Josie yawned as her dad carried her to the coffee shop. He wouldn't have woken her up this morning but they had to visit her new daycare and Nick had wanted to meet over coffee. He promised her doughnuts and hot chocolate if she came, so she followed.

Nick met up with them and laughed at Josie sleeping in her dad's arms, her head on his shoulder, drooling.

"You know we could have met at your place." He said.

Monroe shrugged, "She'll wake up as soon as she gets her favorite."

"What is her favorite?" Nick asked.

Josie opened her eyes a little and said very quickly, "vanilla cream."

Monroe chuckled and Nick widened his eyes as she literally fell back asleep.

"Is she always like this?" Nick asked.

"Like what?" Monroe asked.

"This adorable." Nick laughed.

Monroe smiled, "Always."

After he'd ordered, they walked a ways to the park across town and sat on a bench while Nick talked about the two Eisbeiber kids egging his house.

Monroe explained to him about Wesen and with him being a Grimm it was pretty easy to be a target. Josie was just as much one too.

Josie finally woke up as her dad sat down and gave her a doughnut. She ate it half-awake but Nick could tell she was loving every minute of that doughnut.

Monroe handed her the hot chocolate and told her to be careful in case it was hot. And continued his rant about how it was hard being different when years of stereotypes existed.

"Try telling people my kid is a human girl and I don't eat meat." He muttered, eating his croissant.

Nick's phone rang.

"No no, I get it. Death calls."

"Shh!" Nick hissed.

"Have a nice day!" Monroe called and hugged Josie close who was busy watching a kid flying a kite.

He finally looked at his watch and threw the trash away.

He wanted to meet her teachers and get her exposed to the daycare as soon as possible. If she was going into kindergarten next year she needed to keep learning and socializing.


Monroe was pleased with the place. The kids were nice and the teachers were sweet and good with discipline. It seemed like a great place for Josie to come and learn.

He smiled as he watched a couple of other little girls play kitchen with her. A couple of kids had already asked her about her bruises and her cast, but she just said it was an accident and they left it alone.

While she played Monroe was able to get all the paperwork done and make the first payment for when she started.

He was content to let her keep playing with the other kids, when his phone rang. Nick needed to come by this evening to talk about spiders. Figures.


Josie giggled as she helped her dad make the sausage. Course her dad always spoke in German, but she preferred to say sausage. Her job was to clean all the vegetables and then mix them in the bowl. Her dad did the chopping and the grinding. It was very messy, but incredibly fun. She hadn't been able to cook with him like this in a long time.

At one point she accidentally dropped a few vegetables trying to hand them to her dad. If she'd been at her mom's and done that, she'd have been smacked.

But her daddy merely laughed, "Whoops! We have some jumpers over here! They're trying to escape from the bowl!"

She giggled and cleaned them again. He had nearly three stools in the kitchen. One for the sink, one for the counter, and one so she could help with the grinder.

He had to remember so he didn't trip over everything.

He had a bunch of red from the vegetables he was chopping, and it looked like blood, but it didn't faze Josie at all. He accidentally wiped her face with it and got red on her forehead and cheek.

He heard the door knock and went to answer it, butcher knife and all.

"Josie, just keep stirring, okay? No touching the grinder or knives." He warned.

"Okay Daddy." She promised and continued to stir.

She heard Nick come in and her dad was trying to explain to him that his sausage was vegetarian.

"So you wanted to talk about spiders?" Monroe asked.

Josie gasped and hopped off the stool, "Where?!"

Nick laughed, "Nah Josie, it's a Wesen."

She breathed a sigh of relief and hopped back to work while her dad explained the millions of spiders to Nick. He let her put more stuff into the grinder while he worked the pump as he continued to talk.

Nick finally got out his phone and Josie saw the picture and gasped.

"That's a Spinetod." Monroe sighed, "Not too many of those, thank God!"

Josie hopped down and went to go wash her hands. Her dad had never really told her many stories of spiders. Mostly because he knew they were scary enough as insects alone. But she hadn't realized the other reason was because he wasn't as knowledgeable about them either.

She turned around as her dad took off his apron, looking excited suddenly.

"I think I might just know someone that can help you…if she's still around that is."

He walked right past Josie who just stood there and stared at him, wondering what he was doing. Nick followed him and she watched from the kitchen. Her dad grabbed his coat and keys, opening the front door. She continued to stare at the door, unable to believe her dad had just left her in the kitchen.

He quickly barged back in, cursing.

Josie cocked her head to the side, wondering what on earth they were doing.

