Chapter 3: The Bachelor Party

Part 1

Two weeks later

Daphne was in the shower, Zoey was out and Cas was sitting at the breakfast table when the bell rang. Still in his dressing-gown and bare feet he opened the door and stared at two older people. The man had grey hair, a big nose, brown eyes and chubby cheeks. The woman had chestnut hair, but that wasn't her natural color. She had green eyes, a sharp face and thin lips.

"Are you going to let us in?" the man said. His wife was a little too shocked by the fact that Cas wasn't dressed yet.

"I can't let strangers in" Cas said.

"Those are my parents, moron" Zoey said. She locked her car and walked the stairs to the front door.

"Your parents?" Cas repeated slowly. "Then they're Daphne's parents, too"

Zoey looked from her mom to her dad and said: "Told you he's a genius" She walked past Cas and Mr. and Mrs. Allen followed her inside.

They entered the kitchen where the table wasn't cleaned yet.

"Where's Daphne?" Mr. Allen asked.

"She's in the shower" Cas replied.

"At 11:23" Mr. Allen said. "And how come you're not dressed yet?"

Suddenly Cas knew where Zoey's suspicion came from.

"Because I'm occupying the bathroom" Daphne answered. She was wearing a red, sleeveless and knee long dress and red heels.

"Hello, dear, you look wonderful" Mrs. Allen said and she embraced her daughter.

"Thank you, mom" Daphne sighed. "How was your trip?"

Mr. and Mrs. Allen had been in Italy when Daphne had called them with the big news.

"It was fantastic" Mrs. Allen said. "I'll tell you all about it, but first you need to tell me everything about Emmanuel"

"Well, that's going to be a short story" Zoey said sarcastic. She looked at Emmanuel. "Want to give me a hand with the luggage?"

Cas followed Zoey without hesitation.

Part 2

Cas and Zoey carried the luggage upstairs to the spare room, which was across Daphne's room. Zoey put down the luggage and threw herself on the bed. Cas stared at her, unsure whether he should stay or leave.

"Come here" Zoey said and she tapped on the bed.

Cas slowly walked to the bed and sat down, looking as if he was sitting on needles.

"You really need to stop looking like that" Zoey said. "I won't bite. And besides, you're the one with the super strength and the magic fingers" She looked at him. "Daphne told me what you did. You saved her life and mine. I owe you an apology"

"I just did what I had to do" Cas said softly.

"Thank you" Zoey said. "Hey, I need to tell you something. About Daphne"

"What is it?" Cas asked concerned.

"She, eh,…she hasn't slept with anyone since Martin died" Zoey said. "And I know she hasn't slept with you either"

Cas frowned and sat up. "Yes, she has. We sleep together every evening"

Zoey closed her eyes and sighed deeply. "That's not what I mean. I'm talking about sex. She hasn't had sex with anyone since our brother died"

"I never had sex either" Cas blurted out.

"Yeah, very funny" Zoey said. But when she saw his expression she knew he was serious. "Okay, didn't see that one coming"

"Is it a bad thing?" Cas asked careful.

"What, being a virgin? Hell no. It's just weird that a guy who's in his mid-thirties never had sex in his entire life" Zoey replied. She got up from the bed and walked to the door, locking it. Cas, who had also gotten up and was standing with his back to her, made the bed. At least he kind of knew how to do that. When he turned around Zoey had taken off her dress. She was wearing a black bra and panty and she had untied her hair.

Cas looked from her head to her toes and said: "I think you dropped something"

He unlocked the door and left Zoey stunned.

Part 3

When Cas and Zoey finally came downstairs more guests had arrived. And among the guests there was a four year old girl. She had blonde, wavy hair, green eyes, chubby cheeks and thin lips. She ran towards Zoey and Zoey lifted her in her arms.

"There you are, Poppy" Zoey said.

"Mommy" the girl squeaked, squeezing her chubby arms tightly around Zoey's neck, suffocating her.

"Is that Alexia?" Cas asked. Zoey nodded and put her daughter on her own feet. "Say hi to Emmanuel, sweetie"

Alexia reached out her hand and smiled. "Hello, Emmanuel"

Cas accepted the tiny hand and Alexia squeezed her finger around his index. "Come on, I'll show you all my favorite flowers"

Cas looked at Zoey, asking for permission. Zoey waved her hand. "Better do what she says" she laughed.

Alexia pulled Cas outside and led him to the backyard. She pointed at some red flowers. "Those are my favorite. That's why everyone calls me Poppy" Alexia said and she stepped on the earth to get them. She plucked one of them and stepped back on the grass. She reached the flower to Cas. "Put it in my hair, please"

Cas accepted the poppy flower and fixed it in Alexia's hair on the left side of her head.

"How do I look?" Alexia asked with a big smile.

