Ok here is a story of my main oc's past I hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter one: village turns

*chris home village*

It's been three months since my father's death I need to go out and hang out with mei ling to get my mind of it chris thought to himself.

Chris left his room and went down stairs and saw his brother and mother both sleeping.

"Hey chris I heard what happened I am sorry" mei ling said as she ran over to him.

"It's ok mei ling so what has happened to the gang" chris said as he put his pockets.

"Well they all went to their lives but once they see their leader again they will come back" she said.

"Ok let's go to the meeting of the gangs" as the fourteen year olds ran off to meet with the town gangs as his members joined behind him.

As they entered the meeting chris stopped to tell his friends and said "this could end badly and we wil fight to the last man or woman WE WILL FIGHT, AND WE WILL WIN" as he said they all cheered as he and mei ling went to the meeting.

"so he's alive and his pretty girlfriend is also alive" a fifteen year old wolf came up out of the shadows as did the rest of the gang leaders did.

"Shut it Reggie nobody will ever like you but if you ever get a girl that will give me heart attack" chris said all the gang leaders laughed as did mei ling.

"So funny chris now down to business there have been a number of attacks on all our turfs except for yours chris so this so called new gang wants into our origination so we are ready to end them but we need the ok from you chris" reggie said.

"NO it's my land I am not being tricked again reggie" chris yelled.

Chris stood up and left the meeting reggie shook his head.

Chris walked out and mei ling asked him "chris you know reggie won't let this stand he will come."

"I know mei so I am going to be up all night waiting to see this new gang" chris said.

"ok just come back in one peace ok and stop calling me mei it's embarrassing me" mei ling said as she hugged her boyfriend.

"Well I wouldn't be your boyfriend if I didn't stupid and dangerous things now would I" he said.

She punched him in the shoulder then kissed him and ran off.

Ok now I have to wait and see what happens chris thought.

Hours passed then chris heard a loud explosion then ran to that direction.

He saw mei ling and some guards out cold some of his guys grabbed them while he got mei ling.

She opened her eyes and saw him and smiled then spoke weakly "thanks chris".

He smiled then ran into the fire and saw three girls and turned and said "you will make us a gang or die."

"Well first I need your names" chris said.

"We are the sixteen year old wu sisters" one of them said.

"Well now I know what to mark your grave with" chris said as he pulled out a knife.

He charged at them he made two quick slash's then they did a palm strike to his chest and he was sent against and they all kicked him and sent him through the wall his entire gang saw him fall down and he didn't get up.

Mei ling ran to his side and dragged him to a safe area his gang fled.

Chris woke up "reggie he was right we needed all the gangs here I must talk to him".

"chris he will kill you before you get the chance" mei ling.

"You're right but he still needs to know" chris told her.

"Fine we'll head to his land in the morning" mei ling said but felt defeated.

The next morning they headed to reggie but along the way thieves tried to take mei ling and they were cutting chris with their knifes.

At that second chris was meet by a overlord and said "chris I will give you the power to save your friend."

Then chris changed into a dark warrior his vest had skulls on it his eyes turned purple and he seemed like dark energy was on his fur.

"Now let's finish this" chris said.

All the bandits jumped on him and he just kicked off the cliff right next to him.

When he turned back he looked at mei ling who was scared and ran to the village and told everyone.

When he ran back everyone looked at him and ran and got a weapon and stabbed him in his arms.

When thet were finished mei ling patched him up and took him out of the village and left together chris's family came too.

"Listen chris I am sorry for what happened and please don't hate me" mei ling said.

"It's ok but we are no longer boyfriend/girlfriend is that clear your just my friend" chris said mei ling nodded and her heart didn't brake she knew that would happen because what the villagers did to him.