Chapter Eighteen

Ron stood in the hospital wing staring at the sleeping form of his best friend; her petite body was curled up against the man he had always thought would be his enemy, and yet now said man, was his comrade.

The image of Draco's bleeding and broken body had cemented its way into the red head's memory, manifesting and disturbing him, it was a terrible reminder that no matter how much of a ferret he thought the blonde boy to be, he made his best friend happy and he was ultimately on their side… Ron still thought it weird.

Ron gave a sigh as he observed the private room he had spent the last 3 days trying to coax Hermione from, with little effect. They had all tried, but she wouldn't leave, pleading and crying with them to let her be. But she was never left alone, each of them stayed with her, reassuring and comforting her when she would cry and scream at Draco's lifeless body to wake up.

3 days had wearily passed, 3 days she had sat by Draco's bedside waiting, praying and watching for any sign that he would come back to her, but still there was nothing.

Ron had never been patient he knew that, but this time he couldn't wait; he couldn't watch his best friend pine away waiting, for Draco. He was so tempted to shake him awake, scream at him for leaving her like this. But he didn't, he knew it wouldn't work, he knew it wouldn't rouse him from the deep slumber that embraced the Slytherin prince.

Ron took in Hermione's appearance, her once glossy bouncy curls, were frizzy and dry, testament to the fact she hadn't showered in those three days, her personal hygiene consisting of a quick scorigify. Ron frowned, her complexion was pale, her large amber eyes surrounded by large dark circles hinting at the lack of sleep she had received in the last few days. At least Ginny had managed to make her change her clothes, it was something, and yet it was nothing.

Ron was suddenly aware of another person's presence, he felt the warmth of her body radiating of her, her proximity making him smile softly.

"Any news?" Pansy asked softly, placing her small hand in his own large one.

Ron's eyes never left the scene in the room, "No, nothing. Madam Pomfrey said that he should wake up any time…" his voice was quiet.

Pansy nodded her head.

"But?" she replied, her large blue eyes searching Ron's pale face, his eyes darted down to meet hers, he give a sad smile before pulling her away from the room.

"I overheard Pomfrey talking to Dumbledore and Snape" Ron struggled with the words, he didn't know how to say it.

He felt Pansy squeeze his hand reassuringly.

"Maybe we should go talk to the others?" she said softly, it was more of a statement than a question. Ron nodded and followed Pansy away from hospital wing with a final glance at the room in which Hermione and Draco resided.

Ron and Pansy climbed through the portrait of the head dorms, he could hear the tell-tale sounds of Harry and Blaise playing wizards chess, and the empty laughter belonging to Luna and Ginny.

The 6 of them had unofficially moved into the head dorms, the girls taking Hermione's room and the boys staying in the common room, refusing to enter Draco's room, it was his after all. It was silently agreed between them that they would stay in the rooms for Hermione, if on the off chance she wandered away from the hospital wing and she came back to the dorms they would be there for her.

But so far she hadn't left, no surprise.

"How was she?" Ginny's voice, full of concern, broke through the mellow silence of the room.

"Sleeping" Ron replied falling onto the sofa, pulling Pansy onto his lap.

The act wasn't unnoticed by the group, the last 3 days had been bonding time for the couple, each of them finding something reassuring in the other; it was safe to say that they were officially together.

Harry and Blaise moved away from their game, each of them embracing their partners, Ginny's usual fiery temperament was melancholic in the situation, her heart went out to her best friend, she knew the boys sympathised, but more so they were worried, but she could understand that.

Not only was Hermione not eating or sleeping, she had missed class, refusing to leave Draco's side. It was unheard of for Hermione to miss class; it struck a chord in every single one of them. Her absence was been felt by everyone, the teachers, the younger students. Her absence along with Draco's really drove home the impending war, something that the walls of Hogwart's usually sheltered its students from.

"Any news on Draco?" Blaise asked finally, disturbing the rooms occupants from their individual thoughts, all attention moved to Ron who was uncharacteristically quiet.