"You look like a princess" Cas answered in all honesty.

Alexia sank down on the grass in Indian Style and signed at Cas he should sit down too. The smile on Alexia's face had disappeared. She looked at Cas with a sad face.

"Emmanuel, can you ask my mommy to come back home, please? I miss her and my daddy misses her too" she said sad.

Due to the child's expression Cas felt sad too. "It must be very unpleasant to have your parents living separated from each other" he said.

Alexia's sad expression was replaced by confusion.

"What do you mean?" she asked, holding her head diagonally.

"I mean it must be difficult for you, because your parents are divorced" Cas explained. Alexia shook her head heavy. "Mommy and daddy are not divorced. Mommy just stays with aunty Daphne to take care of her. But now she has you, right?"

Daphne had lied to him. Daphne, who loved honesty and being open to each other, had lied to him.

"Emmanuel, are you feeling good?" Alexia asked, when Cas stood up and walked back to the house.

Part 4

"Why did you lie to me?" Cas asked Daphne, in front of all the guests. She gasped and swallowed. "I don't know what you're talking about" she said nervous.

Andy, one of Daphne and Zoey's younger cousins, threw his arm around Cas' shoulder. "Emmanuel, dude, we have to discuss a few things"

He pulled Cas along with him and a few guys of Andy's age followed them.

"I asked Daphne a question. It was very impolite to take me away before she answered" Cas said a little irritated.

"She did answer, alright? She said she doesn't know what you're talking about" Andy replied.

"What is it that you wish to discuss with me?" Cas asked. He wasn't sure if he liked this Andy-guy.

"Well, your bachelor party tonight" Andy answered.

"What's a bachelor party?" Cas wondered. Andy shared a look with his friends and they tried not to laugh.

"It's a party for the bachelor right before he gets married" Andy said obvious.

"And what will happen on this party?" Cas asked.

"We're going to party, obviously" one of Andy's friends, named Lincoln said. "And there's going to be a stripper and you're going to bang her"

"I'm not sure how to do that" Cas said, feeling a little ashamed.

Andy and his friends stared at him and then burst out in laughter.

"Okay, this is too much" Lincoln said. He looked at Andy. "Your cousin is marrying a complete and utter brainless idiot"

"I'm not an idiot" Cas said trembling. Everyone had to stop calling him that. "You are…mean…and rude…and I think you should leave, because you're not family"

Lincoln stopped laughing. "Man, I really don't like it when people start giving me orders" he said, pushing Cas.

"I wish you wouldn't do that" Cas said.

"Are you gay or something?" Lincoln asked bluntly. "If you know what that is" he added scornfully.

"I am not gay" Cas replied. "Maybe you are. Maybe that's why you came here with a male friend in-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence; Lincoln had punched him and his nose was bleeding. Lincoln gasped and let out a cry. He held his hand and tears came in his eyes. "I think my hand's broken" he said shocked.

"Emmanuel, we need you to do your little trick" Andy said urgent, while Lincoln was moaning from the pain. Cas didn't answer, so Andy looked up and saw how Cas walked back to the house.

He entered and walked straight to Daphne, who was drinking a glass of cider. Daphne swallowed by seeing his furious expression.

"Why did you lie to me?" Cas asked for the second time.

Part 5

Daphne searched the room for an escape, realized there was none and then laughed nervously at Cas. "Sweetie, why don't we…why don't we go upstairs and talk about this?" she suggested.

"Why can't you tell me right here? Is the truth so upsetting you think I might do something to embarrass you and myself?" Cas asked.

"If you mean causing a scene, you've already done a great job of that" Daphne said and she took his arm. "Come on, let's go"

She dragged Cas upstairs to her room and locked the door. She turned around. "This better be good, Emmanuel. Now tell me, what did I supposedly lie about?"

Cas coughed. "You told me your sister and her husband were divorced. But Alexia said it's not true. She says Zoey is here to take care of you. Is there something you haven't told me that I need to know?"

Daphne face's stiffened and she tried to avoid looking at her fiancé. Cas made a few steps towards her. "I hope you know that I'm here for you, come what may. Whatever nightmares you've been through, whatever horrors you might have caused, I am here for you" he promised.

"Don't do that" Daphne said hoarse. She failed to hide her tears. "Don't be so nice to me" She looked up. "You really have no idea what you're getting yourself into"

"Then tell me" Cas said.

Daphne dried her eyes and sniffed.

