"Cooper!" a voice called. Sly looked up from his paperwork. Carmelita was standing in front of his desk with a case file in her hands. She smiled when he met her gaze then quickly looked down at the file. "There have been a recent string of robberies down town," she started.
"And the chief wants us to look into it" Sly continued.
"Yeah, he wants his two best officers on the case. Let me show you what we have so far." She said as she placed the file on Sly's desk. Inside was information about the robberies and pictures of the prime suspects. Sly's eyes widened in recognition of his two best friends. "Who are these guys?" Sly asked innocently. Carmelita did not seem to notice that Sly recognized his friends that he "forgot" a few months ago when he hit his head.

"The turtle is Bentley; he is incredibly smart and cunning. The hippo is Murray, he is not as smart but he is extremely strong. Both are considered very dangerous. I used to chase these guys when they were a trio but we lost track of the third member and we thought that they gave up their old ways. However, it seems that they have gone back into their thieving business and they have a new third member, a mouse as far as we can tell".
Sly leaned back in his chair and looked at the case file. Finally he said, "I don't think they did those robberies." Carmelita looked at him in shock,
"What do you mean!? All the evidence so far points to this gang! These are tire tracks from the turtle's wheelchair and it would take some serious muscle to break through those doors. Not to mention that they were thieves, they know the business."
"Were", Sly said, "They were thieves until like you said: they broke up and stopped. Why would they start up again?"
"Well, for the sport of it or maybe they were bored, it doesn't matter!"
"It doesn't make sense", Sly almost yelled. "Well", he started again in a softer tone, "this is why we investigate, to find truth and justice right?"
"Right", Carmelita agreed, begrudgingly.
They took a police car to the scene of the most recent crime. "It looks like something big crashed through the windows here", Carmelita said, pointing at the front of the store, "And look, there are tire tracks going to the safe and scorch marks around it, like it was blown up." Sly looked at the scene for a moment then said,
"I still don't think it was them." Carmelita gave him an incredulous look. "I read their file and it said that they were big on stealth. This is not what I would call inconspicuous."
"You've got a point, but it was their other member that was the sneaky one. They have two demolition experts and the other one would be able to break down that wall by just running at it. They're still our only suspects." They both looked around the scene for a while but did not find anything suspicious. On the way back to the police station Carmelita asked Sly if he wanted to go out for dinner.
"I'd love to, but I've got to do the paperwork for this case. Tomorrow we'll go out, anywhere you want, I promise." Sly responded.

"Alright", Carmelita said as she dropped Sly off at the police station, "I'll see you tomorrow Sly". As she pulled away, Sly went back into the police station and got out the files on Bentley and Murray

I know that these guys would not start thieving again. Sly thought. I left them with more than enough money to last them a lifetime. They also didn't enjoy thieving the way that I did. Well, they did not like the close calls with Carmelita. I wonder who would be doing this. It doesn't matter; I will stop whoever is framing Bentley and Murray. I have already put them through enough. After a while of looking for any clues in the case files, Sly decided to call it a night. He went to the safe house to get some sleep.