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The guitar and the invisibility cloak. Those were the only things that he had of his father, his dead father, his father is dead, he has a dead father. He was still not quite sure how he had managed to fit the guitar under his bed at the beginning of the summer holidays but he had only just been able to get it out along with his trunk and all his books and wand. He would also have had the arduous task of trying to explain the Firebolt to his Muggle aunt, uncle and cousin, but he had given it to his godfather and best adult friend Sirius Black and his old Defence against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Remus Lupin.

And now Harry James Potter was waiting. He was waiting for his best and totally awesome friend, Ronald Weasley to take him out of Privet Drive and to Diagon Alley where they would be meeting up with Hermione – at least Harry thought that was what it was – to buy their school books. Perhaps they might bump into Cho Chang, which would truly be totally awesome.

He had missed Hogwarts; there was no doubt about it. He had missed his friends, obviously, some of his teachers (the less said about Snape the better) and all that food he was able to gorge himself with each day. He missed the elves that were in the kitchens, the ghosts that haunted the place as much as possible and going on adventures, last year had been so cool!

His aunt and uncle were out at some fancy party as usual, celebrating another success in Vernon's business. His cousin was over at a friend's house so, for a rarity, Harry was home alone. He knew better than to try and take advantage of an empty house. If Ron didn't come, there was most likely to be something damaged from weeks ago in the house that he would be blamed for and then he wouldn't be able to get to Hogwarts.

There was a loud shout from behind the front door and so, before Ron could try to break it down and then he would be in the biggest trouble ever, Harry jumped up and opened the door, letting his best red-headed friend in.

"Yeah and it's gonna be totally awesome!" Ron was proclaiming to no one in particular. "Did somebody say Ron Weasley? Hey buddy."

They greeted each other in the typical fashion, a man hug. That was what it had come to be known. "How are you?" Harry asked.

"Cool. Sorry it took me so long to get here, I had to go and get some Floo Powder. But we've gotta get going, grab your trunk and let's get going."

Making their way to the living room, Ron produced a good load of Floo Powder and Harry sighed, he did hate this type of travelling. Stepping into the flames, he let himself be sucked up along with all of his belongings, the air pressing in, his claustrophobia not being helped by this truly horrible experience. He knew that Ron was waiting for him, so that was some form of comfort.

But far too far afterwards, they landed in the Leaky Cauldron and Hermione had to spring the surprise on them. "Gosh Hermione, why do you have to be such a buzz kill?" Ron demanded, speaking the thought that had been on both of their minds but Harry was far too polite to say it. Ron, on the other hand, was perfectly fine with it.

Hermione sighed; Ron needed desperately to learn some manners. And she did know best and she had to keep reminding the two idiots of her friends. "Because guys, school's not all about having fun. We need to study hard," cue a shiver from the boys, "if we want to be good wizards and witches." She shrugs. "Just look at me, straight Os."

Ron snorted. "You see, that would be cool if you were actually hot."

He just said what? Harry stared at his friend in horror as Hermione suddenly looked extremely put out and Harry thought quickly, sending Hermione an apologetic look before going over to him, a reproachful look in his eye. "You can't say things like that Ron, we're practically the only friends that she's got."

Ron shrugged, clearly unaffected as Harry sighed. "And that's cool."

Trying to get back into their good books, Hermione forced a smile on her face; she can bear the impossibility of the red head. "And that's totally awesome."

Satisfied that his friends were at least on mediocre terms, Harry led the way out of the Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Alley, through the special brick wall. The streets were lined with the shops that they loved to visit, the clothes that they could purchase, the brooms that they could ogle at, whether they could afford them or not, the wizarding bank Gringotts dominating the skyline.

And everywhere they went, they saw faces they recognised. Old friends, new friends, Muggle borns buying their first wand, seventh years buying their final books for Hogwarts, mothers and fathers taking their children to Zonkos as a special treat. Diagon Alley was a special place that could not be rivalled in its shopping, the atmosphere was breath taking and Harry loved it every time he went there. True he had only been there once before but hey, that didn't matter, Harry loved it anyway.

Their moment of peaceful bliss was broken by what sounded like a Banshee calling them from several miles away. "ROOOONNNNN!" A small red-headed girl, who looked remarkably similar to Ron, with the same vacant expression and bright red head, came running up to them. She had a whiney expression on her face that made Harry feel slightly annoyed with her already and she had barely met him. "You're supposed to take me to Madam Malkins' and use those Sickles mum gave you for my robe fitting!"

