The Court of Appeal, London.

Nikki Wade stood still as a statue, in the dock of the court of appeal, outwardly self-controlled, but inwardly terrified, awaiting the judge's verdict.

"Nicola Wade, my fellow judges and I have found this to be a disturbing case. There is no doubt, that Nicola Wade did, take the life of Detective sergeant Gossard, in a most vicious manner. Nothing we have heard has disputed that fact. However, she clearly regrets her actions, and as a result of this, the court will review her sentence. Therefore, it is the decision of this court, that Nicola Wade's verdict be substituted with that of manslaughter. She must, serve another 3 years, at which point, she will be considered for appeal once again, and pending the findings of the court, may, be, released.

Part One.

Stunned, and completely unsure of what, if anything she was supposed to do or say, Nikki stood and gazed at Di Barker who appeared to be disappointed, on one side of her, and Jim Fenners gubilent expression on the other. The next thing she new, she was being escorted away back to Larkhall. Just before she was escorted to the waiting prison van, Claire Caught up with her.

"Nikki! I…I don't know what to say, I thought our evidence was sound!"

"Well, evidently, it wasn't!" Nikki couldn't help her voice sounding alittle bitter.

"Look, I'm going to speak to marrian, and see if she can arrange an appeal for much sooner, than the date they already specified, I thought the judges were convinced, but…"

Behind Nikki, Fenner was inwordly smiling. There was no need for anyone to no just what he had done to ensure Wade stayed behind bars just yet… and as for Stewart… He smirked evily to himself, maybe I'll have them both together, that could be fun, best waite for now though.