Chapter 11 / Our Love

Rated M for Mature.


About 2 weeks have passed now. My mom is back from Europe, she is working at an architectural firm, and she bought a house out here. Jake and I are living with her. Ashley decided to stay with dad in Arizona. Jake has dated a couple girls here but nothing serious. Jake also got a job working at an auto shop.

Ricky and I are still together and I'm so in love with him. I'm ready for us to take the next step in our relationship.

I get home from going out to dinner with Grace, Madison, and Lauren. I see Ricky's car is here. Just then my mom calls and says I won't be home till late. I walk inside and go to my room and Ricky is in front of my door.

Ricky: "Hey Baby, Jake let me in before he left for work. I hope you don't mind"

Amy: "Hey Sexy! I don't mind at all."

Ricky: "I have a little surprise for you."

He opens the door and I walk in my room and I'm speechless, there are rose petals on the bed and candles lit everywhere. I jump up and kiss him and say "Thank you so much! It's perfect."

He kisses near my ear and whispers "I want to make love to you." I start kissing him passionately. Then I take off his shirt. He lifts me up and put's me on the bed, he takes off my shirt and unhooks my bra and tosses them both to the floor. He starts kissing my neck and moves down to my breast. He continues to kiss my breast and I let out a moan, he then begins to move down to my stomach and he takes off my pants and underwear. He starts kissing my inner thigh in a teasing way. I tell him "No fair, you still have your pants on." He takes his pants and his boxer briefs off. I stare at his erection and get nervous thinking to myself how the heck is that going to fit inside me. He makes his way up to me and starts kissing me with so much passion and I reach over and get a condom from my nightstand, he puts it on.

He asks "Are you sure you are ready baby?" I say in a horny voice "Yes, I want you Ricky." He gets on top of me and parts my legs to the side and he begins to go down on me until I feel like I am going to lose control. He then moves up and kisses me as he slowly thrust inside me. I gasp because it hurts; he goes slow and steady for a while and then picks up the pace. I moan to try to hide the pain. I think to myself I hope this is over soon. As he climaxes something feels different and he says "Oh crap the condom broke" I say "Don't worry I'm on the pill. He says "Thank God."

Ricky: "You didn't look like you enjoyed it."

Amy: "It's not that, it just hurt more than I thought it would."

Ricky: "It will get better, I promise."

Amy: "I know."

I go to the restroom to clean up and I notice there is blood when I go to the restroom. I get dressed and go over to Ricky and say "I love you" He says "I love you too" We kiss and we cuddle for about an hour. "He says I got to get going, I call you before I go to bed." After Ricky leaves I call Grace.

Amy: "Giggles as she answers"

Grace: "OMG you guys totally did it?"

Amy: "How'd you know?"

Grace: "Lucky guess, chuckles."

Amy: "It hurt."

Grace: "So I guess you are done with it."

Amy: "I wouldn't go that far, it's supposed to get better."

Grace: Laughs and says, "Yes it does."

Amy: "Ricky's calling, we will talk more tomorrow. Goodnight!"

I hang up with Grace and answer Ricky's call.

Amy: "Hey babe"

Ricky: "Hey beautiful. I just wanted to tell you tonight was amazing and definitely worth waiting for."

Amy: "Yes, everything was perfect and I will never forget it. Thank you for making my first time so special."

Ricky: "My pleasure. Goodnight I love you."

Amy: "I love you too!"

Ricky POV

A week has passed since our first time together. Amy called and invited me over tonight to hang out and I get there and I see there are no other cars here but her SUV. She opens the door in lacey sheer lingerie I say "Damn Babe, you look hot!" She says "My mom is out of town on business and Jake is working late tonight. Why don't you stay over tonight?" I smile and say "You don't know how long I have been waiting for this night." Then I call my dad and say that I'm staying at Jesse's tonight.

She leads me upstairs to her room where she has chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream. She pushes me on the bed and jumps on top of me and we start making out. We make passionate love all night and then fall asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning I wake up to her kissing my neck.

Amy: "That was the most amazing night of my life."

Ricky: "Mine too. I love you baby"

Amy: "I love you too!"

I pull her on top of me and start kissing her again

Amy: "How about we move this to the shower?" She says with a grin.

Ricky: "That sounds amazing" I'm thinking to myself "OMG I love this woman."


After we are finished and Ricky is finishing up his shower, I go to the kitchen to make us some chocolate chip pancakes. Jake enters the kitchen glaring at me.

Amy: "What's your problem?"

Jake: "You're already having sex with him?"

Amy: "That's none of your business."

Jake: "I'm just looking out for you. I'm your best friend."

Amy: "Just be happy for me Jake."

Jake: "Fine."

Then he walks out of the kitchen and goes to his room. Ricky walks in to the kitchen.

Ricky: "Hey, I could get used to starting every day like this."

Amy: "Well I know you like chocolate chip cookies so I thought you might like chocolate chip pancakes."

Ricky: "They are perfect, like you."

We eat together and I leave some out for Jake and text him to come eat.

Ricky: "Well I got to go but I will definitely see you tonight."

Amy:" See tonight sexy!"

He gives me a long kiss and leaves. I go upstairs and call Grace to invite her to stay over tonight. We have lots to talk about.