Soo...I just bought the Avengers DVD and, by way of celebration, I thought I'd write a little drabble. Probably not very good, but sometimes you've just got to...

Oh, and virtual cookies for anyone who guesses a) which film 'the smoulder' is from, and b) which tv program I have watched WAY too much (aside from Merlin XD)

Morgana's newest plan was foolproof. She, despite that bumbling manservant, Merlin, had managed to capture one of Arthur's knights – Gwaine, she thought his name was – and now all she had to do was wait for that pathetic half- brother of hers to come and get him. Arthur would come; how could he not? He had this kind of 'noble hero/git complex' going on. Merlin too, always with him... There was something odd about that boy, mark her words. Maybe it was the way he always seemed to survive... He couldn't be?... Could he?! No...this was Merlin after all.

As she watched her captive, he blinked and jerked awake. He looked around, and for a moment, his face was expressionless as he stared at Morgana.

"Hey," he said, flipping back his silky hair and grinning a toothy grin, "How you doing?" he asked, giving her the smoulder.

And Morgana, though she would rather die than admit it, went more than a little weak in the knees.

Admit it though... Joey Richter x Gwaine = Flynn Rider :)