Chapter 6/ My girlfriend's back/ Rated M for mature

Ricky POV

I'm anxiously waiting for Amy to get home. I'm here at Madison's waiting for what seems like forever. I decide to go shoot some pool in the game room.


I pull into the drive way and I see Ricky's Mercedes. I think, "Oh my God I look horrible." I'm going to try to sneak in through the back and text Madison to let me in through the back door. I rush inside and go upstairs. I take a quick shower and put my hair up with side bangs, put on a little make up. I throw on some black jeans and a lacey white tank top.

After I'm finished I go downstairs. I ask Madison. "Where is Ricky?" she says "He is in the pool room." I go into the pool room and say "Hey!" I walk over to him and he has a bouquet of red roses, he gives them to me and I start blushing and say, "Thank you so much!"

He then wraps his arms around me and gives me a tight hug. He pulls me in for a passionate kiss. Again like before I feel like my insides are on fire. He picks me up and sits me on the pool table and we continue to make out. I keep thinking about how much I missed kissing him and damn he is so hot!

Madison walks in and says "Hey guys. Oh I see you guys are busy," she leaves and I think "did she have to ruin this moment." After that I ask Ricky "you seem pretty good at shooting pool? Will you teach me?" He says, "Sure."

Ricky hands me the pool stick and helps me place it between my fingers and steps behind me and wraps his arms around me. I bend over to line up the shot and he bends with me as soon as he does I can feel his erection. He gently helps me pull the stick and I can only think about how good it feels having him so close to my body. I can feel his breath on my neck it sends chills throughout my body. I drop the stick and turn around and grab him and start kissing him like I have never kissed anyone before.

Ricky POV

Wow, I'm speechless, I have never felt this much passion and desire for someone before. It kind of scares me. Amy pulls away for a second and sits on the pool table. The next thing I know she wraps her legs around me and pulls me in close and we start going at it again. I start to take off her shirt and she looks up at me, I can tell she is afraid. She says " I've never had sex before." I reply "we can wait until you are more comfortable." and then she says "I'm sorry I don't know what happens, I want you so bad and lose control." I reply "I understand, don't be sorry." Then she says "I have you all excited, I would love to take care of that." Before I know it she is on her knees.

I'm thinking "OMG I never knew it could feel this good." I was never much of an oral sex guy but this feels amazing. After I finish, I whisper in her ear "let me take care of you beautiful." I lay her down on the pool table and start kissing her. Then I start kissing her neck and she lets out a moan. I take off her jeans and sexy underwear. I continue to kiss her body until I reach my destination.


Wow, what he can do with his tongue is amazing. My body is starting to shake, I feel a warm feeling and then I lose all control, I slightly shout "OMG OMG." I put my hand over my mouth as I finish having my first orgasm ever.

Just then Madison knocks on the door and yells, "My dad is home!" I quickly get dressed and we continue playing pool, I beat Ricky at pool.

Ricky: "you didn't really need help, did you?"

Amy: I flash a big smile, shrug my shoulders and say "beginners luck." We both laugh and go sit on the couch in the pool room.

Amy: "Confession, my dad taught me how to shoot pool a couple years ago."

Ricky: "ahhh sneaky aren't you."

We both laugh.

Ricky: "Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?"

Amy: "Sure."

My phone rings I see it is Jake and press ignore and I can tell Ricky is a little jealous.

Ricky: "So did you spend a lot of time with Jake while you were there?"

Amy: "Not a lot time but we hung out a few times."

Ricky: "Oh."

Amy: "You have nothing to worry about with Jake. I do love him but like a brother."

Ricky: "So you would date your brother?"

Amy: "Well no, that is why it only lasted two weeks."

Ricky: "How far did you guys go?"

Amy: "We have only kissed."

Amy: "So you know I'm a virgin, how many girls have you been with?"

Before he can answer, my phone rings again.

Amy: "Sorry I have to get this."

Ricky: whispers under his breath "saved by the bell"

I answer my phone

Amy: "Hey what's going on?!"

Jake: "I can't believe it, my crazy mom kicked me out and I'm staying at Mike's tonight but I have no idea what I'm going to do."

Amy: "Why did she kick you out?"

Jake: "I was late from curfew, but really I think it's because I don't get along with her new boyfriend."

