After standing at the door for who knows how long, Matt stepped in the bathroom and put a hand on his shoulder. He was feeling hurt because he didn't want to tell Jeff the truth.

Jeff looked at his brother, still having tears come out of his eyes. He seemed to forget that Matt was in bed resting. His arms wrapped around his brother tightly. His tears soaked Matt's shirt.

Matt scooped his brother up and carried him out to the bed. He sat himself on the bed holding his brother in his arms. He wanted to kiss his brother's lips ever so softly, but had a fear of being pushed away. He would hate himself if Jeff hated him.

"I loved him bro, I really loved him," Jeff spoke in between sobs.

Hearing what his brother said, he felt guilty for doing what he did. "Jeff," Matt paused a minute as he wanted to tell him the truth.

Jeff's aqua eyes looked at Matt's brown eyes. When he was really sad and crying, his eyes would turn aqua. "What Matt?" He asked since Matt fell silent for a while.

Letting a deep breath escape his lips, he just shook his head. "Nothing Jeff." He then got up and walked out of the room. He really hated how he was hurting Jeff, but he loved Jeff. How Matt wanted to just tell Jeff, but was afraid of being pushed away.

Jeff then wiped his tears. He then tilted his head as he saw his brother just leave. "Matt, wait."

Not bothering to turn around, Matt just walked out of the house. He wanted to go back in the house, up to that room where his brother was at. He wanted to just hold him and tell him everything will be okay.

Jeff walked over to the window and saw his brother walk into the forest. He wondered what his big brother was doing. He sighed a bit as he took a look at his bloody arms. They were still covered in Phil's blood.

Slowly standing up, Jeff walked back into the bathroom, seeing Phil's dead body in his blood in the tub. He wanted to cry, but no one was there to hold him. Making his way over to the dead body, he leaned down and kissed his lips softly. Then he stepped away and went to wash his arms before the blood would stain his skin.

When he got done, his cell phone went off. He picked it up and answered it. "Hello, yes. Yes of course I will." He then looked at the bathroom after he hung up. Before he would head to Orlando, he would call the cops so they could come and remove Phil's body. He explained that he did not kill him. He also told them that he had to go to a taping for TNA.

Once he was done making the call, Jeff went to find a suitcase. Once he found one, he packed some clothes and his wrestling gear. After he had his things ready, Jeff left to go to TNA.