"Officially, No." Ron said quietly, careful not to make eye contact with anyone else in the room.

"And Unofficially?" Came the airy voice of Luna.

Ron didn't answer, instead focusing his attention on a piece of Pansy's hair. Pansy watched him, her blue eyes sad, before she looked to the group.

"Ron overheard Madam Pomfrey talking."

"What did she say?" Harry enquired, leaning forward on the cream chaise Hermione was so enamoured with.

Ron cleared his voice uncomfortably.

"She said…" he looked around the room, before staring ahead to the blazing hearth that heated and lit the room. "She said, that if he doesn't wake up in the next 2 days… he might never wake up."

Gasps echoed around the room.

"How can that be!" Harry shouted, standing up and beginning to pace the cream coloured carpet. "When muggles are in comas they can wake up after months, months! It's ridiculous!"

The other 5 students looked on.

"Harry…" Ginny started, standing from her place with Blaise. "It's different for Magical Folk, our magic, it manifests itself too deeply, it's so pure that to harness it all for such a period of time, it could quite literally kill him."

"What?!" Harry asked, turning around to face the red headed girl, his emerald green eyes flashing in the fire light.

This time it was Blaise who spoke.

"Magic is too potent, it's in your blood, it runs through your veins, its one of the reasons wizards live longer. The levels are never dangerous because we always have an outlet for it. Everything we do expels magic to some degree, however because Draco can't expel it, the build-up of the magic in his blood, becomes too potent, in fact it becomes toxic, similar to muggle blood poisoning."

"And then what?" Harry asked.

"Organ failure most likely" Pansy replied, her eyes full of unshed tears.

"Hermione" Harry whispered, his face full of remorse and sorrow for his childhood friend.

"Is there nothing we can do?" Pansy sobbed, her voice muffled in Ron's chest, as Ron attempted to soothe the crying girl.

Blaise shook his head.

The group was quiet, the only sound the crackle of the wood as the fire consumed it.

It was in the stillness of the room that the gasp was heard, a feminine gasp filled with hope and wonder.

"Gin, what's wrong?" Blaise asked looking to the girl next to him.

"Nothing, I…um…have to go, I'll be back soon." Ginny said by way of explanation before she left the head dorms, leaving behind 5 bewildered teenagers.

"Albus, this isn't healthy for the girl, she's making herself ill, what good will it do the boy if he wakes up?" Minerva asked, her Scottish accent portraying her concern for her favourite student.

"When Minerva, whenYoung Malfoy wakes up." Albus Dumbledore replied, his blue eyes twinkling in that knowing way.

"How can you be so sure?" The transfiguration professor asked staring at two of her most promising students.

"My dear, for as long as there are stars in the sky, there will always be star-crossed lovers, Shakespeare was onto something when he wrote Romeo and Juliet, such a tragic story." His lips forming a thin line in thought. "However as similar as Mister Malfoy is to young Romeo, and Miss Granger to Juliet, I do not believe that this couple is destined for such a tragic end, at least, not like this."

"Oh Albus." Minerva sighed. "I do wish you wouldn't talk in riddles with the omniscience you seem to have, never straight to the point." She muttered as she made her way to the infirmary doors.

"Never, My dear." Albus said with a quirk as Minerva left muttering a few choice words that would astound the students.

The elderly headmaster made his way back to the private room that housed the schools head students, the infirmary was so quiet it allowed the activity within the room to be heard.

The room was plain, the stiff white sheets of the infirmary cot, precisely folded over the body that lay within them. Draco. To the right of the bed sat a very dishevelled head girl, the worn blue fabric chair had been pulled as close to the cot as possible. Hermione was leant forward, her left hand clutched Draco's limp right one, as Hermione ran her right hand through the silky stands of Draco's silvery blonde hair. It wasn't the movement that drew the headmaster's attention to couple; it was the hypnotic voice, so full of emotion that drifted to him. Hermione's singing was the only thing to be heard, in the otherwise empty wing.