"When Martin died I headed down a really bad road. Zoey wasn't the one who started drinking, I was. And it was bad. If Zoey hadn't put me into rehab I wouldn't be standing here, talking to you. I was released three months ago and Zoey suggested to keep an eye on me, to make sure I don't fall into old habits"

"That means she's a good sister, but not a very good mother" Cas said. "A mother doesn't abandon her child for so long"

Daphne frowned. "Emmanuel, sweetie, don't be so quick on the judgment, okay. Zoey is really doing the best she can"

Cas shook his head. "A mother doesn't leave her child alone. And she doesn't try to seduce her sister's fiancé"

"What?" Daphne asked confused. Cas told Daphne what Zoey had done earlier that day. She turned around, unlocked the door, opened it, walked out of the room and smashed it.

Part 6

Daphne rushed into the living room and looked for her sister. Once she found her she headed to her and before Zoey could even blink Daphne had lifted her hand and slapped her. Someone gasped, but it wasn't Zoey.

"Daphne, what is going on?" Mrs. Allen demanded to know. Daphne rotated her head to her mother. "Why don't you ask this slut?" she said. Another gasp. "Daphne, this is no way to talk in front of guests" Mrs. Allen reproached.

"What's the matter, mom?" Daphne asked scornful. "Afraid I will spike your little balloon and everyone will see who sweet Zoey really is? A jealous, selfish, delusional bitch. Everybody in this room already knows, so why hide the truth?"

Someone coughed and Daphne turned around. Cas joined her and looked extra sheepish. "I think I might have caused some trouble"

Zoey shook her head. "No, it's my fault" she said. "I shouldn't have done what I did. But I didn't do it for the reasons you and Daphne think I did" She turned to Daphne. "I was testing him. I wanted to do one final test to see if you could trust him. And you're lucky, because he passed. He didn't even blink"

Daphne took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. "Well, whatever reason you had I'm still going to need you to leave"

Zoey nodded. It didn't come as a surprise.

"Emmanuel said something and it made me think. You're not a very good mother" Daphne said cold. "But I know that is not entirely your fault. I'm responsible as well, by keeping you here. And I won't allow you to hold that against me. So you can go now"

"Mommy?" Alexia had noticed the awkwardness. "Are you coming home now?"

Zoey forced a smile. "Yes, Poppy, I'm coming home. I should've never left in the first place" she said with a look at Daphne. She took Alexia by the hand and walked into the hallway.

"Zoey" Cas had followed her.

"Tell Daphne I'll pick my stuff up later. Right now I just need to be far away from her" Zoey said.

"I'm sorry" Cas said. "I shouldn't have told Daphne you took off your clothes for me and I shouldn't have said you're a bad mother. I'm in no position to judge"

Zoey kneeled down for Alexia. "Sweetie, why don't you wait outside? You can sit on the stairs" Alexia obeyed and walked out of the house.

Zoey averted her head back to Cas. "You should stop feeling sorry for me" she said. "You think I'm the victim here, but I'm not…You are"

And with one final, compassionate look Zoey left the house too.

Part 7

When Cas entered the living room, Daphne was sitting on the couch, her parents sitting at both sides. She was just blowing her nose when Cas came their way.

"Daphne, I feel regret for the misery I have caused. I don't want you to fight with your sister. You need her and she needs you. Perhaps you should get in contact with her and try make things right" he said.

Daphne wiped her eyes, but it was no use; the tears just kept rolling.

"I can clearly see the recent events have influenced your mood" Cas said sad. "Maybe we should leave these people and go to a more entertaining companion"

Daphne jumped off the couch. "Oh for God's sake!" she exclaimed, making everyone look at her. "Can't you talk like a normal person?"

She walked past Cas, who was too astonished to speak, to the center of the living room. She waved with her hands.

"Can I have everyone's attention, please? Good. You can all go now. It was nice having you here, but now the bride to be needs her beauty sleep"

She turned around and left the room. They heard heavy steps on the stairs and a door slamming.

Mrs. Allen went standing next to Cas. She lay her hand on his shoulder. "She didn't mean what she said. She just has a lot on her mind. She found out Zoey has betrayed her and she's getting married tomorrow. You will have to stand by your vows, no matter what she says or does" She looked Cas sharp in the eye. "Do you promise you will take care of my daughter?"

Cas nodded quickly, not understanding what all the fuzz was about. He was not going to get cold feet. Not now, not ever.

Part 8

Cas was cleaning up the mess the guests had left behind when he saw Daphne's reflection in the mirror. He looked down and put the glasses in the sink.

"Emmanuel" Daphne said soft. Cas didn't respond. "Emmanuel, look at me" Cas reluctantly turned around, but still didn't look at her.

Daphne cupped his face, forcing him to look up. "Emmanuel, honey, I am so sorry for yelling at you. Please believe me"

The look in his eyes made her step back. "You're not afraid of me, are you?" she asked slowly. Cas didn't answer that question.

