Hey everyone, so there are some surprise guests in this chapter. Kudos to anyone who remembers them!


Monroe was so happy to finally have Josie home. No more worrying about bruises, no more fighting custody battles with Regina, no more hell.

He carried a sleepy Josie inside. The pain medicine was still making her very loopy, but he knew it was going to help her recover a lot faster. With two broken ribs and a broken wrist, not to mention trauma from her head to her toes, physical and mental, to deal with, he was hoping the medicine did its job.

He finally got her upstairs to her room and put her to bed and decided to let her nap while he worked on getting her enrolled at a Pre-K closer to his house. He should also consider finding a babysitter for when Nick called him out on "special" cases.

His phone rang and he ran to pick it up.

"Hello?" he asked.

"Monroe? Dear, how are you? How's Josie?"

"Slow down, Mom." Monroe laughed. He'd nearly forgotten to call his parents after the hospital fiasco. He'd only mentioned briefly what had happened. He was glad he left out the sexual abuse part. His parents would definitely have a field day tearing into Rick. Not that he minded, but he wanted Rick to himself to work over.

"Tell me how she is. We've been worried sick over here."

"She's fine now, Mom. We're going to court in a couple of days to put Regina away for good."

"Thank God, that woman…"

"Join the club, Mom."

"Is Josie all right?

"Her ribs are healing and most of the bruises are gone. Some of the scratches are starting to heal. And her wrist should be better within a few weeks."

"God, it's a miracle you showed up when you did."

"Tell me about it." He sighed, sitting down.

"How are you holding up?"

"I'm just happy now that she's here for good, finally." He smiled.

"We are too, dear." She said.

He closed his eyes for a minute and braced for the question that was sure to come.

"So, I know we're coming to visit in a couple of weeks, but if you'd like, we'd be happy to take her for a week or two, to give you some rest or some time if you like. We'd have so much fun up here. Samuel's been wanting to take her to the Harvest Festival and some movies. She'd have a blast here."

He smiled; he knew how much they wanted Josie to stay with them for a bit. They'd hardly seen her in two years and it was killing them.

"Why don't we schedule for the fall then, around the festival time. I think she'd love it."

"Oh Monroe! Don't worry, we'll plan everything."

"You got it Mom."

"Bye dear, when she's feeling better we'll talk with her. Give her a big hug from us all over here."

"I will bye!"

He hung up and laid his head back on the couch. He couldn't lie, he was exhausted.

He just focused on his breathing and listened to his clocks ticking as he rested.

He heard a wail come from upstairs and he jumped up.

He ran upstairs and found Josie sitting up in bed, crying.

"What's going on Josie? You have a nightmare?" he asked, going to her and sitting on her bed so she could hug him.

She nodded and hugged him.

"Did you wanna come downstairs and eat some lunch?" he asked.

She nodded again and he picked her up gently.

He put her on the couch and gave her a pillow and a blanket, covering her up.

He was just about to heat up his vegetable soup when he heard a knock at the door.

Josie started crying. He sighed, knowing the sound of a door knocking would terrify her for a long time.

He opened it and was surprised to see Nick there.

"Hey Nick, come on in." he said, leading the way.

Josie stopped crying and smiled at Nick, looking relieved.

"Want anything; we're just about to eat lunch." Monroe said.

"Nah, I'm good, thanks." Nick said.

"I'll get some coffee, and then we can chat." Monroe said, going back to the kitchen.

Nick sat down next to Josie who grinned at him.

"You feeling better?" he asked her.

She shrugged.

Monroe finally brought in the coffee pot and some toast for Sadie.

Nick finally pulled out his sketch pad and turned to the page of the Wesen he drew that morning.

"Do you know anything about this? I haven't really found anything in the books."

Monroe sat down and looked at it, "Mousehertz. There's a reason there's nothing written about them, they don't do anything worth writing about."

"So they're harmless?" Nick asked.

"You kidding me? You say Boo and they scurry off to their hidey hole, they're very predictable that way."

"What about a Lausen-"

"Lausenschlenge? You saw a snake dude and lived to tell about it?" Monroe asked, shaking his head, "I swear you run into the craziest people, man."

"Well, I am a cop."

Josie reached down and grabbed her book bag by the coffee table and pulled out a notebook while Monroe told Nick more about the mouse and snake people.

"Here Nick." She said, giving him a piece of paper.

Nick took it and nearly choked on his coffee.

