tall, handsome, blonde guy who's the crush of all the girls in the school. In reality he's just a huge sissy, and has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Serah Farron, since forever.

"Well, Snow, if you're still in your committed relationship with Serah then I will go ask her sister out." I catch one of the guys saying. It was predictable for me that they're talking about the cheerleaders, who have their training at the same time as we do. I pat the guy's back and tell him: "If you're out to get kicked in the balls … then go ahead, Gadot."

That comment makes the rest of the guys chuckle. The red-headed dude crosses his arms in front of his chest and looks over to the girly-squad with a raised eyebrow. Then he sighs shortly and replies: "You're probably right."

After looking at them for another short while he suggests: "Maybe you should do it then, Fang. Maybe she's a lez."

I pat his back hard and just state: "In your dreams, buddy." with a sly smirk on my face. He raises his eyebrows at me and replies: "I'm counting on that." which gets another laugh from the guys and I only shake my head. Boys …

After that the warm-up finally starts. We have to run laps.

I look over to the cheerleaders. Well, actually to the previously named person, Lightning Farron. She, of course, is the head cheerleader, but maybe not like you would expect a head cheerleader to be. She's a pretty cold-hearted bitch, living for school, her training to be part of the Guardian Corps and for her sister, Serah.

On the other hand, as expected, she is the hottest person in school. Seriously, that girl has a body to die for. Long, but strong legs, a perfectly shaped butt, a six pack even guys get jealous of, and that damn cheerleader top of hers shows them off so well, neatly sized and shaped breasts, and her perfect blue eyes, slender lips and little bit messy pink hair make her picture perfect.

I gotta be honest when I say I could drool over her the whole day. She's definitely not only a guy-magnet. She attracts everybody. Okay, I might not be the straightest girl in the world, but, heck, even Vanille finds her attractive and that girl doesn't give a damn about all the dating and love and affairs going on at school.

Suddenly I see piercing blue eyes flashing over towards me and I almost trip. If there's anything more sexy about Lightning Farron's body, it's when she's flashing you one of her 'stop staring or I'll kick you where it hurts'-looks.

I swallow hard and focus on running again before I run into something. But that Lightning is not making it easy for me because I can still feel her eyes boring through me. Heh, guess she can't resist looking at my toned body either. All that football practice is paying off quite well. I decide to look back at her and when I find her still looking at me I wink and grin a cocky grin. She now gives me a rather threatening look and then faces her girls. I smirk victoriously and continue to run.


I walk out of the shower in the girls' locker room after the training, already dressed, and rubbing my hair dry with my towel. The cheerleaders are already gone and I find myself alone there. I look around. Nope, correct that … I'm not completely alone.

"Yo, Farron." I greet the pink-haired girl who is still packing her stuff. She turns to face me and asks in a rather annoyed tone: "What now, Fang?"

I throw the towel onto the nearest bench and stem my hands into my hips, throwing back: "I was expecting something like 'hey, sexy', the way you were looking at me before."

She crosses her arms, leaning against her locker and replies with a sly smirk: "Tch … you wish."

I walk over to her and now it`s my time to smirk. As I reach her I lean one hand against the locker, the other one still placed on my hip and my body pressed slightly against hers. She keeps her arms crossed defensively and watches my every move carefully with her piercing blue depths.

"I don't have to wish, Farron." I state.

At this she only raises a challenging eyebrow and a faint grin still on her lips. Oh, those soft and perfectly shaped, pink lips. I then watch her licking them in a mocking manner, which makes me grow really hot inside and my mouth go dry, and she whispers, now in a seductive manner: "Well then … try me."

I groan, half complaining, half in pleasure, her mere, husky voice almost making me squirm, so I quickly close the gap between our lips to claim the kiss I have been craving for ever since I saw her today.

I feel her hands slowly tangling into my hair and pulling me in closer into the longing and demanding kiss. I soon feel her tongue licking over my lips tastefully, asking for entrance, which I grant her and we let our tongues battle for dominance.

Since we both don't want to lose this little game I decide to place the hand, which was still on my hip, onto hers instead, pulling her a little closer to me, so her back is arched away from the locker, and I now use both hands, letting them slide under her t-shirt and trace them up her strong back. She moans slightly at the touch but doesn't give up the dominance that easily, instead she mirrors my movements, but instead of moving her hands up my back she digs her nails into my skin and scratches all the way down to my lower back. I groan. She knows exactly that this is one of my weaknesses, making my insides twist and turn and my brain going nuts, and I bite down hard on her lower lip, automatically surrendering in our little, playful battle.

As I look at her again I only find her grinning in victory … but I won't just leave it at that. I now connect my lips to her neck, suckling and nibbling on it, while I let my hands find their way towards the front, to her perfectly toned stomach. I let my fingers slowly trace down her abs, and when she's standing like this, with her back arched a little, I can feel the rise and fall of my fingers, as they slowly move over her very shaped muscles.

As I reach the hem of her jeans she moans: "Mh … Fang … " and I know at this that I am in control now. I grin and bite down softly on her pulse point, which gets another throaty moan from her. I grin at what effect I have on her and decide to tease her a little.

I stop my actions and look into her eyes again, which are half-closed, but she's nevertheless throwing daggers at me for stopping. I mockingly ask: "Do I pass?"

She gives me a playful nudge, biting her lower lip, and quickly pulls me in again for another make-out session, but I suddenly hear the door of the locker room opening and we dart apart. Lightning groans quietly and I just sigh, scratching the back of my head.

Nobody in school can ever find out about this or I won't have a normal life again. Not even the janitor, who just came in, can see this as rumors even get spread through him. And to be completely frank … I don't want to be the subject of the school … and neither does Lightning. I already heard that everybody is just waiting for us to 'finally hook up'.

Well, I guess it's time for me to leave. I throw my bag over my shoulder and turn around to face Lightning one more time. She already continued to pack her stuff and when she looks up at me I tell her, with a wink and a smirk: "See ya at my house at the same time as usual, Sunshine."

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