Well this is a fandom that I wasn't expecting to write in. This fanfic came to my head after rewatching several episodes of Sailor Moon R. This story and fandom is special to me because Sailor Moon, along with Dragonball and Robotech, where one of the first anime that I have seen and got into. I remained a hardcore Sailor Moon fan all up to my high school years. Sailor Moon was also the fandom that got me into fanfics way back during the days of . So, I want to make sure this story comes off as extra good to honor this great anime that help introduce many to the world of anime.

The inspiration for this story came from Meara's great Crystal Tokyo Sage: Fatal Exposure, Full Circle, and The Quest. Bill K's excellent series of Sailor Moon fanfics, and Ken Wolfe's wonderful story Secrets. These are all stories I would highly recommend for anyone who is a fan of Sailor Moon and just great story writing.

Now, onward to the story.


"Small Lady, where are you!?" Neo-Queen Serenity yelled over the noise of battle. Her senses were overwhelmed with the screams of terror coming from the palace's staff as the invaders from the Dark Moon continued to attack the palace.

Normally, the barrier that protected the Crystal Palace would had stopped any of the Dark Moon's forces from breaking through, but the barrier was no longer activate. Just moments before the first shot was fired, the barrier around the palace suddenly dropped without warning. Before anyone could consider erecting a temporary shield, it was too late.

Serenity knew the barrier had failed because the Silver Crystal was gone. Her connection to the sacred jewel had deepened over the years to the point that the crystal was a part of her. Through its power, it gave her access to abilities that many would consider god-like. If she had access to the Silver Crystal now, she could easily repel the forces of the Dark Moon. The fact that they attacked the moment the Silver Crystal was beyond her reach was all too convenient.

She knew, however, that the Silver Crystal's disappearance had nothing to do with the Dark Moon. She would had felt it if any dark forces touched the crystal. The crystal would have also alerted her if anyone attempted to use its power. She did feel a slight tingle before the crystal disappear, but it was nothing malevolence. She could still feel it, but it felt muted for some reason.

Nonetheless, the mystery of the lost crystal we the last thing from her mind. Something far more important had gone missing just before the attack. She could not feel her daughter, Small Lady, within the palace.

"Serenity, what are you doing outside your room?" a firm voice asked.

Serenity didn't stop walking as her advisor, Luna, chased after her. "I can't find Small Lady."

"What, surely she must still be within the palace!" Luna exclaimed.

"No, I can't feel her and there's too must dark energy outside for me to pinpoint where she is," Serenity said as she lowered her eyes for a moment. "If only if I still had the Silver Crystal."

"Still, you should head back to your quarters," Luna advised. "You're in a greatly weaken state since the Silver Crystal disappeared."

"I'm fine, Luna," Serenity insisted.

Luna shook her head. "Don't give me that. I can tell by looking at your eyes that you're barely awake."

Serenity wanted to argue otherwise, but she knew the words Luna spoke were true. Merging with the Silver Crystal had given her great power, but it also came at a price. The Silver Crystal was directly connected with her life force, even more so then when it doubled as her Star Seed. Without the power of the crystal to fuel her, she was only a few steps away from losing consciousness. It was only the concern for her daughter that kept her going.

"I can't rest. Not until I know Small Lady is safe," Serenity insisted as she banished sleep from her tired mind.

"Then, I will get the senshi to search for her," Luna said almost desperately.

Serenity shook her head. "They're all busy fighting and the soldiers are trying to get people into the shelters."

"Then Endymion..." Luna started.

"Is controlling our defensive from the main computer," Serenity cut off.

"You're as stubborn as ever," Luna sighed in defeat.

Serenity gave a soft smile. "I learned from the best."

Another explosion rocked the palace, nearly knocked Serenity off her feet. She braced herself against a nearby wall as a wave of dizziness overcame her. It was so easy to just sit down and sleep, but she fought the urge. Her daughter came before her fatigue.

"Serenity, Serenity, are you alright?" Luna asked in concern.

It took Serenity a moment to realize that she had doze off for a moment. "I'm...okay, Luna.

Both the queen and the Mau native cat ran through the palace, cutting through the people running for safety. They kept going until they reached the palace's main entrance. The entrance was full with soldiers guiding people inside.

