Maggie walked slowly down the street. She is seventeen years old and still lives at home with her parents, Michael and Charity and her dog, Mouse. Anyway, she is walking down the streets of Chicago after class, and its getting dark. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because her dad would pick her up, but he was working a little later on a contract and wouldn't be able to pick, Charity was also busy, and all of her brothers and sisters had either moved away from the city or were just busy with work or school. So she walked. But what she didn't know was that she didn't walk alone. Something followed her in the shadows. Something of the shadows. She turned down an alley that would lead her nearer to home. She was almost at the end of the alley when it struck. She was suddenly shoved up against the wall, hard. The breath was driven out of her lungs and she gasped. She tried to push against the wall and fight back like Aunt Murphy had taught her, but whoever was holding her was ridiculously strong. "Let go of me!" she screamed, hoping to attract help. But it was evening and everyone had gone home. All of a sudden the weight that was holding her was gone and she heard a silvery voice thunder, "Remitto, ad umbras!" She turned and saw a tall man standing between her and … it looked like a cross between a bear and a serpent. And it was made out of shadow and darkness. It took a step forward but the man didn't back down. He raised his hand and barked, "Lux!" She was shocked and amazed to see a ball of light form in his hand. The shadow-bear-serpent-thing backed away, alternating between hissing and snarling. "This is not over, Shaman. She shall be ours." The man glared and growled back, "Over my dead body, Tenebris." He then sent the ball of light shooting forward and the shadow creature shattered into shards of darkness. He stood staring for a moment before turning to her and saying, "Are you ok?" She nodded, dazed, and tried to climb to her feet but stumbled and fell. The man caught her and said, "Come on, I'll take you home." He then pointed his index finger at her and whispered, "Somnus." As soon as he said it she slipped calmly into a dreamless sleep.

When she awoke she was in her own bed, in her own room. She got up slowly, her shoulders hurt. She stumbled down stairs and ran into her mother, Charity. "Where do you think you are going, young lady?" She asked calmly. I pointed to the kitchen silently and she shook her head and said, "No, go to your room and I will bring you something, you need rest after what happened." I look at her and finally speak, "What did happen? It all seems a blur, and I must have hallucinated or something…" Charity looked at her and appeared to thing before answering. "Last night, you were attacked. By something that wasn't human at all. And you were saved by someone who isn't entirely human. From what I understand you attacked by a creature called an Echthros. A creature of pure darkness and evil. And you were saved by a wizard. A wizard called Harry Dresden. A wizard who… a wizard who is your father."