She had indeed made him a picture. And sure enough, there he was holding an axe and a gun with a big smile on his face. The head of what looked like a Teletubbie was on the ground next to him with blood. And of course, she added a rainbow and a happy sun as well.

Monroe leaned over and grinned, "Your best work yet, kiddo."

Nick stared at it with wide eyes, "Who's the Wesen?" he asked.

"It's not a Wesen, it's a Boo-bah. Daddy said those things should be shot and killed. They're really scary."

Monroe coughed awkwardly and shrugged. Nick folded the paper and put it in his pocket.

"Thanks Josie, I'll be sure to hang this up." He said. Where no one can see it he thought.

Monroe's phone rang, "Excuse me." He said, and answered it.

Nick helped Josie put her notebook away and decided to continue working on his case. He wanted to get this one solved before Regina's trial in a couple of days.

"I got a gig!" Monroe whispered.

"That's okay, I got to go." Nick said, and took his leave.

"Bye Nick!" Josie said.

Nick waved and Monroe continued his call.

When he hung up, he looked excitedly at Josie, "I got a gig!" he said, happily.

She smiled at him. But he gave pause and had to wonder what he'd do with her while he was away. It shouldn't take him more than a couple of hours. He decided to call around and see if anyone was willing to babysit last minute.

"Let's go eat, hun, then Daddy has to make some calls." He explained.

She nodded and he helped her walk to the table.


He was outside with Josie in the front yard, sitting on his porch. He and Josie used to love sitting outside together, watching people go by and cars pass. He covered her in a blanket and sat her in his lap, sipping coffee. He rocked the porch swing a little and waited.

Sure enough, the girl he'd gotten a hold of pulled up with her dad in the car.

They both got out and came towards the house.

"Hi." He said, kindly, shaking their hands.

"Hope you don't mind, people can be a little crazy sometimes so I thought I'd make sure she made it safely." The dad said, "The name's Jarold Kampfer."

Monroe shook his hand, "I'm Monroe."

"Hi, I'm Carly. We talked on the phone." The girl said.

"And this is Josie." Monroe said, holding a still very tired Josie in his lap. Her lids were drooping but she still managed to smile at the two strangers.

"Come on in and I'll show you around, answer any questions you have." Monroe said, taking Josie inside. Both of them followed.

"So yeah, this is the basic house, feel free to eat anything you want. I warn you I'm a vegetarian, so hope you don't mind the healthy organic stuff."

Carly smiled and walked in.

"Can I get you two anything?" Monroe asked, nearly slapping himself for being a bad host.

"We're good." Jarold said, smiling.

"Go ahead and take a seat." Monroe said as both grabbed a chair and sat down.

Monroe continued to hold Josie, who was ready to drop any second.

"Poor thing's a little tired." Jarold said, "I remember when my Carly was that small."

Carly rolled her eyes and smiled.

"I can't thank you enough for doing this." Monroe said, "I was frantic looking for people, but my good friend said his partner, Hank Griffin, recommended you specifically."

"He's my godfather." Carly smiled, "And my dad's best friend."

"We go way back." Jarold smiled.

"Well, I would love to hire you as a sitter for any nights where I'm called away on some emergency, which I warn you, does happen almost every other week." Monroe sighed, "But luckily, it's not been an everyday sort of thing."

"So you'd need Carly for evenings only?" Jarold asked.

"Well, I just need her tomorrow afternoon and then after I get Josie enrolled at daycare, then she can do evenings for when I'm on call for something." He said, "I have an unexpected gig to go to and with her just getting out of the hospital…"

Jarold nodded, "Can I ask what happened?"

Monroe looked at Josie, who'd finally fallen asleep, "I don't want to divulge any uncomfortable information, but…"

Carly shrugged, "We don't judge."

Monroe sighed, "I've been dealing with a custody battle with her mother for years now. She was being abused and well…this happened."

Jarold looked at him sadly, "I'm real sorry to hear that."

"Is the mom in jail?" Carly asked, suddenly shifting.

Monroe stared at her in shock, "Coyotl?"

Jarold shifted and Monroe followed suit, out of common courtesy.

Jarold was taken aback.

"I'm Weider, dude, don't worry." Monroe said, retracting.

Jarold retracted as well as Carly and both gave each other looks.

"Look, I understand if you don't want your daughter to watch a Blutbad's daughter, but-"

"You said your Weider?" Jarold asked.

Monroe nodded, "Vegetarian and all, man."

