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Gryffindor House immediately after dinner was one of the busiest times in the tower. Yes there were the small first years who scuttled off to bed almost as soon as it was finished, and the seventh years who seemed to be up for hours on end, trying to revise. But tonight seemed to be different. The second years had always been the rebels of the years at Hogwarts, especially Harry's year. They had got used to the fact that Seamus and Dean had disappeared and had not made an appearance this year. So it was now approaching 11pm and somehow, it was only Harry, Hermione and Neville in the common room. Ron was out visiting Hagrid, something about thinking about taking Care of Magical Creatures next year or something like that, and well he didn't really care about Ginny but she hadn't been seen.

Hermione sighed and put down her pen from where she was scribbling something on several pieces of parchment. "Harry don't you think you should try to figure out what the first task is? You could actually die if you're not ready."

Harry scoffed, was she going to be going on about this again? Hermione had not stopped pestering him about it ever since he had been chosen. "What? Come on! I mean, can't you just do it for me?" He could always Hermione to do his boring work for him while he strummed on his guitar. "Can't you just prepare all my stuff for me?" He peered over to see what Hermione was doing at the moment. "What are you doing right now?"

Hermione sighed again and held up the piece of parchment that had ink dabbed all over it "I'm writing your Potions essay." She explained exasperatedly.

Harry sat back in the sofa he was sitting in, slightly stunned, that did take priority. "Oh well do that first because that's due tomorrow. But after that, after that, can you prepare for the first task please?" Hermione rolled her eyes; did she always have to do everything? "Thank you, you are the best!" He tapped Hermione on the nose in a friendly way; she was just like a sister to him. "You've got it, thanks Hermione!" Out of the corner of his eye as he leaned back, Harry saw the door to the Common Room swing open and he was surprised to see Ginny come through it. "Hey Ginny, come here, I want to show you something."

Ginny looked rather stunned at being addressed by the boy who lived, this was an honour indeed, he wasn't to know that she had a major crush on him. "Hey Harry Potter." Her voice shook as she made her way and sat on the other end of the sofa to Hermione, right next to Harry.

Harry bit his lip and nodded momentarily before speaking. "Listen, I want to play you this song that I've been working on, it's for a girl that I really like." He looked up with a sigh, thinking about his special person. He failed to notice the raise in Ginny's eyebrows, the hopefulness that she exuded. "I want to let her know that she's really special. So I want to know what you think." He paused momentarily, frowning in concentration as he tried to rework the lyrics. "So for the purposes of now, I'm still working out the lyrics, I'll put your name where her name should be." Ginny smiled a love song by Harry especially for her. "But I don't think it does gonna really work out because…well, let me show you." Ginny listened enthralled as Harry began to play, his fingers sliding over the strings effortlessly and his raw voice making beautiful notes and sounds as he effectively proclaimed his love for her. But he stopped as suddenly as he started, his face turned down into a frown and his brows knitted together. "You know what it doesn't work at all." He looked up from his guitar to look at Ginny. "But I don't know, how does it make you feel, emotionally?"

Ginny couldn't breathe she was so excited, that had been just perfect. "Wow, wowee, Harry Potter!" That was just about all she could manage to splutter out, her fangirling instincts almost taking over.

Harry bit his lip and pushed his glasses, which were slipping dangerously down his nose, back up again. "I don't know, don't you think it could, you know, make a girl fall in love with me?" He asked shyly, he didn't know whether it would work but it was worth trying it out on someone, even if it was Ron's little sister.

Ginny gazed at Harry with complete adoration. "I think it already has." She spoke as if in a trance, love struck.

Harry grinned, he knew it would work! "Awesome, 'cos it's for Cho Chang!"

He was looking too far into the distance, dreaming of Cho Chang to notice Ginny's crestfallen face, her voice hollow. "Oh yeah, she's beautiful."

Harry's eyes widened as he registered what Ginny had said. "What, are you nuts? Beautiful?" He spluttered, trying to find the right word to describe the perfect girl that he was totally in love with. "More like supermegafoxyawesomehot! She's the prettiest girl I've ever met. She's far more attractive, far more appealing, far more interesting than any girl that I know," actually Hermione wasn't too bad looking but he didn't like her that way and so Harry finished his exclamation slightly lamely, "in my immediate group of friends." He smiled up at Ginny who returned it shyly. "Thanks, awesome."

