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"Tell me one more time because I still don't get it; why is it that we are in Eve's apartment, going through her stuff and packing them?"

Rolling his clear blue eyes and throwing a pair of boots inside the suitcase that was sprawled open in the middle of his fake wife's spacious bedroom in Los Angeles, John Cena, blew a breath out of his mouth and looked at his friend Randy.

He has told the man numerous times about the reason why they were there, but apparently the younger of the two hadn't been paying attention in any of those times and he needed to be told again.

"Come on Orton, you have the attention span of a four year old little brat. What part of it didn't you understand?"

Snorting and walking to the bed so he could sit on it, the third generation superstar grabbed a little article of clothing from the bed and held it at a distance so he could look at it with critical eye.

It was a red silky bra and as soon as John saw Randy's lips curving into a sly grin, he yanked it from the other man's hands and threw it into the suitcase as well.

"I don't know, I think I got lost in the part where Eve asked you to do this for her. I mean I thought you couldn't stand the woman and now you are his personal slave, packing her stuff to send them to Hawaii. And why does she need boots in Hawaii for anyway?"

Arching an eyebrow and pushing the inside of his cheek with his tongue, John looked at Randy without blinking for a few seconds and then he cleared his throat.

"I'm not her personal slave; I'm just doing this as a favor. I mean for the love of God, the woman is a step away from losing her job... she got suspended two weeks ago and it happened right in front of my eyes. They just did it via a text message and I don't know, I felt sorry for her."

"And now she is in Hawaii, lying in the sand and tanning on a nice beach while you are here, doing things for her."

A hundred percent sure that if the brunette was laying anywhere it was on his sofa while watching the newest episode of Gossip Girl, John shrugged.

"You should have seen her man; she was a mess when she got that message. She was crying, her mascara was running down her face and I and I just…" Shrugging again, he looked up to the ceiling and breathed in.

God, when did it became so easy to lie for him? Since Eve had her accident a good part of the words that spilled out of his mouth were pure lies and in a way he was amazed with the things he came up with.

"You can say that I felt sympathy for her and now I want to help her."

"Eve crying? Somehow I find that very heart to believe. She's become the impersonation of the Ice Queen herself and I'm sure that if a tear ever forms in her eye, it would freeze over before it slides down her cheek."

"Well she was crying that night, torrents."

"You are lying. Why are you lying to me?"

Snorting nervously at the possibility of being caught, John leered sideways and gulped. "Why would I lie about that?"

"I don't know, you tell me. But I know you are lying because every time you make something out, your ears turn red and dude, those huge things you call ears are burning red ever since we got here. Are you two having an affair, is that it?"

"No!" John almost yelled. "Not at all."

"Then what is it?"

Biting his lips hard, the older of the two looked at Randy and then he shook his head. "Alright, I will tell you the truth but you have to promise that you won't say a word to anyone, anyone."

Looking as eager as a kid who has been promised a stack of candy, Randy lifted his right hand and nodded. "I promise so spit it."

"Okay. Well… Eve got in car accident two weeks ago; it wasn't too bad, but apparently she hit her head pretty hard and as a result she lost her memory. I was the one the doctor called and for some reason that I still can't understand and well, I lied and said that she was my wife. Everybody at the hospital believed it and now I have an Eve with no memory that thinks she's my wife in my house."

Looking at him through distrusting eyes, Orton arched an eyebrow and chuckled. "Come on man, you said you were going to tell me the truth."

Pursing his lips and shrugging, John blinked slowly. "I just did; that is the truth and the real reason why we are here is because Eve made me spent more than two thousand dollars in clothes and shoes last week so I decided to take some of her own stuff back home so that her half empty side of the closet gets filled to the maximum."

Opening his mouth to laugh out loud, Orton threw some of the clothes that were laying on bed towards John and then he kept laughing.

He went at it for a while and feeling bitter about it, John threw the clothes away.

"My God, are you are fucking serious? Just what the hell were you thinking?"

"I don't know! I was mad at her for skipping our autograph singing and I think that in some weird kind of way I wanted to punish her for you know what. Anyway, you know that Liz left and the house is a mess and I thought that for a few days I could keep her home and I don't know, make her clean the house, do my laundry and take care of Phantom."

At that, Randy laughed louder than ever and John sent him a piercing stare.

"And did it work? Is the house clean and your clothes washed and neatly folded in your drawers?"

"No." John said bitterly, his mind going over the fact that Eve wasn't a good house wife. "I mean she has done stuff, but not exactly what I expected her to do."

So yeah, there was no doubt that the woman was not Liz and while the house was a hell of a lot cleaner than it has been before she arrived, there were things John wished she would do.

But she hadn't touched his bills, she messed up some of his white socks and shirts by throwing them in the washing machine with a red dress he was forced to buy for her and while clean, his clothes were all rumpled in a hamper in his laundry room and every time he needed something to wear, he had to go there to get it.

She also threw out most of the food in his fridge to buy things he didn't exactly liked, she hid the rug in his living room in the garage and what was worse, she lost Phantom.

Yeah he found him two days later in one of his neighbor's backyard but the fact remained that she lost him. It has been an accident and she looked kind of sorry, but he still remembered that day with a bit of ire in his heart.

Ah, and that was without mentioning the lies he had to make up to keep her curiosity satisfied. He lied about her phone, blocking it with a password he knew she wouldn't be able to decipher; he lied about her family and told her she didn't have any and he even made a huge intricate web of lies to explain to her the reason why most of her clothes were missing from her closet.