Harry frowned, okay, clearly a Weasley. He had met most of the other Weasleys last year at King's Cross but he didn't really remember them very well. "Who's this?"

Ron sighed as the girl grinned and waved, looking a little bit goofy. "This is my stupid dumb little sister Ginny. Ginny, this is Harry, Harry Potter." Politely Harry stuck out his hand, grimacing slightly.

Ginny took it eagerly, shaking his hand vigorously which made him feel rather uncomfortable. She was a little too fan girl for his liking. "You're Harry Potter," yes definitely a fan girl, "you're the Boy Who Lived!"

Harry sighed, no duh. "Yeah, and you're Ginny."

She was practically hyperventilating with excitement and Harry was getting rather bored. "It's Ginevra."

Seriously? What kind of a name was Ginevra? No offense to Ron's parents or anything. "I'll stick with Ginny."

"Stupid sister!" Ron shouted, rather too loudly for Harry's liking at Ginny who cowered slightly, what a jerk she was. Ron threw his arm around Harry good-naturedly. "Don't crowd the famous friend."

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, well perhaps someone's iPod, music started to play. Definitely Asian in origin, it was the girls that made Harry suddenly straighten his tie and look sharp. For coming down the road was no other than Cho Chang, Lavender Brown and the third girl from Hufflepuff that he could never remember the name of.

"Who's that?" Harry could immediately detect the jealousy as well as awe in Ginny's voice.

Finding he couldn't make a proper sentence, Harry could only splutter with nerves. "That's…that's Cho Chang."

Ron smirked and nudged his best friend with a knowing look in his eye. "That's Cho Chang, the girl Harry's TOTALLY been in love with since freshman year."

Hermione sighed. "Yeah, but he won't say anything to her."

Both boys looked at her incredulously, well of course not. Clearly needing to spell something out to her for the first time, Ron raised his eyebrows. "Well duh, you never tell a girl you like them it makes you look like an idiot."

But in telling Hermione the obvious, both boys had neglected Ginny and failed to notice her approach to the group of girls. Tapping Lavender on the back, Harry and Ron watched in the utmost horror as Ginny then proceeded to bow. It was not clear what she had said but it was made clear as Lavender's much more touchy side was brought out. "I ain't Cho Chang."

Ouch. Harry and Ron both winced as they realised that Ginny had made the mistake that, admittedly, a couple of people had done before and Ron stormed over there, apologising to the girls and dragging his sister back over to the group. "That's Lavender Brown, RACIST SISTER!"

Harry's heart began to flutter and it beat faster and harder as Cho came over and smiled sweetly, in the way that she always did so perfectly, at Ginny. "Oh that's alright, I'm Cho Chang y'all."

Harry was now staring dreamily into space. "She's totally perfect."

Swallowing as Cho winked at Harry and then walked away, Ron sighed. "Too bad she's dating Cedric Diggory."

Harry frowned, Cedric who? Last time he had heard, the three girls had made a pact to remain single for life. That was what destroyed him and had stopped him from asking her out last year. "Who the hell is Cedric Diggory?"

Ron frowned; it wasn't as if the guy was hard to miss. "You know, he's huge and tall and…"

Any further comments he was planning on making were instantaneously stopped as all four of them were thrown to the floor with force as the ungodly and infuriatingly effervescent character that was Cedric Diggory, burst through the crowd and, in the process, deliberately knocking over the trio and Ginny. Harry could not keep the disgusted look off his face as he was unceremoniously thrown to the floor and Cedric began this cheesy, disgusting and totally wrong declaration of love for Cho. He would never do that, it was too soppy and as he and Ron knew, he would never tell Cho he liked her because that would make him look like an idiot.

When finally he had gone, followed infuriatingly by Cho, they stood up and brushed themselves off, Harry trying desperately to keep his temper down. "What a jerk."

His temper no better now, Ron scowled at his sister. "So are we going to get those robes or not?"

Ginny also seemed to have a bit of a temper as she stormed off. "Alright, I'm going!"

