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Well, my school life has become more...interesting?

For a week, Rakan hasn't found himself alone in school. At break, lunchtime a tall dark figure walks to his classroom on the dot and drags him to the fields to eat

Before I'd just deliver my flowers to my classmates and eat by myself. Seeing someone wait for me and walk with me is so...I'm so not used to this!


Rakan blinked out of his trail of thought to look at the older boy's face. How can a teenage boy have such handsome features...not fair, I still look like I did when I was in middle school...

Chigusa pressed his hand on the grass to lean closer to Rakan.

''You haven't talked yet, are you angry?''

Rakan flinched a bit of his sudden closeness. He starting to do this too much...a man needs personal space! Rakan leaned back for some distance and looked away

''Senpai, do you talk to anyone else in your class? I mean, other than me''

''Why would I talk to other people when I can talk to you right now Rakan'' Chigusa said simply.

This guy...

Chigusa jumped on a sudden thought ''Do you want to talk to other people than me, Rakan?'' The senior looked at Rakan's face with worry. He looks younger than me when he pulls that face...

Rakan looked up to think and replied ''Well, honestly I'm not that interested in talking to other people. I mean, they're fine and all but I prefer to be by myself at times.''

''Even now? Would you prefer being with yourself?''

''What? Oh, well...it's interesting to talk to you, Senpai.'' Chigusa's face smoothed into a handsome smile and his eyes warmed. Rakan saw his genuine reaction and blushed a bit

''I-I mean, it's no big deal or anything, having friends right?'' Rakan, lose the eye contact...geez he's still smiling at me

''I like being your friend though, Rakan. Out of all the friends I had, I like you the best'' Chigusa looking at Rakan's flushed face

I'm your only damn friend

The bell rung and Rakan's classmates left in pairs or groups to have fun after school. Rakan watched them go while packing his bag. What's to do really, after school though? Shopping? Karaoke? There's not much in this small town...

As a habit already, Rakan glanced by the door to see if Chigusa be there waiting for me. The guy is like a puppy. I have to remind myself who's the senior and junior.

Rakan did feel bit disappointed that Chigusa wasn't there though. The junior let out a sigh and began walking out of the class.

Rakan took out his shoes from his locker just when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Chigusa.

''Hey are you-''

Rakan stopped when he realised he looked at three older students that he didn't recognize. Three of them made a wall around him and Rakan began to feel his stomach drop.

''C-can I help you?'' Rakan said rather weakly. The trio scoffed and one spat on the ground.

''Let's take a walk, Rakan-chan'' The tallest linked arms with Rakan and another put his arm on his shoulders pushing Rakan down. The third walked behind his back.

Wha-wha-what is going on? Who are these guys?

Rakan was led to the shed outside the building where the keep the PE equipment. No-one was around to see him at all. All gone to sing to terrible songs.

''Rakan-chan'' The tallest addressed and Rakan looked up at him and gulped. ''You seem like a such nice guy and it's really too bad.'' He patted the junior's bronze locks and the other two laughed.

''What do you want?''

''You've been hanging out with that fucker Senroh and honestly, it makes me wonder why.'' The senior straightened his back and gave a nod to both of his friends. ''You must have really poor opinion of friends if you're gonna talk to him.''

''What's it to you who I'm friends with'' The senior's face hardened and his eyes flashed. Why did I do that, why can't I stay quiet.

''Because that piece of shit thinks he can get away beating me in a fight.'' He growled.

So Chigusa did beat up someone and it was this guy...

''So let's not give him any ideas that he can go off and have fun with is new lovely friend, the flower boy.''

The two seniors behind Rakan kicked him on the back and he fell to his knees. The trio took a step forward. ''Too bad it had to turn out like this, Rakan-chan''

Rakan opened to mouth to talk and wheezed instead when he felt a heavy kick to his stomach. The three kicked him repetitively and all Rakan felt that he can do is guard his face with his arms.

It was later Rakan barely managed to catch the last train back to his house.


Rakan limped to the door and didn't bother to lock the it behind him. He took a few steps into the front room and then passed out on the floor boards

I wont have him beaten again so dont worry and I'm sorry :((((