Sure, three days later he gave in and answered a call from her sister to tell her that Eve was fine but unable to talk and every now and then he logged into her twitter to respond DM's and other things her friends would send her.

"John, did it ever occur to you that making Eve do your chores was an impossible task? We all you know how she is and I don't think that losing her memory is going to improve her. I mean has she done anything at all other that emptying your wallet?"

"Well believe it or not she cooks better than Liz, that's for sure. And while the house isn't exactly a hundred percent neat, I wouldn't say it's a complete disaster. "

"Alright, at least tell me you are nailing her; that's the only good thing that can come up out of this because let's face it, Eve is kind of hot."

Shaking his head and looking at his friend as if he was crazy, John snorted. "Of course not, what kind of pervert do you think I am?"

Gosh, in his mind trying to get lucky with Eve was the lowest thing he could ever do and if he was sure about something, it was that he would never try anything funny with the devious woman.

Yes, sharing a bed with her and watching her sleep in those little silk gowns that left nothing to his imagination was very appealing, but he would never cross the line with her like that.

Smirking, Randy grabbed a little blue thong and threw it in John's face. "Just imagine it, Eve wearing nothing but that little thong while waiting for her generous husband to get home."

"You are out of your mind."

"No more than you man, no more than you."

"Yeah well let's get this over with. I want to take the first flight home and hopefully, by the time I get there Eve already got her memory back. She will probably try to kill me if she did, but between you and me, I'm praying for the day she remembers everything so that she would leave…"


Brushing her long hair and her eyes drinking on her reflection through the huge mirror hanging from the bathroom's wall, Eve blinked her eyes slowly as her mind continued to run at increased speed over some matters.

Well, it was only one matter that was occupying her mind and that matter had a name, John Cena.

Over the last two weeks, she has been trying to decipher the weird relationship she seemed to have with him and after much thinking, she realized what was the problem with them.


Either she was cheating on him or he was cheating on her. Perhaps both of them had succumbed into the awful claws of infidelity and that was the reason why they fell apart.

Because yeah, even with no memory she could tell they had fallen apart. It was obvious, they slept on the same bed they never touched each other, the most intimate contact she could remember them sharing was him kissing her forehead and quite honestly, she couldn't feel any kind of chemistry between them.

Yeah they talked and stuff, but every word shared felt forced and after spending days away doing his job, he seemed more excited to see Phantom when he got back home than he was to see her.

Arching an eyebrow, Eve put the hairbrush down, still thinking.

Yeah, he was the one who was probably cheating. Maybe she even knew it and forgot and that was why he was trying to be so nice to her. Maybe he was hoping she would never remember that little fact…

Now, the only problem with that scenario was this; if he wanted her to forget about him cheating, then why wasn't he trying to win her back?

Taking in a deep breath, Eve wished she could remember, but so far there was nothing.

Listening to the front door being opened and then the distinct voice of John calling their dog, Eve blew out a breath and turned on her heels to head out of the bedroom.

She did it gracefully, feeling in her element as she moved around, her body covered with the new designer dress she picked to wear for that night and her feet wearing a pair of Louboutins she found in the closet.

So yeah, she was looking good and she knew it; she has flat ironed her hair, she was dressing to impress and she has done her make-up to perfection; meaning that she was sure that John was going to notice her.

Not that he wanted to make him fall to her feet, she just wanted to look good for a change and maybe go out and see if there was anything good to do in that good for nothing town John has dragged her into.

By the time she made it downstairs, John was already getting comfortable over the sofa, Phantom sitting by his side and his shoes forgotten by the door.

It was the same every time and not for the first time, she wondered why they were married.

"You are home." She said while pointing out the obvious.

"Yup, I also brought the things I promised. They are in the garage, I'll get them later." With that said, he looked at her and almost doing a double take, he arched an eyebrow.

"Please don't tell me it's our anniversary and I forgot."

I don't know, I mean when is our anniversary?" She asked, placing her eyes on her hips and her lips curving into a smile.

She liked the way John was looking at her, if there was something she knew it was that she liked being the center of attention and locked in that house, they only attention she would get was Phantom.

That John was appreciating what she had was a nice change and more than anything, she wanted to get out of the house.

"December… 21 of last year."

"Last week you said we got married on February 14." She pointed out, because apparently John was truly bad with dates.

"And we did," He said without missing a beat. "December 21 was the day we first kissed and then we married in February."

Humming, Eve shifted her weight to her left foot and looked at him through half closed eyes. "So we dated for only two months before getting married?" That was so wrong she couldn't even understand it.

Why would they be cheating on each other if they were newlyweds?

"Yup, love at first sight baby. So why are you all dressed up?"

"I want to go out tonight, being here every day and all by myself is going to drive me crazy. I need to breathe so come on, take a shower and change into something nice, I'll be waiting right here."

With that said, Eve took the remote out of his hand and being careful not to touch the dog, she sat down by his side and changed the channel to MTV. John hated MTV, she knew it and when she saw they were airing the Jersey Shore, she smiled and rested her back to the sofa.

John just watched her for a while, then without saying a word he got to his feet and walked to the stairs.

Phantom followed him, but before either one of them could make it upstairs, Eve reminded him.

"Don't let the dog get into the room."

"For the love of Jebus, woman, he won't get in the bed."

"Yeah but he can pee all over and the last thing I want is to walk over dog's pee in my own bedroom."

Mumbling something that she didn't quite get, John groaned and then told his buddy to stay down. Then he was up to his room to do as his wife told him… take a shower and dress nicely.

Yeah… he couldn't wait for her to get her memory back, he just couldn't wait…