"Your Majesty!" one of the soldiers exclaimed when they saw Serenity.

Several soldiers went to attend to their queen.

"Small Lady, has she been through here?" Serenity asked in a near panic.

"The princess?" the soldier questioned. "I...I think I saw her run outside just before the attack, but I'm not sure."

"She went outside!" Luna exclaimed in horror. "She'll be killed."

"I have to go after her," Serenity said as she attempted to run pass the soldiers.

They all quickly stopped her.

"It's too dangerous," one of the soldiers said firmly. "The king has informed us of your condition. Without the Silver Crystal to protect you, you could be killed by the enemy's attack."

Serenity shook her head in frustration. "I don't care, my daughter is out there."

"I can send a unit to find her," the soldier said.

"Even weaken, I can still defend myself," Serenity said firmly as she summoned her moon staff. The silver staff came up to about her chest and had a silver orb at the top of it. The staff was normally used to help her focus the Silver Crystal whenever she was doing a task that required a great deal of energy. It also kept her from burning her hands when maintaining the crystal's power.

"I can't allow this," the soldier said firmly.

With a gestured from her staff, the soldier and several others were knocked off their feet. Serenity didn't waste another moment as she ran outside.

"Serenity!" Luna exclaimed in horror.

"Luna, what happen?" a deep voice asked.

Luna turned to see Artemis running towards her. "Serenity has run outside looking for Small Lady."

"What!?" Artemis exclaimed in horror. "Without the Silver Crystal, she's..."

"I know," Luna growled in frustration. "Quickly, gathered the senshi and tell them what has happen."

Artemis stared at his mate for a moment. "What about you?

"I'm going after Serenity," Luna said, leaving no room for argument.

"Then you'll be in danger too," Artemis stated.

"I am Serenity's guardian," Luna said. "I would never forgive myself if anything happens to her." With that, she ran off after her ward.

Outside, Serenity was having a hard time seeing as black smoke impeded her vision. Even without her enhance senses; she could still feel the auras of people dying around her. She had to choke back several sobs with each aura that disappeared. She wanted to save them, but she was powerless at the moment. If she just had the Silver Crystal, she could end all these needless deaths.

She, however, couldn't think about that now. She had to find her daughter. If she lost her...she didn't even want to think about it.

"Small Lady, where are you!" Serenity screamed over the roar of dark energy, not caring if it attracted the enemy's attention. "Small Lady, please answer me!"

She kept walking deeper in the battlefield, using her staff like a torch to cut through the darkness. Despite it being early afternoon, the sky was blacker than any night.

Serenity wasn't sure how far she walked before a familiar aura tickled her senses. She knew immediately that it was the aura of her daughter. She gave an audible sigh-of-relief as she ran towards it. Near the gate that led to the city, she saw Small Lady huddled up against the wall. She appeared to be crying.

"Small Lady!" Serenity called.

Small Lady's head shot up when she heard her mother's voice. "Mommy."

Serenity wrapped her arms around her daughter and gave her a tight hug. "Small Lady, thank goodness you're safe." She could feel the tears forming in her eyes.

Small Lady returned the hug. "Mommy...I.."

"It's okay, honey. You're safe," Serenity whispered in her ear.

"Well, isn't this a cute sight," someone sneered.

Serenity looked up to see a man with flaming red hair glaring down at her. He looked familiar, but she couldn't recall where she had seen him. He was obviously part of the Black Moon Royal Court given the black crescent moon that was embedded into his forehead.

"Who are you!?" Serenity demanded as she held her daughter closer.

The man chuckled. "I am Crimson Rubeus, one of the generals that serves our great prince," he said. "We have come to pass judgment on you and all the people on this planet. Just as you've passed judgment upon our ancestries centuries ago."

"Rubeus," Serenity repeated to herself. She knew she had heard that name before, but she couldn't recall where. It was like something was blocking the memory. She quickly shook her head to clear her thoughts. "If you have grievous with me that's fine, but leave the people of this planet out of it. It was I who banished your people."

Rubeus chuckled. "How noble. I expect no less from the goddess of Crystal Tokyo. But I must decline your offer. Everyone must be made to pay for our suffering while the sheep on this planet grew fat and spoiled off the riches of the Earth."

