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Author's note- Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile since I posted anything, but I just started my last year of high school! Alas, my health has been really poor... don't worry I promise I won't die on you guys yet. I wrote this short story for my daddy, who likes to sit down and watch inuyasha with me.

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The breeze blew in a cool, easy going manner; it felt good considering how hot the day had been. Not that Rin wanted to complain, it's just that she found it harder to keep up with Lord Sesshomaru why the temperature was high. Something about human's need of constant water in the sun, still she had felt like she had needed a break over two hours ago and there was still no sign of stopping.

At this point in time, she was doing absolutely everything she possibly could to keep up. Yet, her head pounded and every time she blinked, she had to tell her eyes to open once more. She could feel her body swaying with the breeze, unable to simply go forward any more. Instead she tilted right then left until she bumped into a back.

It wasn't just any back either, this back belonged to her lord Sesshomaru. He was pausing for her and she felt ashamed. She was holding him up from his journey, unable to even walk correctly. Rin began to wonder why he hadn't left her behind months ago, when they met.

She was absolutely useless, why would he waste time on her? Especially since he was so important to the world. He was the lord of the west after all, and she was just some premature human girl. He was centuries old and she was... 9? Even her age was a mystery that she couldn't quite remember.

In her greatest moments of doubt, Rin felt herself lifted off the ground with an arm which gripped around her middle. "This Sesshomaru will bring Rin to water, so that she might rest in peace for awhile." The great demon lord stated continuing onward in a much faster pace than before.

Just with those wonderful words, Rin felt her heart pound and a smile sprung forth onto her face. For a reason completely unknown to her, or to absolutely anyone, Sesshomaru had always cared about her. And that was enough to make her feel always wanted. It would always be enough.