"You should consider your actions before committing them" he said with trembling voice. "I am not some punch bag for you to lash out on"

Daphne lay her hands on his cheeks again. "And I know that, darling. I would never hurt you intentionally" She took a deep breath and let go of Cas. "We're going to get married in the Butterfield park. I know it's uncommon not to marry in a church, but the Butterfield park was Martin's favorite spot and if we do it there he'll be with us in some way"

"I understand that" Cas said.

Daphne looked at the clock and sighed. "It's late. I should go to bed"

"I will follow you right away" Cas commented.

"Oh no, you can't" Daphne said as if she had forgotten something. "You can't stay here. The bachelor always has to sleep somewhere else the night before the wedding"

Cas thought deeply about that. "Is it okay if I stay here and try to find a shelter while you claim the sleep you need?" he asked eventually.

"Of course it is, dear" Daphne said. She kissed him on his left cheek before going upstairs.

Part 9

Andy and his friends were sitting in a bar. There was no one but them. Andy was holding his phone in his hands and looked from Lincoln to Justin. "You guys really want to do this?"

Lincoln waved with his taped hand and shot Andy an angry look.

"I'll take that as a yes" Andy said and he dialed a number.

At Daphne's house the phone started ringing. Cas, who was still awake, lifted his head. He had heard this sound before and he had seen how Daphne or Zoey had responded to it. There was absolutely nothing to it. And so he walked toward the ringing object and picked up the horn.


"Emmanuel, this is Andy speaking. You know, Daphne's cousin" Andy started. Before Cas could actually say something he continued. "Look, man, I think we kind of started off the wrong foot. Let's start over. Do you know the Castle Café?"

There was a minute long silence, because Cas didn't realize Andy had stopped talking and was waiting for Cas to answer.

"I have never heard of a place like that" Cas eventually replied.

"Well, it's really easy to get there. You have a pen and paper?" Andy said.

"Yes" Cas answered short.

"Okay, this is how you get there" Andy started. "You're in Allen Street. Go south-east to Front Street. You take the first street on your right, that's Front Street. Turn right to 5th Street, then left to Wilcox Street. Number 403 is where we'll be waiting for you. Don't let us down"

Before Cas could say anything else Andy had hung up on him.

"You reckon he's taken the bate?" Justin asked.

"I know he did" Andy said confident. He got up. "Well, we have no business staying here any longer. Let's go to my place. I have some girls there who are craving for my attention"

That being said he and his friends left the bar.

The door to the ladies opened and Meg appeared.

"Oh, boy, toying with poor, innocent Castiel" she said threatening. "That is my job"

Part 10

Cas opened the door of The Castle Café and entered the seemingly empty establishment. "Hello?" he called, but no one responded.

Maybe he was too late. But Andy had called him only five minutes ago. Surely they would show more patience than that.

"They're not coming"

Cas turned around and saw Meg standing at a table in the left corner.

"You must be mistaken. Daphne's cousin has summoned me here" he said. Meg shook her head. "No, Emmanuel, they played a prank on you" she said, while she slowly walked his way.

"Why would they do that?" Cas asked, sounding hurt.

"Maybe it's their way to welcome you to the family" Meg suggested. "Or maybe they're trying to chase you away. If it's the latter, is it working?"

"No, I will not abandon the woman who saved my life" Cas said determined. Meg was now standing really close to him. "I don't care how many pranks Andy is planning on playing on me. I will tell him I don't appreciate this"

"Yeah, sweetie, but hear this" she said as she caressed his cheek with her index. "You can either moan about it…or we can have our own private party…right…here"

Cas had absolutely no idea what Meg was talking about, so when she got down on her knees he stepped back.

"What are you doing?" he asked upset.

"I'm going to let you enjoy your last night as a free man" Meg said secretive. She got on her feet and forced Cas to walk backwards until he was standing with his back against the bar.

"And exactly how are you going to do that?" Cas asked, now completely terrified.

Meg didn't answer. Instead she bent on her knees again and unzipped Cas' pants with her teeth.

"I seriously doubt that's a good-" Cas' eyes widened and he gasped. He looked down at Meg. She was doing something amazing with his cock. He had never had this kind of excitement before. His breath went faster and he gripped the edge of the bar. "Oh God…" he mumbled.

Meg paused and took Cas' penis out of her mouth. She looked up. "Really, God has little to do with it"

"Why are you stopping?" Cas asked disappointed. "Please, go on"

Meg raised her eyebrows. "Someone's being needy" she teased before taking him again. Cas's breath went faster again and his body shuddered.

"I think something's about to happen" Cas groaned. But Meg ignored his warning and so he let loose in her mouth. She got up and spit his seed in the sink.

"I'm sorry" Cas said.

"Now, how was it?" Meg asked.

"You have to ask that?" Cas fired back. He looked down at his wet cock. "Now I know what that thing is for"

Meg couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh, well, glad you learned something new today"