Name: Ariel Milton


Mission: Penetrate Gallagher Academy, acting as a Blackthrone's fiancé. Grant Unknown has been confirmed to have safely met his sister, now is the perfect time to put the plan into action. Remember Zachary Goode must come out unharmed and Cameron Morgan must not come out at all.

Cammie's POV: Later on that day.

I sent Macey a text telling her that me and Bex were in our room and to keep Ariel away from it. Then I sat down on my bed opposite Bex.

"Want to do something fun?" I asked

"Like what?" She asked.

"Like bug the guys room?"

She shook her head "We tried that, they found the bugs."

"Yeah," I said pulling a camera from my drawer "But we didn't have this." I tossed it at her.

"What is it?" she asked.

"It's the Playstation Move camera , Jonas told me that Grant lost the Move controllers so they can't use it. Which means we can modify it then sneak it back in and know what they are talking about."

"Where'd you get it?" She asked

"I nabbed it when I was with Zach, a couple of days ago"

"Wicked!" she said grinning and we started to plan how we were going to bug the boys.

Zach's POV

"Jonas!" I called, pulling a pair of jeans from the floor.

"Yeah" he said, his face appearing from below his covers.

"Im going to get Grant, tell Cammie when you see her" I ordered

"Will do" he said turning his back, then suddenly sitting up. Hitting his head on the ceiling -We have bunk beds- "I thought you told Macey you don't know where Grant is?" he said rubbing his head

I shrugged "I lied, like I told that witch Grant tells me everything"

"But Macey is Cammie's friend, and you lied to her" Jonas said, a sad look on his face.

"Jonas you would do anything to make sure Liz is happy right?" he nodded "That's how I feel about Cammie, now tell me if I had told the truth would it or would it not have caused more trouble for her?"

"Err.. Well I guess it would have caused more trouble" he mumbled.

"Right, so if you see her?"

"I'll tell her, and only her that you've gone to get Grant" he said laying back down.

"Good boy" I mumbled as I walked out.

Cammie's POV: The next day

I calmed Bex down enough to go to breakfast without breaking someone's face *Cough* Ariel *Cough* but when I got there everyone was silent.

"What's up?" I asked sliding into the seat next to Jonas.

I was answered by silence then some called my name, it was my mum. I met her just outside in the hallway "Cammie" she said in a sad small voice.

"What? Why is everyone acting so weird?" I asked.

"Its Abbey," mum said, and panic filled my body "She's missing, they think she's.." a tear ran down her cheek , she couldn't finish her sentence.

"Missing in action." I mumbled, which meant that everyone thought she was dead but couldn't find a body to prove it.

Mum nodded "Im so sorry Cammie" she whispered but I failed to see how it was her fault. I made my way back to my room like a zombie.

Later on.. Maybe minutes or hours , Im past caring. Bex, Liz and Macey came back.

"Im so sorry" Liz said in her quiet voice, sitting down next to me. In looked at each of my friends caring faces and burst in to a whole new set of tears.

Zach's POV

I have absolutely nothing against Grant but if he lost a few pound, it would be a hell of a lot easier to dragging him through a forest. Now I couldn't just come back to Gallagher with Grant, not in till I know Ariel's plan. What I needed was to make sure Grant stayed safe and alive, for Bex's sake. When I finally reached him I told him everything that had happened and he came instantly , just as we got off the train I knocked him out. I tied him to tree, building a shelter around it. I left Grant a lot of food, weapons close by and if he did need to get away a bag of necessities. As I walked out of the forest I bumped into an old lady running a stall, she sold gypsy Jewellery. She looked at me with familiar blue eyes "Can I help you with something?" she crooked.

"Ah," I looked around spotting a pendent that reminded me of Cammie, its heart shaped with millions of colours swirling around. It shone in the sunlight. "I'll have this" I said picking it up.

"Would you like it wrapped? A gift for a girl friend?" she asked, giving me a rather odd look.

"Yes thanks" I murmured

"How about a gift tag" she said handing me one. I politely took it a simple wrote To: Cammie

From: Zach. The women took it with a satisfactory nod. "Cammie will love it" she whispered then took my money.

I left but I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew her, the eyes, that personality… She kind of reminded me of Cammie's aunt Abbey. I turned back around but the women and her stall were gone.

Aha! So is Abbey alive? Could she have been the strange old lady Zach met? Does Ariel's mission have anything to do with Abbey's disapearance? What's going to happen to Grant? Has Zach saved him or doomed him? How is Cammie going to react when Zach comes back and tells her about the old lady? Will he tell her? What is Ariel going to do? Will she suc- Im not anwsering any of those questions so why am i writing them? 0.0 Another question! Whyy can't i sound this smart in school? *Shakes head* Any way keep reading, please!