"I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" Izayoi demanded ominously.

Inuyasha and Kagome exchanged a nervous glance.

"I said... we got married!" the new groom repeated. "Why are you not happy?"

Izayoi seemed to grow a couple feet in a matter of seconds. Rationally, the couple knew that she couldn't possibly have. And yet she was so clearly towering over them, glowering heatedly down her nose at their shrinking forms. Finally she spoke with a deadly calm. "After everything that I've done for you, after I all but arranged this match FOR you, you didn't stop to think that perhaps I would enjoy being PRESENT at the only marriage one of my children is likely to have?"

"Sesshoumaru could get married..." Inuyasha tried.

Izayoi scoffed.

"Yeah, you're right..."

"We are so, so sorry, Izayoi," Kagome interjected, gearing up for an eloquent apology speech.

"Oh, don't worry, dear. I'm not mad at you. I'm sure it was all my son's idea. Welcome to the family! Call me 'Mom'."

"Oh, Mom! I'm so glad you understand! I told him we shouldn't, but he just didn't listen!"

"Traitor..." Inuyasha muttered.

At that moment, the patriarch of the family entered the room hastily.

"I got your summons. What's happened?"

"They got married!"

"So soon? Is she pregnant?" Inuyasha's father asked hopefully.

Izayoi quirked an eyebrow and looked at Kagome expectantly.

"What? No!"

Both parents sighed heavily.

"Try harder next time, son."

"Wh!? Next time? Do you think we've..." He blushed. "We haven't!"

"No? Well there's no time like the present!"

An awkward silence covered the room.

"Not here, obviously. We have a cottage in the woods, don't we? Why don't you two take a honeymoon? You could relax, get to know each other better... have a go at impregnation..."

"I'll go anywhere if it will get us away from you two lunatics."

"Wonderful! Here's the key! Off you go!" Both parents smiled and began waving goodbye. The new couple backed out of the room slowly.

When they reached the hall, Sesshoumaru rounded the corner. He stopped when he saw them and said bluntly, "I got a summons."

"Yes, well... we got married!"

Sesshoumaru did not react.

"Kagome and I."


"Earlier today."

His expression was completely blank.

"We had a wedding where we were wedded and now she's my wife and I'm her husband and we're married. Why are you not reacting at all?"



Sesshoumaru cleared his throat and tried again. "Yay."

"Ok, we're leaving."


"No, just... for a week or so. For our honeymoon."


"That he reacts to..."

"Nevermind. Let's go." Kagome grabbed Inuyasha's hand and they hurried to his room, stuffing a couple of bags full of his clothing. Kagome insisted that she wouldn't need any of her own. Then Inuyasha swept her up and bounded into the woods. They both enjoyed the feel of his arms around her.

Finally they reached a little stone cottage. It had obviously not been used in a while, as vines had grown up the sides, but it was clean enough and cute in its own way. Inuyasha fiddled with the key and finally managed to open it, swinging the door inwards with gusto. Then he carried Kagome over the threshold and set her down. She looked around at the cozy furniture and fireplace before making a verdict.

"I like it." Then she turned to him, grinning. "I guess we ran away together to the woods after all."

He grinned back and dipped to kiss her. It started tender, but quickly became more passionate as they both reveled in the freedom of affection afforded by the commitment that they had made and the privacy they now shared.

"I love you," he breathed between kisses.

"I love you, too," she murmured. "Help me get out of this dress?"

"Gladly," he smirked.

Then he kicked the door closed and locked it with a loud click.

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