He smiled, "Us too. Home group?" he asked.

Monroe stared at him, "The United Methodist group on Graceland Rd."

He laughed, "I go to the Presbyterian on Yearling St."

Monroe felt relieved.

"Has Josie changed yet?" Carly asked.

Monroe frowned, "Actually…Josie's a human."

Jarold stared in shock at him, "You're kidding? I've heard it's been done before, but…wow….I've never seen it really happen."

Monroe shrugged, "Weird gene play I guess."

Jarold laughed, "Let me guess…you went straight cause of her?"

Monroe nodded.

"When I got married and had Carly, I felt the same. New life and now a good one."

Carly smiled.

"Carly's an AP student and works real hard at school and on organizations." Jarold said proudly, "I'd heard being Weider helps create a healthier teenager if the family chooses a safe and happy life. I have every reason to believe it's true."

"That's good, more hope for Josie." Monroe laughed.

"I think she's adorable. She won't be any trouble for me. And evening gigs help me to study more." Carly said, looking to her dad, "Can I take the job?"

He shrugged, "Your money, hun, you do what you want to."

"What time did you need me tomorrow?" Carly asked.

"Can you be here at 12?" Monroe asked, smiling.


Monroe was so excited. His life was finally turning for the better. He had an amazing gig, his daughter was finally his, Regina was going to jail, he had an official babysitter, and he'd just enrolled her at the Christian Daycare close to his house, what could possibly go wrong?

He walked up to his gig and saw the clock he would be fixing. It was huge and he couldn't wait to get his hands on it.

He walked up at precisely 12:30, happy with his timing. Once he got to the door, however, there was a For Lease sign on the door.

Strange, maybe they'd just bought the place or something.

He looked up and noticed people on the balcony and waved to them. As soon as he spoke was when he first felt it.

He sensed someone behind him and was ready to shift, but was punched right away. Next thing he knew, he was being ganged up on and lights out.

Carly had to admit it was the easiest job in the world. The medicine kept Josie pretty tired, so she was easy to entertain. She fed her the leftovers Monroe had put in the fridge, colored a few pictures with her and brushed her hair before her nap. After that, it was book time and relaxation. And to think, she'd only have to come in the evenings when Josie was asleep. Easiest 5 bucks an hour she'd ever make.

She heard Josie crying suddenly and ran up to go see what was wrong.

She came in and saw Josie crying on the bed.

Carly came over to her, "You okay, Josie?"

Josie shook her head, "Daddy!"

"He'll be home real soon, he's fixing a clock, remember?"

Josie looked around and nodded, holding her wolf. Carly was a little put off by the fact that she was watching a human child whose father was a Blutbad. She wondered what it was like to be able to see all these creatures and not be able to do anything about it.

They suddenly heard the door open downstairs.

"What do you know, your dad's back!" Carly smiled and picked Callie up to take her downstairs.

Carly stopped halfway in the hall when she saw Monroe covered in bruises, bleeding, with red in his eyes. He was in the kitchen drinking some scotch and getting ice in a bag.

"Daddy…" Josie said, crying.

"What happened?" Carly gasped.

Monroe looked sadly at her, "It's okay girls, it's nothing."

"Do you need me to call an ambulance?" Carly asked.

Monroe chuckled, "No, no, I'm fine. Really. Here, how much do I owe you?" he asked, getting out his wallet and wincing.

"Um…10 dollars I think." She said, still very concerned, "I can call my dad to come over if you like."

"No, really Carly, I can't thank you enough, I'll be fine. Here's twenty for being so awesome."

She took the money and put Josie in a chair.

"Will you call if you need me or anything?" she asked before she left.

"I will. Thanks again, Carly."

"Bye. Bye Josie."

Josie waved and Monroe smiled at her, "I think we match, Josie Posie." He laughed.


Nick was on his way. Monroe could tell. He had finally gotten Josie to sleep after nearly three hours of her fretting and panicking.

He sighed and looked over at her pictures. He knew what Nick would say, what he would do. And Monroe had to choose between letting Nick figure it all out on his own or keep helping him at the risk of being hurt again.

He wondered about Josie. How would she feel? Would this affect her as well?

He thought about helping Nick save countless kids and people. How personal it was to know a human being at the hands of a ruthless Wesen attack.

He had to keep helping Nick, if not for the peace of mind at being able to help people, then at least for showing Josie what courage and respect meant.

He would keep helping a Grimm. And he'd do it for Josie.