Oh, I can't help it I'm just selfish

There's no way that I could share you

That would break my heart to pieces

Honestly the truth is

If I could just die in your arms

I wouldn't mind

Cause everytime you touch me

I just die in your arms

Oooh, it feels so right

So baby baby please don't stop no

Basically I'm staying here

I can't live without my baby

Loving you is so damn easy for me yeah

Ain't no need for contemplating

Promise you won't keep me waiting

Tell me baby, I'm all that you need

The headmaster smiled "Sometimes, people should pay more attention to the songs we listen and sing to the most, because usually it is the lyrics we sing that we are too scared to say" he muttered to himself quietly.

Just then a sound coming from the infirmary entrance had the headmaster disillusioning himself, slipping into the private room he stood against the wall, observing as the youngest Weasley came running energetically into the room.

"Hermione!" Ginny gasped, breathless.

"Gin?" Hermione asked with a frown marring her pretty face.

"I know what you can do" Ginny replied, as if her statement explained it all.

"Do what Ginny?" Hermione asked slightly exasperated.

"To wake Draco up, I know what you can do!" Ginny said excitedly.

Hermione sighed.

"I can't do anything Gin, Madam Pomfrey has already said, he'll wake up in his own time."

Ginny shook her head violently.

"He won't 'Mione. You need to wake him up, you're his soul mate you can wake him up. Can and will." Ginny said determination evident in her voice.

"How exactly can I do that Gin?" Hermione asked, genuinely intrigued with what her best friend was saying, she daren't hope.

"Do you remember at the Yule ball, and you were singing?" she asked.

Hermione nodded affirmative.

"Draco saw through the glamour, didn't he! He saw through a very powerful piece of magic to see you, and thus he cemented the most ancient piece of magic between two people."

"I'm not following Gin, what has any of this got to do with waking him up?"

"The music, Hermione! When you sing, you literally light people up, it calls to people, it appeals to something deep inside of us, it's almost primal, instinct if you will. Songs can change generations, sum up how we feel, reflect who we are inside, they are a representation of an individual. In that moment you and Draco formed a strong bond, he heard you in the ROR, he saw you lost in the music, you were so low then that it translated itself through the music and lyrics to everyone through your voice. You can do it again!"

"You want me to sing to Draco?" Hermione asked dubiously. "I was singing to him earlier but nothing, I don't think it'll work." Hermione sighed again.

"It will work Hermione, but you have to but your heart and soul into it, you have to write a new song, a song that encompasses all your feelings for Draco, something that he will hear and know that you need him, talking won't work. You need to awaken him this way, I just know it!"

"Through my music?" Affirmed Hermione.

"Oh 'Mione I wish you understood, it's about so much more than the music, it's a part of you, music is a part of you, you are the music. Just try it please?" Ginny begged.

Hermione didn't have a response, could it be possible that to get her Draco back all she had to do was sing? Would there be any harm in trying?

"Okay, I'll try." Hermione agreed.

"It's all I can ask for. Now come on, there's no time like the present to get started." She said pulling the brunette towards the door.

"I'll be there in a minute" Hermione said pulling her arm out of Ginny's grip "I just need to finish something" she said at Ginny's questioning look.

"Okay I'll wait near the doors." The red head said before making her way towards the infirmary doors.

Hermione made her way back over to Draco's bedside.

"Can't hurt to start now?" she asked rhetorically.

If I could just die in your arms

I wouldn't mind

Cause everytime you touch me

I just die in your arms

Oooh, it feels so right

So baby baby please don't stop no

Hermione finished her song, before placing a soft kiss upon Draco's lips.

"We'll find a way for you to awaken" she said wistfully before making her way to Ginny.

The headmaster chuckled to himself as he heard the two girls talking lively, a new found hope gripping at their hearts.

His chuckle soon turned to awe as movement in the corner of his eye drew his attention.

Draco's once limp unravelled hand that once lay so still upon the sheets was now clenched tightly in a fist.

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