"Come on, give him a chance."

The chief looked at her through narrowed eyes. "My decision is final. There is too much danger involved in that kind of risk."

"It's not a risk! He's changed."

"He lost his memory for who knows how long. It could come back at any time."

"That's why he should be here. This way we can keep an eye on him and make sure that he stays out of trouble." The chief crossed his arms.

"Does have anything to do with your feelings for him?" Carmelita blushed and hesitated for a moment. Sly sat outside of the chief's office, smiling to himself. Carmelita and the chief had been arguing loudly for quite a while. He had not been listening too carefully to their conversation, but now he was interested.

"No, this is just a way to stop an infamous gang from running around." The chief sighed and uncrossed his arms.

"Well, this goes against my better judgment, but if you trust him, then I guess we can give him a chance." A large smile broke across Carmelita's face and she threw her arms around the chief.

"Oh thank you!" She then realized that she was hugging the chief. She let go and looked at the ground. "Sir."

"Just keep him out of trouble," he grumbled. Carmelita practically skipped out of his office.

"How'd it go?" Sly asked, pretending not to have heard the entire conversation.

"I explained your situation," she said, keeping up with the charade. "He said that it was fine for you to take it easy for a while, until you can get your bearings again."

"Great." He smiled, knowing what had actually happened in that room.

"Come on, I'll show you around." She gave him the tour of the police station. "This is your desk, and right over there is my office."

"Yeah, this all seems familiar." They shared a moment of awkward secret keeping. "Thanks, for all of this. You're being so nice to me, and I barely know you."

"Well, you are my partner; we have to look out for each other."

"Right, I just wanted to make it up to you."

"You don't have to-"

"I want to. Maybe I could take you out to dinner or something. I can't explain it, but I feel like we were close. It doesn't feel like we were partners." Carmelita looked at the ground.

"I'd like that."

He smiled; he would like that too.