Leaving the house, Jeff made it to his car. He got in after tossing his bag in the back seat. Sitting there looking at his wheel, he wanted to pull away, but he couldn't.

Matt wasn't far from the car that his brother was in. He slowly approached the car. Still not pulling out, he got to the passenger side. "Bro, we need to talk."

Jeff looked at Matt. "Get in."

Not wanting to argue with his brother, Matt got in. He took a deep breath as he looked at Jeff. "I, I love you bro."

Cocking his brow at his brother, Jeff didn't know what Matt meant by what he said and parted his lips, "Yeah bro, I love you too." Jeff then began to drive to the airport to catch a flight to Orlando.

Sighing a little, Matt knew he didn't say it the right way. His brown eyes looked down at the floor mat his feet were on. "No bro. You don't get it."

Jeff stopped the car as he kept the cocked brow on his face. "What the hell do you mean by that Matt?"

Hearing what Jeff said, he knew he'd have a lot of explaining to do. Right now wasn't a good time. "Never mind."

Jeff continued to drive to the airport to get on the flight to Orlando. Pulling into the parking lot, he pulled the keys out of the ignition and handed them to Matt. "Got to catch my flight. I assure you tagged along to take my car back."

Nodding his head, Matt just took the keys and waited for Jeff to go in the airport. Once he was inside, Matt got out of the car and headed inside the airport. Before he caught up to Jeff, he called the hotel to change Jeff's hotel room arangements.

Once Matt hung up, he went to the ticket desk and demanded a ticket on the plane his baby brother was on. Lucky for Matt, there was a seat left. The only thing Matt had to worry about now was Jeff spotting him.

Before Matt got his seat, he muted his phone. There was no way Matt wanted Jeff to recognize his cell. After turning it off, his brown eyes scanned the airport for his brother. Not seeing him meant that he was already on board.

Getting on board, Matt sat in his seat and kept low. There was no way he was going to nap. He hoped that Jeff would not see him.

Jeff was sitting in the front of the plane. He pulled out his notebook and began to doodle in it. This was one thing that Jeff loved doing. It let him be free and his emotions come out on paper. He began to draw a broken heart as he then wrote, Unbreak My Heart, Matt. Not knowing it, he wrote his own lyrics, or just words that fit his emotions.

The plane then landed in Orlando after approximately fifty minutes of flight time. Jeff grabbed his things and got off when they allowed him to. Matt just waited for his turn to get off.

Once Matt was off the plane, he had to figure out how to get in the hotel first. That's when his legs took off running. They took him to the car rental area. He rented the car and drove to the hotel.