Hello, I'm L3xand and this is my first story at FF (FanFiction). Well, if someone wants to help me with ideas for the story send me a PM (private message). Also if you can review me for say me about my orthography I will thank you, because my natal language is Spanish and I'm trying to performance my English with this stories. After this there is my story. Enjoy in!

When the light of the sun go up, Alex woke-up from a recomfortable dream with a little roar, seeing outside of the train car. He saw that the train still moving across Spain. "Well" he said,"we're not in the capital now but it will be later" when Skipper get into Alex's train car "Good morning soldier, we'r…" "ehm" interrupt Alex, "I'm not one of your soldiers, but…." "Be quiet soldier, and not do stupid questions!" says Skipper, "ok, I think?" say Alex nervously. "Well we are talking about where can we go for the next trip, and we decided to go to United States" say Skipper, "that's a great idea!" say Alex, "well, see you later soldier" say Skipper, "ok" say Alex, "hey! You don't have to say 'ok', you have to say 'yes sir!'" say Skipper correcting Alex, "yes sir!" say Alex with a smile in his face.

When the train stops for the practice, Alex was going to prepare the trapeze center when Gia appeared behind Alex. "Hello Alex (my name, X3), how are you?" ask Gia to Alex, "I'm ok" say Alex to his jaguar girlfriend, "ok, when we can practice?" ask Gia to Alex, "soon, I only have to prepare the trapeze, I think it will be in five minutes" say Alex (me!) "Ok I will wait" When the trapeze were ended, Gia and Alex where prepared to start the practice. "Ready?" ask Gia to Alex, "ready!" say Alex and they started the practice show. They were creating tricks for the real show. Then, when they ended the practice show, Alex says to Gia "uf! I'm very tired! " "hahaha! You're so lazy, you're a lazy lion!" say Gia laughing. "You think that?" ask Alex with a smile in his face, "yes! You're so lazy!" say Gia smiling, "well, to prove you I'm not lazy, you want to go for walk?" ask Alex to Gia, "yes, why not?" say Gia. Little time later, Gia and Alex (me) where in a small mountain with a variety of flowers and very beautiful clouds. "You like the place I found for you?" say Alex to Gia, "wow!" Gia said,"this place is the most beautiful I ever see" "I think you'll say that, so I prepare this for you" say Alex showing a little place behind they with a stereo playing romantically music (I think the music will have saxophone, so it will be my music, XDDDDDDD!), a table with very tastily meat and cover with candles. "This awesome!" say Gia, "you did that for me?" asked Gia, "yes, because I love you so much and I want to prove it to you" say Alex. "aww Alex (again my name, XDDDD), you're so cute!" say Gia, "thanks, but I want you to ask you something important" say Alex, "and what's that?" when Gia asked, Alex (me) got holding on one knee still holding Gia's paw and said, "Gia I love you so much and I couldn't imaginate one day or ever my entire life without you" say Alex, "oh Alex, you're so cute!" say Gia with a smile in her face, "what I trying to mean is…" Alex stops and breathes very deep, "You'll be my mate?" ask Alex to Gia, "yes! Yes I will be your mate!" and they kissed romantically…..

What do you think about my first chapter in FF? If you want to give me ideas or to help me I'm available to hear (read) it! Well, my name is Alex (my real name) saying you good bye, see ya later!