Serenity raised her staff. "I will stop you."

Rubeus grinned at her. "I know you're bluffing. You're powerless without the Silver Crystal."

Serenity just narrowed her eyes.

With a loud battle cry Rubeus released a wave of dark power at her. Serenity picked her staff up and absorbed the dark energy.

"What?" Rubeus said in disbelief.

Before he could react, Serenity purified the negative energy and released it back at its owner. Rubeus screamed in pain as the positive energy attempted to purify him. Serenity knew that wouldn't be enough to break the influence of dark energy flowing through Rubeus' body, but it was enough to allow her to escape.

Serenity grabbed Small Lady's hand and they both ran back to the safety of the palace. On their way to the entrance, they were attacked by several droids. They didn't pose too much of a threat, however, since Serenity could purify any droid by merely touching them. Nonetheless, it was hard to fight and make sure Small Lady was safe.

"Serenity!" Luna yelled.

"Luna!" Serenity yelled back. Before she could say more, she felt a familiar dark presence floating above her. She stopped and looked to see the head of the Dark Moon staring down at her.

"Prince Demande," Serenity hissed.

"Hello, Serenity," Demande said. His voice was smooth and filled confident over the roar of the battle.

"Mommy," Small Lady whimpered in fear.

"Small Lady, go to Luna," Serenity said as she let go of her daughter's hand.

Small Lady looked up at her mother, horrified. "But mommy..."

"Do as I say," Serenity said in a calm, but firm voice, leaving no room for argument.

Small Lady slowly backed away before she ran towards the black cat.

Through it all, Serenity continued to stare defiantly at Demande. Her eyes were burning with anger, although there was also a hint of regret and sadness in them. "Why have you attacked us? After all we have done to settle this peacefully."

"You and I both know your husband would had never allowed us back," Demande said coldly. "He would keep all the richness of the Earth to himself."

"That's not true!" Serenity exclaimed. "We both wanted to bring the people of Nemesis back to Earth. As children of outlaws, you were guiltless of any crime."

Demande's eyes softened as he listened to her words. "Oh dear sweet Serenity, I know you believe those words. If it was just you, things could have ended differently. But we both know peace is impossible between our people as long as Endymion and the senshi stay in power."

Serenity shook her head. "Who put those foolish thoughts into your head?"

"Serenity, you are the one being fooled by your husband and his servants," Demande said in a voice that sounded almost pleading. "Join us and together we can rule the Earth."

"You know I can't do that," Serenity said as she raised her staff.

Demande looked down at her sadly. "Yes, I knew as much. Despite being a goddess, Endymion's influence on you is powerful."

Serenity thought carefully about what her next move would be. Unlike Rubeus, Demande would not be taken off-guard by her reflecting one of his attacks and without the Silver Crystal she could not summon a barrier to protect herself. The added fatigue of being separated from the crystal was also slowing her down. With all the fighting she had been doing, she was on her last legs.

She knew Demande wouldn't kill her. He was too affectionate with her to do such a thing. Instead, he would most likely take her back to Nemesis and used her to force Crystal Tokyo's surrender. She couldn't allow that.

"Serenity!" she heard the voices of her senshi called her.

She looked into their direction and it was only then did she realize that she had made a fatal mistake. Off the corner of her eye she saw a glimpse of a hooded figure floating behind her. Her memory came racing back to her as she realized who the figure was.

At that moment a powerful blast of dark energy raced towards her. She knew she couldn't turn in time to reflect it and it was too fast to dodge. She knew from the force of the attack that she was going to die.

"MOMMY!" Was the last thing she heard as a rush of energy surrounded her. She felt herself floating as energy flowed through her and from her fading sight she saw crystals forming around her.

It was only now that her lost memory returned to her. She was being sealed within a protective crystal and would fall into a sleep from which she would not wake up from for a long time. It was hard to tell if her sleep was caused by the absent of the Silver Crystal or by her being injured from the energy blast. In either case, by the time she awake the battle would be over. Demande would be dead along with his brother and several of his clan men.

How...how did it come to this? Was there something, anything she could have done differently to prevent all of this? As her mind began to fade into the darkness of sleep she recalled everything that had led to this moment.

And so it begins. Hope you all liked it.

Until next time.