Tony and Timmy raced through the kitchen, giggling suspiciously as they passed me.

"Boys," I yelled after them, "What are you up to?"

"Nothing, Mom!" Tony yelled back at me as he and his brother bolted out of the room.

As usual, my sons were up to something, I just did not know what...and knowing them I probably didn't want to know.

However, I didn't have too much time to ponder their behavior, because at that moment Kate walked in the front door with her best friend Jane. They had just come back from the park.

"Mom," she said as she passed me, "Jane and I are going to be in my room if you need us."

I nodded in approval as I put a batch of cookies in the oven.

In seconds, I heard two shrieks coming from the direction of Kate's room.

"Kate?! Jane?!" I said, abandoning the cookies and running as fast as I could up the stairs.

"Tonyyyyyyyyy!" screamed Kate, "Ughhhhhhhh!"

I reached the top of the stairs and looked in to Kate's room.

Inside, I saw Tony and Timmy jumping up and down on their sister's bed, laughing as they held Kate's bras up to their chests. Not that you could really call these bras...they were only training bras; my 11 year old was completely flat, but they were still bras all the same as far as two little boys were concerned.

I laughed.

"Boys," I said, trying as hard as I could not to smile, "Put those down. Those aren't for you."

Timmy jumped off the bed and stuffed the bra he was holding back in to Kate's dresser drawer, but Tony stayed on the bed.

"I'm Kaaaaate," he said in a voice only a 7 year old boy could master, "and I have booooobies!"

"Tony!" Kate shrieked again, "Stop it! Put it back!"

Finally I convinced Tony to leave the room and stop bothering the girls.

"Tony," I said when I got him downstairs, "You and Timmy need to stay out of Kate's room. Do you understand?"

"Yeah," said Tony, sadly looking down at his lap, "I was just trying to..." He trailed off.

"Just trying to do what, Tony?" I asked

"Trying to get her attention," he whispered.

"Who's attention?"


"Oh?" I said, smirking, "Jane, huh?"

"Yeah," Tony said.

"Well, I bet Jane would like you a lot better if you did not pester her and Kate," I advised him.

Secretly, I was glad Jane has two brothers, (the younger of which being quite a little trouble maker) so she was probably un-surprised by his...well, his Tony-ness...

"Hey Tony," I said, taking the cookies out of the oven, "Why don't you take a few of these cookies up to the girls and apologize for what you did."

Tony smiled and eagerly ran upstairs with the plate of cookies.

There are some things that go on in my 7 year old's mind that I will never understand...

A/N: Yes, the Rizzoli & Isles reference was intentional for any of you who were wondering :] And if you don't watch R&I, you should, because Sasha Alexander is the best actress ever :]