None of them in the best of moods, they went off to go and get their items they needed for the coming year. True enough, Ginny was as annoying as Harry had originally thought her. He couldn't wait until they could find Mr and Mrs Weasley and let Ginny go off with them but it seemed she was determined to stick around. Once they had collected all they needed, they began to make their way along to the Leaky Cauldron where they were all going to be staying.

That was when they came across Crabbe and Goyle. Harry sighed and looked at his friends, these two were the worst. "Crabbe and Goyle." Ron sighed.

He watched them let Neville run off, poor Schlongbottom, guided by Ginny, before taking a deep breath. Boy was he feeling brave today. "You know what? Leave poor Neville alone."

Goyle was freakishly tall and seemed to tower over most people. The way he appeared so fearsome as he stepped towards Harry, made him slightly unnerved. "Well if it isn't Harry Potter. You think because you're so famous that you can boss everyone around."

Excuse you! Harry thought, that wasn't very nice. He was just the Boy Who Lived, the one who defeated Voldemort. "No," he stated carefully, "I just think that guys of your size should be picking on guys like Neville."

Harry had sincerely hoped that this wouldn't escalate but his hopes were dashed when Goyle reached forward, his shadow over Harry, and snatched the glasses off his face. Blinded, Harry could only see blurs. "Well you know what I think?" harry shrugged. "I think glasses are for nerds." Then the terrible sound of snapping rang out as Harry realised, in horror, that his glasses had been snapped in half and had been dropped on the ground. "We hate nerds!"

Crabbe echoed his fellow crony. "Hate nerds."

Harry knelt down on the ground and started to look frantically for his glasses, perhaps Hermione could fix them. "That's it." Ron was getting angry, finally about something worth getting angry about. "You don't mess with Harry Potter; he beat the You Know Who when he was a baby."

Finally, Ron had got it, Harry thought but that wasn't the point. He heard Hermione get closer and pick up something that must have been his glasses before guiding him up. "Alright everyone, just calm down. Oculus reparo!" she cried, probably pointing her wand at the glasses. The sound of glass and plastic repairing itself could be heard and Hermione pressed the glasses into Harry's hands and he put them on, glad to finally be able to see again. He hated not being able to see, it made him feel vulnerable. "Oh cool."

Hermione took his arm, protectively. "Let's leave these big baby childish jerks alone."

Suddenly, the droning voice that he did not want to hear in a million years came wafting down the street. "Did someone say Draco Malfoy?" the little git who seemed to have a permanent hatred for Harry, Ron and Hermione, waltzed onto the scene.

Harry sighed, the quicker they could get rid of him, the better. "What do you want Draco?"

A smug smile on his face, he seemed to relish the attention, or lack therefore, he was getting. He seemed to still have the commanding air over his friends that he had had last year. "Crabbe, Goyle, be a pet and go pay for my robes will you?" Harry thought they had looked new and knew that the worst would be coming if they were going. "So Potter," he said, coming dangerously and uncomfortably close to Harry, "back for another year at Hogwarts are you? Maybe this year you'll wise up and hang out with the higher calibre of wizard.

Well, he still clearly hadn't learned that Ron and Hermione were the better type of wizards and Draco needed to learn it. "Listen Draco, Ron and Hermione are my best friends in the whole world. I wouldn't trade them for anything."

Malfoy did look a little put out, Harry couldn't help it, and he was being a git. "Have it your way." However his expression changed suddenly, "wait," oh dear, the possibility of another dirty blood or red-headed joke was becoming more likely with Ginny on the scene, "don't tell me." yup, another Weasley. "Red hair, hand me down clothes and a stupid complexion, you must be a Weasley."

Immediately the trio released their hug like grip they had had on each other and Ron started towards Malfoy. It wasn't cool to diss a Weasley; the Weasley family were cool even if they were highly annoying and clingy. "Oh my gosh Malfoy, lay off her. She may be a pain in the ass okay, but she's my pain."

Ron seemed to have really stepped up on the whole bravery thing this summer, Harry thought admiringly. "Well, isn't this cute?" sarcasm was dripping from Draco's tongue like water off a waterfall. "It's like a little loser family."

Trying to contain his rage, Harry could do nothing but walk off, away from the hustle and bustle of Diagon Alley and to his new room in the Leaky Cauldron pub. Plenty of things had happened last year, both good and bad memories and he hoped that at least this year would be far more relaxing, far easier and far more fun than last year had been. Although last year, they had won the House Cup and that had been totally awesome.

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