Meant to be…

The Secret Life of the American Teenager belongs to Brenda Hampton; I am just borrowing her characters. Credits to Wikipedia for Adrian's description

Please note this is our first fan fiction story. We are nervous and hope you guys like it! Leave comments if you would like us to write more chapters.

Story description: A Ricky and Amy love story with many fun twist and turns. We changed a lot of things as you can see for fun. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Introduction

Amy Juergens*

When packing for California I start to think "In a month from now it's going to be my junior year in high school and I thought I would have fun with my best friends and do normal teenage things". Instead I'm going to stay with my cousin Madison and her family in California, because my mom wants to take off with her new boyfriend to Europe and I can't stand to stay with my dad and his new girlfriend. I can't believe my younger sister Ashley is fine staying with dad and the woman that finally destroyed our family.

I don't know why I expected a normal year anyways, the whole time I've been in high school; my parents have been back and forth "together and not together". No wonder I run as soon as I start to really like a guy! My mom didn't even care that I left my French horn there in Arizona; I only played it for her anyway. I won't even join band this year. I have done it for so many years and if my mom doesn't care then I don't either. Besides all my family drama, I'm a pretty normal girl. Although I "used" to be a Daddy's girl watching football and throwing the football around in the front yard. I also "used" to be in band and play the French horn, Chorus, played Volleyball and Softball. I would do anything to not have to deal with all the drama going on in my house.

I have lots of friends from school, but I have three best friends. I have had them my entire life and they are: Jennifer, Shawna, and Jake. I think about how things are so weird with Jake now. About 3 months ago we decided we would try to go out and that lasted for about a couple weeks. I backed off because I didn't want to ruin our friendship and I just wouldn't let myself fall. I guess that is one of the many drawbacks of having a cheating father. It makes you lose faith in true love at all.

I remember our first kiss in fourth grade. We were playing hide and seek. When he found me in the closet he grabbed me and kissed me and we never spoke of this again,probably because he dated every girl in school including my best friend Shawna.

Jake Hindley*
We were in the same class in second grade and we became friends right away, he was the cute little blonde boy with big light brown eyes that every little girl had a crush on. I was the awkward friend that secretly had a crush on him too, but would never say anything. We have been inseparable since the day we met, if it wasn't me running away from guys it was Jake scaring them off.

His father left them when he was a little boy and it was just them. His mom was a crazy abusive alcoholic and he spent most of his time at my house or his other friend Mike Morten's house. He would walk on eggshells just to make his mom happy and not abuse him. Then I start worrying "I hope he is going to be okay without me there". He and I would always be there for each other no matter what. We got through almost everything together.

I am finished packing but I still feel this weight on my chest.

Ricky Underwood *
12 years ago I was put into foster care after being abused by my father. My mother Nora Underwood was also a victim of my father's abuse. She turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with it. She was in no shape to take care of me. I was put into a loving foster care family with Dr. Shakur and Margaret.

Two years after being adopted: 7 years old and more of a loner at school just minding my own business, I was walking back from the playground because recess was over and I see the boys pushing around this scrawny boy, they yell at him calling him mean names "Loser!", as one of the guys pushes him to the ground. I want to stay out of it but I can't, I walk over and yell "leave him alone!" I must have had a crazy look in my eyes because they apologized and walked away. I helped him up off of the floor and He said "I'm Ben Boykewich" and he shook my hand and said thank you so much. From that day forward Ben and I were like brothers.

We spent so much time at his house, I felt like I had two homes. Then one day we were playing catch outside. We ran inside to get some water and we heard crying. So we hid behind the door to see what was going on.

Mr. Boykewich was talking with my foster parents explaining how they loved me and how I would complete their family. My heart raced with excitement and I could tell Ben was excited as well. I was about to have my own family. Then I looked over at Margaret and Shakur and realized how much they do love me as their eyes were filled with tears of happiness and sadness. Leo quickly says, "I know he loves you very much and we still want you be a part of his life, if you would like."

Present day:

17 years old now and to describe me I would say, I'm a charmer with no problems in the girl department. I'm a jock who loves to play baseball and I'm the drummer in the school band. I'm going a senior this year.

Tonight, it's just the three of us eating dinner Dad, Ben and I (Since Mom passed away about 4 years ago). My cell phone keeps on vibrating and I press ignore again for the 10th time in the past hour.

Ben: "Adrian again"?
Ricky: "She doesn't want give up, but we are done this time. I'm tired of stupid games".
Leo: "I'm proud of you son". (My dad never said, but deep down he never wanted me with Adrian).

After dinner I go to the batting cages with my friends Jesse and Jack to relieve some stress. My phone rings again.

Ricky: I answer the phone annoyed "What do you want Adrian?"
Adrian: "I miss you Ricky and we belong together".
Ricky: "No, we don't and I won't play your stupid games anymore. Quit calling me."

Adrian Lee *(character description)
Adrian is both book smart and street smart, hard-edged and emotional. Although she is a straight-A student and a majorette, she has a reputation for being a drama queen and the "school slut". Like Ricky, Adrian is also known to use sex to deal with pain.

I hang up the phone and get back to batting with my buddies.