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It's been said that you can't hate the dark if you've never seen the light, Rin heard an elder say that once when Sesshomaru decided that they would pass through a village. She couldn't have been more than 12 summers old when she heard that, yet even now; on her 25th year she could remember those words so clearly.

You can't hate the dark if you've never seen the light; she could remember frowning at that. How could someone not ever see the light? She puzzled over that problem for what seemed for years, until one day they came across an infant. He had been wrapped up tightly to be protected against the winter weather and left under a tree. The babe was crying and had obviously been there for hours, do to footsteps no longer being visible in the freshly fallen snow.

Rin frowned and picked him up, the poor child was freezing! She could see his greyed blank eyes and suddenly she knew what had happened. The child had been born blind and a blind son would be no use to anyone. Wouldn't be a warrior or even capable of working in the field. This child had no one, and she could remember thinking back to what that elder had said; can't hate the dark if you've never seen the light. This child didn't know that dark was scary or that wasn't what he should be seeing.

So she kept that child and protected him from the cold. She taught him how to use his surroundings with no site, and now she was watching Sesshomaru teach him how to fight. The boy had been named Saku and both Sesshomaru and Rin knew that they counted him as their first child. The first of 3 so far, with another on its way. Saku was definitely was the start of when Sesshomaru started to look at her with a look of love and the day she found him was the day she figured out that Sesshomaru would always be there for her.