Amy: "Jake I'm so sorry, I'm going to call you right back. I need to call my mom."

I hang up the phone.

Amy: "I'm so sorry. I have to call it a night. Jake is in trouble and I need to call my mom to help.

Ricky: "Is everything okay? Is there anything I can do?"

Amy: "No, but thank you."

Ricky: "Okay, well goodnight call me later.

Amy: "I will. Thank you for being so understanding."

He kisses me on the forehead and leaves. I call my mom right away and tell her everything Jake told me.

Amy: "Mom, please come home. I need you, Jake needs you?"

Mom: "Amy, I can't come home now. Why don't you and Jake stay with your father?"

Amy: "Mom, please!? You know how dad is.

Mom: "When I come back I plan to move to there to be close to Mimsi and Uncle Morgan but you two would need to stay with your dad until then."

Amy: I start crying and say "I can't stand living with dad and I met someone."

Mom: "Let me call your Uncle Morgan and see what he says. Your father and I send money every month to help take care of you, we can send double to take care of Jake if he agrees. Don't get your hopes up.

We hang up and I wait for her to call back, five minutes later she calls back.

Amy: "Hey mom."

Mom: "Your uncle says Jake can stay in the basement in the spare room down there. He does say under no circumstances he can date you or Madison while he stays there.

Amy: "OMG Thank you so much mommy!"

Mom: "Make sure you thank your Uncle Morgan!"

I get off the phone and run into the living room and give my Uncle a huge hug and I say "Thank you so much! You are the best!" I go back to my room and call Jake.

Jake: "Hello"

Amy: I squeal "Jakey, I have good news. My uncle is going to let you stay in the spare room in the basement until my mom moves down here and we will live with her."

Jake: "Seriously! That's awesome, Thank you guys so much."

Amy: There are only a two rules. Number 1 you have to be nice to my boyfriend Ricky (I say with a laugh). Two is you aren't allowed to date Madison or me.

Jake: "I know I can follow rule number 2 but number 1 might be tough" He says with a laugh.

We say goodnight and I call Ricky.

Ricky: "Hey Ames."

Amy: "Hey Ricky"

Amy: "We need to talk and I don't want you to be upset."

Ricky: "I don't like the way this conversation is starting."

Amy: "It's not that bad."

Ricky: "Fine, go ahead and give it to me."

Amy: "Jake is moving over here and is going to live in the guest room in the basement."

Ricky: "You have got to be kidding me right?"

Amy: "His mom kicked him out and he has nowhere to go. He has been a part of our family. Remember like a brother."

Ricky: "You can't expect me to happy about this."

Amy: "It won't affect us what so ever."

Ricky: "Yeah, we will see. I'm going to go. I have to get up early"

Amy: "Okay, are we still on for the movies tomorrow?"

Ricky: "You tell me?"

Amy: "Of Course."

Ricky: "See you tomorrow"

We hang up and I know Ricky is upset about this but what can I do.

Ricky POV

I get off the phone with Amy and I hear Ben is still up. I go into his room and say "I need to talk."

Ben: "Sure, what's up?"

Ricky: "Amy is driving me crazy!"

Ricky: "First off we were having a great time, and then she tells me her "ex-boyfriend/best friend is moving in with them."

Ben: "Wow that sucks."

Ricky: "I'm so angry right now."

Ben: "How long did they date for?"

Ricky: "2 weeks, but they talk constantly."

Ben: "Maybe they are just friends, 2 weeks isn't very long."

Ricky: "They talk all the time and you can tell she really cares about him, maybe even loves him."

Ben: " Doesn't mean she is in love with him."

Ricky: "Maybe, I don't know. I just don't like it.

Ben: "Well, I understand that. You should trust her until she gives you a reason not to. Otherwise you will destroy this relationship before it gets started."

Ricky: "Your right, Thanks Bro. I'm still not thrilled, but I'm not going to ruin this."

Ben: "Nobody would be."

I go back to my room. As I'm about to go to bed I receive a text.

To Ricky from Amy: Goodnight Babe, I can't wait to see you tomorrow.
To Amy from Ricky: "Goodnight Ames, I can't wait to see you too."

I feel a little bit of relief knowing she is still thinking about me.

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