Just then, there was a loud bang as the portrait banged open and Ron entered, his hand clasped around a packet of sweets. As he passed Neville, he clipped him around the head good naturedly as he nodded to Harry. "s'up Neville?" finding that his usual space next to Harry was taken up with Ginny, Ron pointed at her, repeating 'move' until she did and there was enough space for him before turning to Harry, a curious look on his face. "Hey Harry, s'up?" They bumped fists before Ron continued. "So I was just offstage, hanging out with Hagrid and I was just…" he stopped, shook his head slightly and then changed direction of the conversation in hushed tones, "I saw a delivery wizard bringing giant cages into the dungeons," he shrugged nonchalantly, "I don't know what that was all about."

Hermione as per usual had been listening and she stood her eyes wide. "Giant cages? I bet whatever is in those cages has something to do with the first task." She looked to Harry, fire in her eyes. "Harry, we have to find out what it is."

Harry snorted slightly, put his hands up defensively. "Hey, hey guys chill, I'm busy." And rather than paying attention to Hermione, he proceeded to play on his guitar building up with his speed in the chords. While Ron and Ginny looked on impressed, Hermione was not and she stalked over to Harry before grabbing the guitar.

The reaction from Ron and Ginny as Hermione stood there with the guitar and Harry tried to calm himself down was rather violent. "NO, WHOA! NO, WHOA! NO, WHOA!"

Hermione held up a hand and they fell silent as they realised that maybe Harry was going to listen to her and therefore they would have to. "Guys listen; this is could be a matter of life and death."

Ron looked at her bug-eyed, was Hermione suggesting they should break the rules. "Well it doesn't matter because its afterhours okay?" He ticked the reasons off on his fingers. "We can't leave Gryffindor house, we'll probably get in trouble if we do. And even if we do," he pointed to Neville who was tending his Venomous Tentacula in the corner, "Schlongbottom over there will probably tell on us."

Hermione snorted and spoke kindly. "Neville won't tell."

Neville looked over to them and folded his arms. "Oh yes I most certainly will!"

Ron looked pointedly at Hermione before falling back into the sofa. "So what are we going to do?"

Hermione looked at them as if they were stupid (which they were really). "Simple guys, the cloak!"

Ron and Harry stood, why had they been so stupid? "The cloak."

Ginny stood, her face contorted into a frown. "Wait, what cloak?"

Ron heaved a sigh and turned to her. "Shut up!"

It was getting late and they didn't really notice Neville as he packed up his plant and mumbled to the group, "bye guys!"

Kicking open his trunk which was conveniently in the room, Harry proceeded to search to the very depths for his prized possession. "Well in my first year at Hogwarts I got a present left to me," suddenly he stopped and noticed Neville's leaving, nodding his head in recognition, "oh bye Neville. I got a present left to me in my first year of Hogwarts. And well, it was left to me by my dad, the dad that's dead, my father's dead, I have a dead father. Anyway he used to solve mysteries and stuff with his invisibility cloak." Finding it, he produced it with a flash and Ginny seemed to be mesmerised by the cloak. Its silvery fabric seemed to flow like water in Harry's fingers.

Ginny suddenly found her voice, now it was suddenly about an octave higher and twice as fast. "Wow, oh boy wowee Harry Potter! You have an invisibility cloak! Oh, oh, do you know what I would do if I had an invisibility cloak?" She clapped her hands together in excitement, oh the things that could happen with that!

Harry grinned. "Oh man, I, I would kick wiener dogs."

Ron grinned, darn Harry had stolen his. "I'd pretend to be a ghost so I could scare everyone."

Hermione looked down before mumbling her answer so that nobody except her could hear it. "I'd use it to avoid ever having to look at my reflection in the mirror."

Ginny smiled, they didn't have as cool an answer as her! "Well actually, I was going to say that I would use it to fake my own death and then watch people cry at the funeral!" She clapped her hands with glee, wouldn't that just be so cool!

The trio looked a little put out by the idea and Harry started to walk towards the portrait hole. "Okay, anyway…let's get out of here. I need to go to the bathroom, let's get out of here." He left ahead of the others who started to walk.

Ron suddenly noticed that Ginny was coming with her, the stomping shoes that she wore clacked on the common room floor. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, where do you think you're going?"

Ginny looked put out and pointed towards where Harry had just left. "Um, with you guys?" She asked timidly.

Ron's eyes widened, he was not getting his sister involved in this. "No, no, no way, no kid sisters allowed, okay? Besides, there's only enough space underneath this cloak for two people." He suddenly felt bad for saying that as he saw Hermione's face fall. He couldn't deny her the opportunity for an adventure; she was their friend when Ginny was most definitely not. "So, um, come on Hermione, come on."

Smiling, Hermione thrust Harry's guitar at Ginny who caught it deftly and the two raced after their best friend. Ginny watched their retreating forms with tears in her eyes. If only they knew that she wanted to be with the Boy Who Lived. She would never let him go and would do her best to keep him alive. He was hers and hers alone, he just needed to see it.

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