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Chapter 2

Hinata had been at Yamanaka's flower shop, getting flowers for her visit to Naruto at the hospital. After getting a pep talk from Ino, she was ready to confess to Naruto again. She walked to the hospital, forcing herself to walk faster so she didn't have time to over think this. As she crossed the gate into the hospital grounds, she saw Sakura Laying on top of Naruto. How could she do that to her, Sakura knew that Hinata loved Naruto, they had talked about it multiple times, and she couldn't believe her friend had betrayed her.

Hinata ducked around the side of the building, breathing heavily, and making every attempt to clutch her heart; Scared, confused, and heartbroken. NO she thought I know Naruto is a knucklehead, but Sakura does not like him, she told me so, she encouraged me to go confess to him. I m sure I just saw it wrong. She turned back, and took a step toward the two ninjas but as she looked, she saw the two doing what could only be kissing. Tears welled up in Hinata's eyes, falling on the flowers she barely held in her hand as Sakura and Naruto stood their kissing in their betraying embrace.

Naruto and Sakura broke apart from their hug only for Sakura to hear the crinkling of something falling on the ground, but she paid no attention to it. It was so faint of a sound; Naruto did not even register it. They did not hear the tell-tale sound of a kinoichi's sandals running as far away as they could. Sakura proceeded to grab Naruto by the arm and move him forcefully back into his room at the hospital, sniffing the tears back into her eyes.

Hinata ran all the way back to her house, running up the stairs and slamming her door shut. She held her knees up to her chest, unable to hold back the tears of pure, heartbroken pain. This went on for hours, as Hinata cried and cried to the point where her eyes were dry of tears and her throat was hoarse and it caused unimaginable pain to swallow thanks the rose in her throat.

Neji did not care that Hinata was upset, but, he was at his limit of listening to the incessant crying coming from upstairs. As he walked upstairs, he gingerly took the last few steps, as not to scare Hinata ion her already broken state. He cracked open the door and what he saw was Hinata laying on her arms face down on her bed, her breath soft and slow. Not caring too much, and happy that the crying had stopped; Neji closed the door and made his way back down stairs. Hinata lay on the bed, slowly dying as her arms, split up and down vein, blood soaking her bed sheets, still covered by her limp body.

As Neji walked back down the stairs, Hinata's father approached him, and asked him to go tell Hinata that Dinner was ready, and that if she is done crying about what ever it was that she was crying about, she should come down, as they had guests over for dinner that night. Neji, annoyed that he had to walk all the way back up the stairs he just descended. HE walked into Hinatas room, and stood in the doorway. "Hinata, wake up, and get your sorry ass ready for dinner, we have guests." Hinata gave no response, continuing her shallow breathing on the bed. Neji growled and walked over to Hinata, lifting her off the bed to shake her awake. As he did, he felt warmth running down his arm. His clear eyes widened as he was covered in blood coming from Hinatas cut arms.

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