Monroe grabbed her coat, "I can't believe I almost forgot about you Josie! I'm so sorry." he laughed.

Josie was affronted and Nick laughed at the look on her face. It was a dead ringer for Monroe's insulted face.

She crossed her arms, looking angry.

"Josie…" Monroe warned as she just stood there, still looking pissed.

Nick was absolutely no benefit as he stood there snorting with laughter.

He sighed, "If you come with us, I'll make it up to you later…"

She still glared at him.

"I'll take you to Voodoo doughnuts." He sighed.

She smiled and practically hopped to get her coat.

Just what she needed, more sugar.

"Can I have some?" Nick asked, following them out.

Monroe glared at him with red eyes.

Josie was getting awfully tired of going to the weirdest places with her dad and Nick. But she'd actually been here a long time ago; she just didn't have too many memories of it. She was just a toddler then.

She remembered her dad bringing her to a meeting held here for his Weider group and being introduced as his motivation for going straight. She remembered getting spoiled but she was also going through a lot of problems at the time, as Rick had just moved in.

They walked upstairs and her dad knocked on a door to some lounge room.

An old woman looked up and her dad smiled, "Charlotte? Hello Charlotte, you're looking…well-ish."

"Don't bother." She snapped, "I'm not blind I know what I look like. Come on in." she said.

Nick followed him and Charlotte asked who he was and Monroe quickly told her quietly that he was a detective and a Grimm.

Josie shrieked and hid behind her dad when she shifted.

Charlotte noticed and suddenly smiled, but then must have remembered Nick and glared at him.

Monroe was able to tell her that Nick was different and on their side.

The woman seemed fine with that, and then looked back at Josie, smiling.

"I'd forgotten you had a little girl. She's getting so big." She gushed.

Nick looked a little worried for Josie, but Monroe turned to him, "Spinetods love children. They're like the mother hens of their species."

"We crave youth, children remind us of it." She muttered, still smiling in awe of Josie.

Josie peeked behind her father shyly at Charlotte, who waved and smiled at her, "What's her name?"

"Josie." He said proudly.

"Josie…such a beautiful name, and she's so precious too." She said, smiling, "I won't hurt you dear, I know your father, he's a dear, dear friend."

Josie came out shyly, still holding on to her dad.

"It's good you teach her to be safe." Charlotte commented, "I'd nearly forgotten she was a human."

"How could you tell she's a human and I'm a Grimm?" Nick asked.

Charlotte looked up at him, rather coldly, "Are you frightened of me in any way?" she asked him.

"I'm just a little edgy, but it doesn't bother me like it used to." Nick admitted.

She nodded, "You'll figure it out soon enough then, but I do believe you're here for something involving what I am…"

"Yes, I think a Spinetod might have murdered two men, and three before that and three more before that." Nick commented.

"What did they look like?" she asked Nick.

"Who, the Spinetods?" Nick asked, "I don't know-"

"No, no you fool, the victims."

"Oh…" Nick said and Josie listened as he described the victims and Charlotte moved to sit down and agreed that it was indeed a Spinetod.

Her dad sat down in a chair across from Charlotte while Nick talked to Charlotte about the case and she explained why Spinetod's had to kill.

Josie got brave enough to come closer to the intriguing woman and she was able to pause in her talking and smile at Josie, holding out her hands and letting her come closer.

"Is there anything else?" she asked Nick.

"Yeah, a watch was stolen." He said.

She smiled, "Like children we're also attracted to shiny objects. But unlike children, we don't know why we like such objects, but we do." She smiled at Monroe, then smoothed Josie's hair from her face. "Children are a way to connect with youth, something we've always craved. All that innocence in one little child."

Nick smiled, "Well I can see the definite attraction to Josie, but you're not wearing any jewelry…" he said.

"As you can see, like Monroe, I've chosen a life where I don't give in to temptation, not that it's always easy, but children come and go and it's a reprieve from not being able to live life the way we used to." She admitted, still petting Josie.

Josie smiled back at her dad and Nick.

Charlotte leaned closer to her, "Don't tell your father dear, but he and his little friend are looking more tantalizing by the minute." She laughed.

"Uh…okay, Josie, I think it's time for bed, Nick you good?" Monroe asked, getting up quickly.

"I'm awesome!" Nick said awkwardly.

Josie said her goodbyes to Charlotte and Monroe promised to bring her by again to see her.

Charlotte waved and had to admit how wonderful it was to see a child every once in a while. Monroe was a very lucky man.